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J/ApJ/844/103         Orbit alignment in triple stars         (Tokovinin, 2017)

Orbit alignment in triple stars. Tokovinin A. <Astrophys. J., 844, 103 (2017)> =2017ApJ...844..103T
ADC_Keywords: Stars, double and multiple ; Binaries, orbits ; Parallaxes, trigonometric Keywords: binaries: general; stars: formation Abstract: The statistics of the angle Φ between orbital angular momenta in hierarchical triple systems with known inner visual or astrometric orbits are studied. A correlation between apparent revolution directions proves the partial orbit alignment known from earlier works. The alignment is strong in triples with outer projected separation less than ∼50au, where the average Φ is about 20°. In contrast, outer orbits wider than 1000 au are not aligned with the inner orbits. It is established that the orbit alignment decreases with the increasing mass of the primary component. The average eccentricity of inner orbits in well-aligned triples is smaller than in randomly aligned ones. These findings highlight the role of dissipative interactions with gas in defining the orbital architecture of low-mass triple systems. On the other hand, chaotic dynamics apparently played a role in shaping more massive hierarchies. The analysis of projected configurations and triples with known inner and outer orbits indicates that the distribution of Φ is likely bimodal, where 80% of triples have Φ<70° and the remaining ones are randomly aligned. Description: The data on hierarchical systems are extracted from the Multiple Star Catalog (MSC; Tokovinin 1997, J/A+AS/124/75). See section 2 for further details. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . this file table1.dat 77 443 Hierarchical systems with resolved inner orbit table3.dat 61 110 Hierarchical systems with two known visual orbits refs.dat 78 52 References
See also: B/wds : The Washington Visual Double Star Catalog (Mason+ 2001-2014) J/AJ/111/370 : Orbits of 37 close visual systems (Hartkopf+ 1996) J/A+AS/124/75 : Multiple star catalogue (MSC) (Tokovinin 1997-1999) J/A+A/341/121 : Visual binary orbits and masses (Soederhjelm 1999) J/AJ/119/3084 : ICCD speckle obs. of binary stars. XXIII. (Hartkopf+, 2000) J/AJ/123/1023 : Binary star orbits (Seymour+, 2002) J/A+A/384/1030 : Orientation of orbits in triple stars (Sterzik+, 2002) J/AJ/132/2219 : Speckle interferometry at USNO. XII (Mason+, 2006) J/AN/330/55 : PISCO speckle observations in 2006 (Scardia+, 2009) J/AJ/140/1657 : PHASES diff. astrometry data archive V. (Muterspaugh+, 2010) J/AJ/147/86 : From binaries to mult. I. FG-67 sample (Tokovinin, 2014) J/AJ/149/195 : Spectro. of the quadruple system HD 91962 (Tokovinin+, 2015) J/AJ/150/50 : Speckle interferometry at SOAR in 2014 (Tokovinin+, 2015) J/ApJ/799/4 : Robo-AO observations of binary stars (Riddle+, 2015) J/MNRAS/455/4136 : Kepler triples (Borkovits+, 2016) J/A+A/594/A55 : xi Tau UBV and MOST light curves (Nemravova+, 2016) J/AJ/152/213 : Interferometry & spectro. of sigma Orionis (Schaefer+, 2016) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table1.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 10 A10 --- WDS WDS code (HHMMm+DDMM; J2000) 12- 16 F5.1 mas Plx [0.8/742.1] Hipparcos parallax 18- 22 F5.2 Msun M1 [0.05/50] Primary mass in the inner subsystem 24- 29 F6.1 yr P1 [0.1/3962.5] Inner period 31- 35 F5.3 --- e1 Inner eccentricity 37- 42 F6.3 arcsec a1 [0.001/32.4] Inner semimajor axis 44- 48 F5.1 deg W1 [0/357] Inner node Ω1 50- 54 F5.1 deg i1 [0/283] Inner inclination 56- 62 F7.2 arcsec Sep [0.05/7860] Outer separation ρ 64- 68 F5.1 deg PA Outer position angle θ 70- 71 I2 --- RevDir [-1/1] Outer revolution direction (-1 for retrograde; 0 for unknown) 73- 77 I5 --- Sign [-1/1] Apparent revolution (1=corotating; -1=counter-rotating)
Byte-by-byte Description of file: table3.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 10 A10 --- WDS WDS code (HHMMm+DDMM; J2000) 12 A1 --- I/O Inner or outer subsystem 14- 20 F7.2 yr P [0.01/1431] Period 22- 26 F5.3 --- e Eccentricity 28- 32 F5.3 arcsec a [0/7.7] Semimajor axis 34- 38 F5.1 deg W [0/345] Position angle of node Ω 40- 44 F5.1 deg i [11.8/180] Inclination 46 I1 --- Qual [0/9] Orbit grade from 1 (best) to 5 (tentative), 8 and 9 (astrometric) 48- 55 A8 --- Ref Reference code (see refs.dat) 57- 61 F5.1 deg Phi [0.3/174.1] Angle Phi between angular momenta
Byte-by-byte Description of file: refs.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 8 A8 --- Ref Reference code 10- 36 A27 --- Auth Author(s)' name(s) 38- 56 A19 --- BibCode Bibcode of the reference if any 58- 78 A21 --- Comm Comment
History: From electronic version of the journal
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