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J/ApJ/715/429          First Fermi-LAT AGN catalog (1LAC)          (Abdo+, 2010)

The first catalog of active galactic nuclei detected by the Fermi Large Area Telescope. Abdo A.A., Ackermann M., Ajello M., Allafort A., Antolini E., Atwood W.B., Axelsson M., Baldini L., Ballet J., Barbiellini G., Bastieri D., Baughman B.M., Bechtol K., Bellazzini R., Berenji B., Blandford R.D., Bloom E.D., Bogart J.R., Bonamente E., Borgland A.W., Bouvier A., Bregeon J., Brez A., Brigida M., Bruel P., Buehler R., Burnett T.H., Buson S., Caliandro G.A., Cameron R.A., Cannon A., Caraveo P.A., Carrigan S., Casandjian J.M., Cavazzuti E., Cecchi C., Celik O., Celotti A., Charles E., Chekhtman A., Chen A.W., Cheung C.C., Chiang J., Ciprini S., Claus R., Cohen-Tanugi J., Conrad J., Costamante L., Cotter G., Cutini S., D'Elia V., Dermer C.D., de Angelis A., de Palma F., de Rosa A., Digel S.W., do Couto e Silva E., Drell P.S., Dubois R., Dumora D., Escande L., Farnier C., Favuzzi C., Fegan S.J., Ferrara E.C., Focke W.B., Fortin P., Frailis M., Fukazawa Y., Funk S., Fusco P., Gargano F., Gasparrini D., Gehrels N., Germani S., Giebels B., Giglietto N., Giommi P., Giordano F., Giroletti M., Glanzman T., Godfrey G., Grandi P., Grenier I.A., Grondin M.-H., Grove J.E., Guiriec S., Hadasch D., Harding A.K., Hayashida M., Hays E., Healey S.E., Hill A.B., Horan D., Hughes R.E., Iafrate G., Itoh R., Johannesson G., Johnson A.S., Johnson R.P., Johnson T.J., Johnson W.N., Kamae T., Katagiri H., Kataoka J., Kawai N., Kerr M., Knodlseder J., Kuss M., Lande J., Latronico L., Lavalley C., Lemoine-Goumard M., Llena Garde M., Longo F., Loparco F., Lott B., Lovellette M.N., Lubrano P., Madejski G.M., Makeev A., Malaguti G., Massaro E., Mazziotta M.N., McConville W., McEnery J.E., McGlynn S., Michelson P.F., Mitthumsiri W., Mizuno T., Moiseev A.A., Monte C., Monzani M.E., Morselli A., Moskalenko I.V., Murgia S., Nolan P.L., Norris J.P., Nuss E., Ohno M., Ohsugi T., Omodei N., Orlando E., Ormes J.F., Ozaki M., Paneque D., Panetta J.H., Parent D., Pelassa V., Pepe M., Pesce-Rollins M., Piranomonte S., Piron F., Porter T.A., Raino S., Rando R., Razzano M., Reimer A., Reimer O., Reposeur T., Ripken J., Ritz S., Rodriguez A.Y., Romani R.W., Roth M., Ryde F., Sadrozinski H.F.-W., Sanchez D., Sander A., Saz Parkinson P.M., Scargle J.D., Sgro C., Shaw M.S., Siskind E.J., Smith P.D., Spandre G., Spinelli P., Starck J.-L., Stawarz L., Strickman M.S., Suson D.J., Tajima H., Takahashi H., Takahashi T., Tanaka T., Taylor G.B., Thayer J.B., Thayer J.G., Thompson D.J., Tibaldo L., Torres D.F., Tosti G., Tramacere A., Ubertini P., Uchiyama Y., Usher T.L., Vasileiou V., Vilchez N., Villata M., Vitale V., Waite A.P., Wallace E., Wang P., Winer B.L., Wood K.S., Yang Z., Ylinen T., Ziegler M. <Astrophys. J., 715, 429-457 (2010)> =2010ApJ...715..429A
ADC_Keywords: Gamma rays ; Active gal. nuclei ; Galaxy catalogs Keywords: BL Lacertae objects: general - catalogs - galaxies: active - gamma rays: galaxies Abstract: We present the first catalog of active galactic nuclei (AGNs) detected by the Large Area Telescope (LAT), corresponding to 11 months of data collected in scientific operation mode. The First LAT AGN Catalog (1LAC) includes 671 γ-ray sources located at high Galactic latitudes (|b|>10°) that are detected with a test statistic greater than 25 and associated statistically with AGNs. Some LAT sources are associated with multiple AGNs, and consequently, the catalog includes 709 AGNs, comprising 300 BL Lacertae objects, 296 flat-spectrum radio quasars, 41 AGNs of other types, and 72 AGNs of unknown type. We also classify the blazars based on their spectral energy distributions as archival radio, optical, and X-ray data permit. In addition to the formal 1LAC sample, we provide AGN associations for 51 low-latitude LAT sources and AGN "affiliations" (unquantified counterpart candidates) for 104 high-latitude LAT sources without AGN associations. Description: The γ-ray sources in the 1LAC are a subset of those in the 1FGL catalog (Cat. J/ApJS/188/405). The data were collected from 2008 August 4 to 2009 July 4. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table1.dat 137 709 First LAT AGN catalog table2.dat 137 51 AGN associations for low-latitude (|b|<10°) 1FGL sources table3.dat 137 109 AGN "affiliations" for 1FGL sources table5.dat 51 28 Positional coincidences of 1LAC sources with TeV sources table6.dat 130 76 Positional coincidences of 1LAC Sources with EGRET/AGILE sources table7.dat 70 50 Positional associations with hard X-ray sources
See also: J/ApJ/700/597 : FERMI LAT detected blazars (Abdo+, 2009) J/ApJS/194/29 : Blazars in the Fermi era: OVRO 40m (Richards+, 2011) J/ApJS/188/405 : Fermi-LAT first source catalog (1FGL) (Abdo+, 2010) J/A+A/506/1563 : First AGILE catalog of gamma-ray sources (Pittori+, 2009) J/ApJS/183/46 : Fermi/LAT bright gamma-ray source list (0FGL) (Abdo+, 2009) J/A+A/489/849 : Revised catalogue of EGRET gamma-ray sources (Casandjian+, 2008) J/ApJ/681/113 : Swift BAT survey of AGNs (Tueller+, 2008) J/ApJS/175/97 : CGRaBS: survey of γ-ray blazar candidates (Healey+, 2008) J/ApJ/633/L77 : SWIFT/BAT detections of AGN (Markwardt+, 2005) J/ApJ/609/564 : Blazar counterparts for 3EG sources (Sowards-Emmerd+, 2004) J/ApJS/123/79 : Third EGRET catalog (3EG) (Hartman+, 1999) : TeVCat online catalog for TeV Astronomy Byte-by-byte Description of file: table[123].dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 5 A5 --- --- [1FGL_] 6- 17 A12 --- 1FGL The 1FGL name (JHHMM.m+DDMM) 19- 48 A30 --- AGN Associated AGN name 50- 58 F9.5 deg RAdeg Right Ascension; decimal degrees (J2000) 60- 68 F9.5 deg DEdeg Declination; decimal degrees (J2000) 70- 74 F5.3 deg Sep Angular separation (1) 76- 80 F5.3 deg theta The 95% confidence radius (2) 82- 85 F4.2 --- Prob ? Association probability (not for table 3) 87- 90 A4 --- OType Optical classification (AGN, BLL or FSRQ (flat-spectrum radio quasars) 92- 94 A3 --- SED SED classification (HSP, ISP or LSP) (3) 96-103 F8.3 --- z ?=-999 Redshift 105-108 F4.1 10-5/m2/s F35 The 1-100GeV photon flux (4) 110-112 F3.1 10-5/m2/s e_F35 The 1σ uncertainty in F35 (4) 114-117 F4.2 --- Gamma Photon number spectral index Γ 119-122 F4.2 --- e_Gamma The 1σ uncertainty in gamma 124-128 F5.1 --- Sig Detection significance 130 A1 --- Var? Variability code (Y: probability <1% that the source is steady) 132 A1 --- Cu? [Y/N] Spectral curvature (5) 134-135 A2 --- Note Note on multiple associations (not for table 3) (6) 137 A1 --- Cl? [Y/N] Clean sample source (only for table 1) (7)
Note (1): Between the 1FGL source position and the position of the associated AGN. Note (2): Where θ=(θ12)1/2, where θ1 and θ2 are the semimajor and semiminor axes (in degrees) of the γ-ray 95% confidence region. Note (3): We use the estimated value of the frequency of the synchrotron peak, νSpeak, to classify the source as follows: LSP = low-synchrotron-peaked blazar (for sources with νSpeak<1014Hz), ISP = intermediate-synchrotron-peaked blazar (for 1014Hz<νSpeak<1015Hz), HSP = high-synchrotron-peaked blazar (for sources with νSpeak>1015Hz). See section 3.3.2 for further details. Note (4): In units of 10-9photons/cm2/s. An entry of 0.0 in e_F35 indicates that the value of F35 is an upper limit. Note (5): "Y" = a probability <1% that a simple power law is a good fit to the spectrum. Note (6): Information on multiple associations for a given 1FGL source as follows: S = the 1FGL source is associated with exactly one AGN. MM = the 1FGL source is associated with at least two AGNs with high confidence (P>0.80). Mm = the 1FGL source is associated with at least one AGN with high confidence (P>0.80) and at least one AGN with lower confidence (0.50<P<0.80). mm = the 1FGL source is associated with at least two AGNs with lower confidence (0.50<P<0.80). Note (7): Y = the source is in the clean sample as defined in Section 3.2.1: an AGN is in the "clean" sample if and only if it has Prob≥80%, it is the sole AGN associated with the corresponding 1FGL γ-ray source (as indicated by an "S" in the column Note), and it is not "flagged" in the 1FGL catalog as exhibiting some problem or anomaly that casts doubt on its detection.
Byte-by-byte Description of file: table5.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 4 A4 --- --- [1FGL] 6- 17 A12 --- 1FGL Fermi/LAT 1FGL name (JHHMM.m+DDMM) 19 A1 --- f_1FGL [b] low-latitude source (1) 21- 33 A13 --- TeV TeV association (2) 35- 42 F8.4 deg RAdeg Right ascension in decimal degrees (J2000) (3) 44- 51 F8.4 deg DEdeg Declination in decimal degrees (J2000) (3)
Note (1): b = This source is at low Galactic latitude (|b|<10°) and is thus not formally in the 1LAC but appears in Table 2. Note (2): PKS 0447-437 is a misprint for PKS 0447-439; corrected at CDS. Note (3): From TeVCat (
Byte-by-byte Description of file: table6.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 4 A4 --- --- [1FGL] 6- 17 A12 --- 1FGL Fermi/LAT 1FGL name (JHHMM.m+DDMM) (1) 19- 21 A3 --- --- [3EG] 23- 32 A10 --- 3EG 3rd EGRET name (JHHMM+DDMM) (2) 34- 48 A15 --- EGR Revised EGRET name (EGR/EGRc JHHMM+DDMM) (3) 50- 52 A3 --- --- [GEV] 54- 63 A10 --- GEV High-energy EGRET name (JHHMM+DDMM) (4) 65- 68 A4 --- --- [1AGL] 70- 79 A10 --- 1AGL 1AGL name (JHHMM+DDMM) (5) 81- 86 F6.2 10-4/m2/s Flux Fermi/LAT mean flux (10-8ph/cm2/s) 88- 91 F4.2 10-4/m2/s e_Flux Flux uncertainty (10-8ph/cm2/s) 93- 96 F4.2 --- Gamma Fermi/LAT photon number power-law index; 100MeV-100GeV 98-101 F4.2 --- e_Gamma The 1σ uncertainty in Gamma 103-107 F5.1 10-4/m2/s F3EG ? 3EG flux (E>100MeV) (10-8ph/cm2/s) 109-112 F4.1 10-4/m2/s e_F3EG ? F3EG uncertainty (10-8ph/cm2/s) 114-117 F4.2 ct G.EG ? 3EG photon spectral index in F(E)∼E-PhEG 119-122 F4.2 --- e_G.EG ? G.EG uncertainty 124-130 A7 --- OType Probable type of object (AGN, BL Lac, FSRQ (flat-spectrum radio quasar) or Unknown)
Note (1): The LAT first-year catalog (1FGL; Abdo et al. 2010, Cat. J/ApJS/188/405; <1FGL JHHMM.m+DDMMc> in Simbad) Note (2): Associated sources from the 3rd EGRET (3EG; Hartman et al. 1999, Cat. J/ApJS/123/79; <3EG JHHMM+DDMM> in Simbad). Note (3): Associated sources from the revised EGRET (EGR; Casandjian & Grenier 2008, Cat. J/A+A/489/849; <EGRc JHHMM+DDMM> in Simbad) Note (4): Associated sources from the high-energy EGRET (GEV; Lamb & Macomb 1997ApJ...488..872L; <GeV JHHMM+DDMM> in Simbad) Note (5): Associated sources from the one-year AGILE (1AGL; Pittori et al. 2009, Cat. J/A+A/506/1563; <1AGL JHHMM+DDMM> in Simbad).
Byte-by-byte Description of file: table7.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 4 A4 --- --- [1FGL] 6- 17 A12 --- 1FGL Fermi/LAT 1FGL name (JHHMM.m+DDMM) 19- 42 A24 --- Source Hard X-ray source name 43 A1 --- f_Source [b] b: hard X-ray source found only in the fourth IBIS catalog 45- 54 F10.6 deg RAdeg Right ascension in decimal degrees (J2000) (1) 56- 65 F10.6 deg DEdeg Declination in decimal degrees (J2000) (1) 67- 70 A4 --- OType Type of object (AGN, BLL or FSRQ)
Note (1): From the 54 month Palermo BAT catalog (Cusumano et al. 2010) where available or from the fourth IBIS catalog (Bird et al. 2010) otherwise.
History: From electronic version of the journal
(End) Greg Schwarz [AAS], Emmanuelle Perret [CDS] 25-Jul-2011
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