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J/ApJ/705/328       Abundance measurements in Sculptor dSph      (Kirby+, 2009)

Multi-element abundance measurements from medium-resolution spectra. I. The Sculptor dwarf spheroidal galaxy. Kirby E.N., Guhathakurta P., Bolte M., Sneden C., Geha M.C. <Astrophys. J., 705, 328-346 (2009)> =2009ApJ...705..328K
ADC_Keywords: Abundances, [Fe/H] ; Galaxies, nearby ; Photometry, CMT1T2V Keywords: galaxies: abundances - galaxies: dwarf - galaxies: individual (Sculptor dwarf) - Galaxy: evolution - Local Group Abstract: We present measurements of Fe, Mg, Si, Ca, and Ti abundances for 388 radial velocity member stars in the Sculptor dwarf spheroidal galaxy (dSph), a satellite of the Milky Way (MW). This is the largest sample of individual α element (Mg, Si, Ca, and Ti) abundance measurements in any single dSph. The measurements are made from Keck/Deep Imaging Multi-Object Spectrometer medium-resolution spectra (6400-9000Å, R∼6500). Based on comparisons to published high-resolution (R≳20000) spectroscopic measurements, our measurements have uncertainties of α[Fe/H]=0.14 and α[α/Fe]=0.13. We have discovered one star with [Fe/H]=-3.80±0.28, which is the most metal-poor star known anywhere except the MW halo, but high-resolution spectroscopy is needed to measure this star's detailed abundances. Description: We selected targets from the Sculptor photometric catalog of Westfall et al. (2006, Cat. J/AJ/131/375). DEIMOS observations were made in 2008 Aug 3,4,31 and Sep 1. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table6.dat 116 388 Multi-element abundances in Sculptor
See also: J/ApJS/191/352 : Stars in Milky Way dwarf satellite galaxies (Kirby+, 2010) J/ApJ/682/1217 : Abundances in red giants in 7 globular clusters (Kirby+, 2008) J/AJ/131/375 : Exploring halo substructures. VIII. (Westfall+, 2006) J/MNRAS/363/734 : Sculptor dSph variables metal abundances (Clementini+, 2005) J/AJ/130/1065 : Members of the Sculptor dwarf spheroidal galaxy (Coleman+, 2005) J/AJ/110/2747 : Stars in Sculptor dwarf spheroidal galaxy (Schweitzer+ 1995) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table6.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 2 I2 h RAh Hour of Right Ascension (J2000) 4- 5 I2 min RAm Minute of Right Ascension (J2000) 7- 10 F4.1 s RAs Second of Right Ascension (J2000) 12 A1 --- DE- Sign of the Declination (J2000) 13- 14 I2 deg DEd Degree of Declination (J2000) 16- 17 I2 arcmin DEm Arcminute of Declination (J2000) 19- 20 I2 arcsec DEs Arcsecond of Declination (J2000) 22- 27 F6.3 mag Mmag Washington M band magnitude 29- 33 F5.3 mag e_Mmag Uncertainty in Mmag 35- 40 F6.3 mag T2mag Washington T2 band magnitude 42- 46 F5.3 mag e_T2mag Uncertainty in T2mag 48- 51 I4 K Teff Effective temperature 53- 56 F4.2 [cm/s2] logg Log of surface gravity 58- 61 F4.2 km/s vt Microturbulent velocity 63- 67 F5.2 [Sun] [Fe/H] Iron abundance relative to the Sun 69- 72 F4.2 [Sun] e_[Fe/H] Uncertainty in [Fe/H] 74- 78 F5.2 [Sun] [Mg/Fe] ? Magnesium-to-iron ratio relative to the Sun 80- 83 F4.2 [Sun] e_[Mg/Fe] ? Uncertainty in [Mg/Fe] 85- 89 F5.2 [Sun] [Si/Fe] ? Silicon-to-iron ratio relative to the Sun 91- 94 F4.2 [Sun] e_[Si/Fe] ? Uncertainty in [Si/Fe] 96-100 F5.2 [Sun] [Ca/Fe] ? Calcium-to-iron ratio relative to the Sun 102-105 F4.2 [Sun] e_[Ca/Fe] ? Uncertainty in [Ca/Fe] 107-111 F5.2 [Sun] [Ti/Fe] ? Titanium-to-iron ratio relative to the Sun 113-116 F4.2 [Sun] e_[Ti/Fe] ? Uncertainty in [Ti/Fe]
Nomenclature notes: Stars are <[KGB2009] JHHMMSS.s+DDMMSS> in Simbad. History: From electronic version of the journal References: Kirby et al. Paper II. 2010ApJS..191..352K Cat J/ApJS/191/352
(End) Greg Schwarz [AAS], Emmanuelle Perret [CDS] 18-Jan-2011
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