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J/ApJ/700/103            Ages of star clusters in M33              (Park+, 2009)

Ages of M33 star clusters based on the Hubble space Telescope/WFPC2 photometry. Park W.-K., Park H.S., Lee M.G. <Astrophys. J., 700, 103-113 (2009)> =2009ApJ...700..103P
ADC_Keywords: Associations, stellar ; Galaxies, nearby ; Cross identifications Keywords: galaxies: individual (M33) - galaxies: photometry - galaxies: star clusters Abstract: We present a result of age estimation for star clusters in M33. We obtain color-magnitude diagrams (CMDs) of resolved stars in 242 star clusters from the Hubble Space Telescope/Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 images. We estimate ages of 100 star clusters among these, by fitting the Padova theoretical isochrones to the observational CMDs. Age distribution of the star clusters shows a dominant peak at log(t)∼7.8. Majority of star clusters are younger than log(t)=9.0, while 10 star clusters are older than log(t)∼9.0. There is only one cluster younger than log(t)=7 in this study, which is in contrast with the results based on the integrated photometry of star clusters in the previous studies. Radial distribution of the cluster ages shows that young- to intermediate-age clusters are found from the center to the outer region, while old clusters are distributed farther from the M33 center. We briefly discuss the implication of the results with regard to the formation of the M33 cluster system. Description: We used HST/WFPC2 images of M33 fields available in the HST archive. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table1.dat 77 100 Ages of M33 star clusters
See also: B/hst : HST Archived Exposures Catalog (STScI, 2007) J/ApJ/699/839 : Newly identified star clusters in M33. II. (San+, 2009) J/AJ/134/447 : Catalog of star cluster candidates in M33 (Sarajedini+, 2007) J/AJ/134/2168 : BVI photometry of M33 star clusters (Park+, 2007) J/A+A/444/831 : New star clusters in M33 (Bedin+, 2005) J/A+A/366/498 : VI photometry of M33 star clusters (Chandar+, 2001) J/ApJS/122/431 : Star Clusters in M33 (Chandar+, 1999) J/AcA/48/455 : Globular Clusters in M31 and M33 (Mochejska+, 1998) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table1.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 3 I3 --- [PL2007] Cluster ID number from Park & Lee 2007, Cat. J/AJ/134/2168 5- 7 F3.1 [yr] log(t) Log of estimated age 8 A1 --- u_log(t) [:] Uncertainty flag on log(t) (1) 10- 12 F3.1 [yr] E_log(t) Upper error of log(t) 14- 16 F3.1 [yr] e_log(t) Lower error of log(t) 18- 22 F5.3 --- Z Metallicity Z used during isochrone fitting 24- 27 F4.2 mag E(B-V) The reddening used during isochrone fitting 29- 32 F4.2 mag e_E(B-V) Error in E(B-V) 34- 36 F3.1 arcsec Radius Member star selection radius 38- 77 A40 --- OName Cross-identification with previous catalogs (2)
Note (1): Indicates the young age limit of the star cluster. Note (2): Other identifications from references below: B- = Bedin et al. (2005, Cat. J/A+A/444/831; <[BPB2005] NNN> for Simbad); CBF- = Chandar et al. (1999, Cat. J/ApJS/122/431; 2001, Cat. J/A+A/366/498, <CBF NNN> in Simbad); CS- = Christian & Schommer (1982ApJS...49..405C; <[CS82] ANN> in Simbad); MKKSS- = Mochejska et al. (1998, Cat. J/AcA/48/455; <[MKK98] M 33 NN> in Simbad); MD- = Melnick & D'Odorico (1978A&AS...34..249M; <[MD78] NN> in Simbad); SBGHS- = Sarajedini et al. (2007AJ....133..290S; <[SBG2007] NN> in Simbad); SM- = Sarajedini & Mancone (2007, Cat. J/AJ/134/447; <[SM2007] NNN> in Simbad) except numbers greater than 451 which are from:
History: From electronic version of the journal
(End) Greg Schwarz [AAS], Emmanuelle Perret [CDS] 12-Jul-2011
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