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J/ApJ/695/679            Stellar rotation in M35                 (Meibom+, 2009)

Stellar rotation in M35: mass-period relations, spin-down rates, and gyrochronology. Meibom S., Mathieu R.D., Stassun K.G. <Astrophys. J., 695, 679-694 (2009)> =2009ApJ...695..679M
ADC_Keywords: Stars, late-type ; Radial velocities ; Photometry, UBVRI ; Stars, variable ; Clusters, open Keywords: open clusters and associations: individual (M35) - stars: evolution - stars: late-type - stars: rotation Abstract: We present the results of a five month photometric time-series survey for stellar rotation over a 40'x40' field centered on the 150Myr open cluster M35 (=NGC 2168). We report rotation periods for 441 stars within this field and determine their cluster membership and binarity based on a decade-long radial velocity survey, proper-motion measurements, and multiband photometric observations. We find that 310 of the stars with measured rotation periods are late-type members of M35. The distribution of rotation periods for cluster members span more than 2 orders of magnitude from ∼0.1 to 15 days, not constrained by the sampling frequency and the timespan of the survey. With an age between the zero-age main sequence and the Hyades, and with ∼6 times more rotation periods than measured in the Pleiades, M35 permit detailed studies of early rotational evolution of late-type stars. Nearly 80% of the 310 rotators lie on two distinct sequences in the color-period plane, and define clear relations between stellar rotation period and color (mass). The M35 color-period diagram enables us to determine timescales for the transition between the two rotational states, of ∼60Myr and ∼140Myr for G and K dwarfs, respectively. Description: We photometrically surveyed stars in a region approximately 40'x40' centered on the open cluster M35 over a timespan of 143 days. The photometric data were obtained in the Johnson V band with the WIYN5 0.9m telescope on Kitt Peak equipped with a 2kx2k CCD camera. The complete data set presented is composed of images from high-frequency (approximately once per hour for 5-6 hours per night) time-series photometric observations over 16 full nights during 2002 December 2-17, complemented with a queue-scheduled observing program over 143 nights from 2002 October 22 to 2003 March 11, obtaining one image per night interrupted only by bad weather and scheduled instrument changes. All spectroscopic data were obtained using the WIYN 3.5m telescope equipped with a multiobject fiber optic positioner (Hydra) feeding a bench mounted spectrograph. Observations were done at central wavelengths of 5130Å or 6385Å with a wavelength range of ∼200Å providing many narrow absorption lines. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table2.dat 86 441 Data for the 441 stars with measured rotation periods in the field of M35
See also: III/244 : Catalog of Stellar Rotational Velocities (Glebocki+ 2005) J/ApJ/546/1006 : VRI photometry of M35 (Barrado y Navascues+, 2001) J/MNRAS/306/361 : UBVI CCD photometry of M35 (NGC 2168) (Sung+ 1999) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table2.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 3 I3 --- Seq Running identification number (1) 5 I1 h RAh Hour of Right Ascension (J2000) 7- 8 I2 min RAm Minute of Right Ascension (J2000) 10- 15 F6.3 s RAs Second of Right Ascension (J2000) 17- 18 I2 deg DEd Degree of Declination (J2000) 20- 21 I2 arcmin DEm Arcminute of Declination (J2000) 23- 28 F6.3 arcsec DEs Arcsecond of Declination (J2000) 30- 35 F6.3 d Prot Rotation period 37- 41 F5.2 mag V0mag Intrinsic apparent V band magnitude 43- 47 F5.2 mag (B-V)0 ? Intrinsic (B-V) color index 49- 52 F4.2 mag (V-I)0 Intrinsic (V-I) color index 54- 55 I2 --- o_RV ? Number of measurements in RV 57- 61 F5.1 km/s RV ? Average Radial Velocity 63- 67 F5.1 km/s e_RV ? The 1σ error in RV 69- 70 I2 % Mrv ? Membership probability from RV measurement 72- 73 I2 % Mpm Membership probability from proper motion 75- 79 A5 --- Mmb Cluster membership status (2) 81- 84 F4.2 --- W Weight when fitting the rotational isochrones 86 A1 --- State [icg-] Rotational state (3)
Note (1): Assigned to 310 rotators after sorting by rotation period. <Cl* NGC 2168 MMS NNN> in Simbad. Note (2): Membership code as follows: PM = Photometric Member (described in Section 2.5); PNM = Photometric Non-Member; PSM = Photometric and Spectroscopic Member; PPM = Photometric and Proper-motion Member; PMSNM = Photometric Member but Spectroscopic Non-Member. Note (3): State in evolution as defined in Barnes (2003ApJ...586..464B): i = I (radiative/convective interface) sequence; c = C (fully convective) sequence; g = gap; - = location in the color-period diagram does not correspond to either of the sequences or the gap.
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(End) Greg Schwarz [AAS], Emmanuelle Perret [CDS] 29-Apr-2011
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