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J/ApJ/682/1020      X-ray sources in NGC 4194 and NGC 7541       (Kaaret+, 2008)

X-ray sources in the star-forming galaxies NGC 4194 and NGC 7541. Kaaret P., Alonso-Herrero A. <Astrophys. J., 682, 1020-1028 (2008)> =2008ApJ...682.1020K
ADC_Keywords: X-ray sources ; Galaxies, optical Keywords: black hole physics - galaxies: individual (NGC 1073, NGC 7541) - galaxies: stellar content - X-rays: galaxies Abstract: We examine the X-ray point-source population and 2-10keV luminosity for two galaxies with high star formation rates (SFRs), NGC 4194 and NGC 7541 and combined our results with a sample of galaxies with SFRs above 1M/yr. Description: Observations of NGC 4194 and NGC 7541 were made using the Advanced CCD Imaging Spectrometer (ACIS) on board the Chandra X-Ray Observatory. The Chandra observation of NGC 4194 (ObsID 7071) began on 2006 September 9 at 23:30:18 UT and had a useful exposure of 35.5ks. The observation of NGC 7541 (ObsID 7070) began on 2006 October 31 at 21:35:08 UT and had a useful exposure of 39.0ks. Observations of both galaxies were also made with the Near Infrared Camera and Multi-Object Spectrometer (NICMOS) and the Advanced Camera for Surveys (ACS) on HST. We analyzed archival Chandra data for the galaxies M100 and NGC 4945. The observation of NGC 4945 was made on 2000 January 27 (ObsID 864) beginning at 19:00:10 UT with an exposure of 24.5ks. The observation of M100 was made on 2006 February 18 (ObsID 6727) beginning at 19:00:10 UT with an exposure of 24.5ks. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table2.dat 74 6 X-ray sources within the field of NGC 4194 table3.dat 74 15 X-ray sources within the field of NGC 7541 table5.dat 74 50 X-ray sources within the field of M100 table6.dat 74 48 X-ray sources within the field of NGC 4945
See also: B/chandra : The Chandra Archive Log (CXC, 1999-) J/AJ/127/1360 : Star-forming knots in NGC 4194 center (Weistrop+, 2004) J/MNRAS/297/255 : HII region catalogue of M100 (Knapen, 1998) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table[2356].dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 2 I2 --- Seq Running sequence number (G1) 4- 5 I2 h RAh Hour of right ascension (J2000) 7- 8 I2 min RAm Minute of right ascension (J2000) 10- 14 F5.2 s RAs Second of right ascension (J2000) 16 A1 --- DE- Declination sign (J2000) 17- 18 I2 deg DEd Degree of declination (J2000) 20- 21 I2 arcmin DEm Arcminute of declination (J2000) 23- 26 F4.1 arcsec DEs Arcsecond of declination (J2000) 28- 32 F5.1 --- S/N Significance of the source detection as calculated by wavdetect 34- 37 I4 ct Cts Counts in the 0.3-8keV band 39- 43 F5.1 aW/m2 Flux Source flux in the 0.3-8keV band (in units of 10-15ergs/cm2/s) (1) 45- 49 F5.2 aW/m2 e_Flux Uncertainty in Flux 51- 56 F6.2 10+31W Lx Source luminosity in units of 1038ergs/s in the 2-10keV band using the same spectral model 58- 61 F4.2 --- HR ? Hardness ratio (2) 63- 74 A12 --- xid Optical counterpart (3)
Note (1): Calculated assuming a power-law spectrum with photon index of 1.7 and corrected for the Galactic absorption column density along the line of sight. Note (2): Defined as the ratio of counts in the 1-8keV band to counts in the 0.3-8keV band. Note (3): In table 5, the counterparts C1-C6 indicate sources from Kaaret (2001ApJ...560..715K, <[K2001] AN> in Simbad).
Global notes: Note (G1): Sources in Simbad are designed as follows: * Table 2: <[KA2008] NGC 4194 N> * Table 3: <[KA2008] NGC 7541 NN> * Table 5: <[KA2008] M 100 NN> * Table 6: <[KA2008] NGC 4945 NN>
History: From electronic version of the journal
(End) Emmanuelle Perret [CDS] 24-Nov-2010
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