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J/ApJ/656/255  Arecibo methanol maser Galactic Plane Survey   (Pandian+, 2007)

The Arecibo methanol maser Galactic Plane Survey. I. Data. Pandian J.D., Goldsmith P.F., Deshpande A.A. <Astrophys. J., 656, 255-274 (2007)> =2007ApJ...656..255P
ADC_Keywords: Surveys ; Masers ; Radio sources Keywords: masers - radio lines: ISM - stars: formation - surveys Abstract: We present the results of an unbiased survey for 6.7GHz methanol masers in the Galactic plane carried out using the 305m Arecibo radio telescope. A total of 18.2deg2 was surveyed with uniform sampling at 35.2≤l≤53.7, |b|≤0.41. The large collecting area of Aecibo and the sensitive C-Band High receiver allowed the survey to be complete at the level of 0.27Jy, making this the most sensitive blind survey carried out to date. We detected a total of 86 sources, 48 of which are new detections. Most of the new detections have a peak flux density below 2Jy. Many methanol masers are clustered, reflecting the formation of massive stars in clusters. Description: The observations were made between 2004 June and 2006 March using the 6-8GHz (C-Band High) receiver at the 305m Arecibo radio telescope. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table1.dat 74 86 6.7GHz Methanol Masers Discovered in the Arecibo Methanol Maser Galactic Plane Survey (AMGPS)
See also: II/56 : 100µm Survey of the Galactic Plane II/270 : TCS-CAIN: Galactic plane NIR Survey (Cabrera-Lavers+, 2006) J/A+AS/35/23 : Survey of the Galactic Plane at 4.875 GHz (Altenhoff+ 1979) J/A+AS/58/197 : 11cm survey, 357.4≤l≤76, -1.5≤b≤1.5 (Reich+, 1984) J/AJ/96/1655 : Galactic plane VLA survey (Garwood+ 1988) J/ApJS/68/715 : Clark Lake 30.9MHz survey (Kassim, 1988) J/A+AS/83/539 : 21cm radio continuum survey. I. (Reich+ 1990) J/ApJS/91/347 : A 5-GHz VLA Survey of the Galactic Plane (Becker+ 1994) J/ApJS/107/239 : 327MHz survey of the galactic plane (Taylor+ 1996) J/A+A/318/111 : ROSAT Galactic Plane Survey (Motch+ 1997) J/MNRAS/294/607 : 7C(G) 151MHz survey of the Galactic plane (Vessey+ 1998) J/PASJ/52/631 : Galactic plane VERA survey (Honma+, 2000) J/AJ/119/2801 : 8.35 and 14.35 GHz flux at Galactic plane (Langston+, 2000) J/A+A/366/481 : ATCA/VLA OH 1612 MHz survey. III. (Sevenster+, 2001) J/MNRAS/351/31 : XMM-Newton Galactic Plane Survey (XGPS) (Hands+, 2004) J/ApJ/607/L33 : First IBIS Catalog: 20-100keV (Bird+, 2004) J/AJ/131/2525 : MAGPIS 20cm survey (Helfand+, 2006) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table1.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 10 A10 --- Source Methanol source name (l,b), identified as [PGD2007] in Simbad 11 A1 --- n_Source [abc] Individual notes (1) 13- 14 I2 h RAh Right ascension (J2000) 16- 17 I2 min RAm Right ascension (J2000) 19- 22 F4.1 s RAs Right ascension (J2000) 24 A1 --- DE- Declination sign (J2000) 25- 26 I2 deg DEd Declination (J2000) 28- 29 I2 arcmin DEm Declination (J2000) 31- 32 I2 arcsec DEs Declination (J2000) 34- 38 F5.1 km/s DV1 Velocity range of emission at 6.7GHz 40- 44 F5.1 km/s DV2 Velocity range of emission at 6.7GHz 46- 50 F5.1 km/s Vp Velocity of peak emission at 6.7GHz 52- 57 F6.2 Jy Sp Peak flux density at 6.7GHz 59- 64 F6.2 Si Integrated flux density at 6.7GHz 66- 73 A8 "YYYY/MM" Epoch Epoch of observation 74 I1 --- Ref Reference (2)
Note (1): Notes as follows: a = This source is identified by different (l, b) coordinates in Pestalozzi et al. (2005, Cat. J/A+A/432/737) due to incorrect coordinates being quoted for the IRAS source toward which Szymczak et al. (2000, Cat. J/A+AS/143/269) detected methanol maser emission. We relabel this source using our coordinates, which are more accurate for the methanol maser than the coordinates of the IRAS source. b = This source was detected at the edge of a data cube and could not be detected in successive observations of the region. Hence, the actual coordinates of this source could be different from those quoted here. c = The coordinates of this source detected in the Onsala Survey (which is not yet published in a refereed journal) and listed in Pestalozzi et al. (2005, Cat. J/A+A/432/737) are very different from our coordinates. We think that this could be due to a software problem, similar to the one giving rise to incorrect coordinates for IRAS sources published in Pestalozzi et al. (2005, Cat. J/A+A/432/737). Hence, we label this source with (l, b) determined from our coordinates. Note (2): References as follows: 1 = This paper 2 = Menten, 1991ApJ...380L..75M 3 = Szymczak et al., 2002A&A...392..277S 4 = Szymczak et al., 2000, Cat. J/A+AS/143/269 5 = Slysh et al., 1999, cat. J/A+AS/134/115 6 = Pestalozzi et al., 2002, in IAU Symp. 206, 139 7 = Caswell et al., 1995MNRAS.272...96C
History: From electronic version of the journal
(End) Patricia Vannier [CDS] 10-Dec-2008
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