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J/ApJ/654/915       Deep FORS1 BR photometry of omega Cen    (Sollima+, 2007)

Deep FORS1 observations of the double Main Sequence of omega Centauri. Sollima A., Ferraro F.R., Bellazzini M., Origlia M., Straniero O., Pancino E. <Astrophys. J. 654, 915-922 (2007)> =2007ApJ...654..915S
ADC_Keywords: Clusters, globular ; Photometry, UBVRI ; Stars, population II Keywords: globular clusters: individual (omega Centauri) - stars: evolution - stars: Population II - techniques: photometric Abstract: We present the results of a deep photometric survey performed with the VLT FORS1 aimed at investigating the complex main-sequence structure of the stellar system Centauri. We confirm the presence of a double main sequence and identify its blue component (bMS) over a large field of view up to 26' from the cluster center. We found that bMS stars are significantly more concentrated toward the cluster center than the other "normal" MS stars. The bMS morphology and its position in the CMD have been used to constrain the helium overabundance required to explain the observed MS morphology. Description: This catalog is based on a deep photometric survey performed in the field of the stellar system omega Centauri with FORS1@VLT, during 6 nights on 2005 March and April. It consists in a mosaic of eight partially overlapping filed covering a wide area from 6' to 26' from the cluster center. The magnitudes of more than 70,000 stars have been measured in the B and R photometric bands. The limiting magnitude is R<24 and the positional accuracy is better than 0.2" for ∼99% of the stars. Objects: ------------------------------------------- RA (2000) DE Designation(s) ------------------------------------------- 13 26 45.9 -47 28 37 * ome Cen = NGC 5139 ------------------------------------------- File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file fors1.dat 71 66618 ω Cen BR catalog
See also: J/MNRAS/250/314 : CCD photometry of omega Cen (Noble+ 1991) J/AJ/108/1350 : Omega Cen FUV photometry (Whitney+, 1994) J/PASP/106/828 : BVRI photometry of Omega Cen (Walker 1994) J/A+AS/115/297 : BVRI photometry of Central Field of Omega Cen (Lynga+, 1996) J/AJ/127/958 : CCD BV photometry on Omega Cen (Rey+, 2004) Byte-by-byte Description of file: fors1.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
3- 7 I5 --- Seq [1/66618] Sequential number 10- 16 F7.4 mag Bmag ?=0.0000 Bessel B magnitude 20- 25 F6.4 mag e_Bmag ?=0.000 Mean error on B magnitude 28- 34 F7.4 mag Rmag ?=0.0000 Bessel R magnitude 38- 43 F6.4 mag e_Rmag ?=0.000 Mean error on R magnitude 46- 57 F12.8 deg RAdeg Right Ascension J2000 (degrees) 60- 71 F12.8 deg DEdeg Declination J2000 (degrees)
Acknowledgements: Antonio Sollima, antonio.sollima(at)
(End) Patricia Vannier [CDS] 12-Jan-2007
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