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J/ApJ/500/714       Color-magnitude relation in CL 1358+62    (Van Dokkum+ 1998)

The color-magnitude relation in CL 1358+62 at z = 0.33: evidence for significant evolution in the S0 population. Van Dokkum P.G., Franx M., Kelson D.D., Illingworth G.D., Fisher D., Fabricant D. <Astrophys. J. 500, 714 (1998)> =1998ApJ...500..714V
ADC_Keywords: Clusters, galaxy ; Photometry Keywords: galaxies: clusters: individual: CL 1358+6345 - galaxies: elliptical and lenticular, cD - galaxies: evolution - galaxies: photometry - galaxies: spiral Abstract: We use a large, multicolor mosaic of HST WFPC2 images to measure the colors and morphologies of 194 spectroscopically confirmed members of the rich galaxy cluster CL 1358+62 at z=0.33. We study the color-magnitude (CM) relation as a function of radius in the cluster to a limit of 4.6' from the center, equivalent to 1.6h-150Mpc. The intrinsic scatter in the rest-frame B-V CM relation of the elliptical galaxies is very small, ∼0.022mag. The CM relation of the ellipticals does not depend significantly on the distance from the cluster center. In contrast, the CM relation for the S0 galaxies does depend on radius: the S0's in the core follow a CM relation similar to that of the ellipticals, but at large radii (R>0.7h-150Mpc) the S0's are systematically bluer and the scatter in the CM relation approximately doubles, to ∼0.043mag. The blueing of the S0's at large radii is significant at the 95% confidence level. These results imply that the S0 galaxies in the outer parts of the cluster have formed stars more recently than the S0's in the inner parts. Objects: --------------------------------------------------------------------- RA (2000) DE Designation(s) --------------------------------------------------------------------- 13 59 54 +62 30.6 ClG 1358+62 = ZwCl 1358+6245 = 2E 1358.3+6246 --------------------------------------------------------------------- File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table1.dat 54 194 CL 1358+62 galaxies catalog
See also: J/ApJ/498/195 : Spectroscopic survey of CL 1358+62 (Fisher+ 1998) J/ApJ/539/577 : Galaxy morphologies in Cl 1358+62 (Fabricant+, 2000) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table1.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 4 I4 --- [FFF98] Identification number ([FFF98] NNNN) 6- 11 F6.1 arcsec xpos X position (1) 13- 18 F6.1 arcsec ypos Y position (1) 20- 23 A4 --- MType Morphological type 25 I1 --- n [1/4] Dimension of the model law (2) 27- 31 F5.2 mag F814W F814W colour 33- 37 F5.2 mag Vzmag Vz magnitude (3) 39- 43 F5.3 mag F606W-F814W F606W-F814W colour index 45- 49 F5.3 mag (B-V)z (B-V)z colour index (3) 51- 54 F4.2 arcsec rc Aperture radius
Note (1): Positions are given with respect to the brightest cluster galaxy (number 375) at 13:58:20.7+62:45:33 (1950), with positive x to the west and positive y to the north Note (2): All images of the cluster galaxies were fitted with two-dimensional r1/n law models (n=4 is de Vaucouleurs' model) Note (3): defined as: Vz= F814W + 0.20(F606W-F814W) + 0.65 (B-V)z= 0.82(F606W-F814W) - 0.13
History: From ApJ electronic version
(End) James Marcout, Patricia Bauer [CDS] 31-Aug-1998
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