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J/ApJ/459/686 Energy Deposition in Interstellar Dust Grains   (Dwek+ 1996)

Energy Deposition and Photoelectric Emission from the Interaction of 10 eV to 1 MeV Photons with Interstellar Dust Particles Dwek E., Smith R.K. <Astrophys. J. 459, 686 (1996)> =1996ApJ...459..686D
ADC_Keywords: Extinction; Opacities; Interstellar medium Description: This catalog contains calculated tables of the energy deposition into dust grains by photons with energies between 10 eV and 1 MeV. The tables give the deposition for 60 different energies and 15 dust grain sizes. Tables for both silicate and graphite grains are presented. Photoelectric absorption, auger electrons, and Compton scattering are used in the calculations, which were done with a Mie code when necessary and a particle approach when appropriate. The file graphite.dat corresponds to Table 5.1 in the source reference. Silicate.dat corresponds to Table 5.2. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file silicate.dat 191 60 Deposition in silicate graphite.dat 193 60 Deposition in graphite
Byte-by-byte Description of file: graphite.dat silicate.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 10 F10.2 eV Ephot Energy of incoming photon 13- 22 E10.4 eV E5nm *Energy deposition*Q_abs for grain size=5nm 25- 34 E10.4 eV E7nm *Energy deposition*Q_abs for grain size=7nm 37- 46 E10.4 eV E10nm *Energy deposition*Q_abs for grain size=10nm 49- 58 E10.4 eV E15nm *Energy deposition*Q_abs for grain size=15nm 61- 70 E10.4 eV E20nm *Energy deposition*Q_abs for grain size=20nm 73- 82 E10.4 eV E30nm *Energy deposition*Q_abs for grain size=30nm 85- 94 E10.4 eV E50nm *Energy deposition*Q_abs for grain size=50nm 97-106 E10.4 eV E70nm *Energy deposition*Q_abs for grain size=70nm 109-118 E10.4 eV E100nm *Energy deposition*Q_abs for grain size=100nm 121-130 E10.4 eV E150nm *Energy deposition*Q_abs for grain size=150nm 133-142 E10.4 eV E200nm *Energy deposition*Q_abs for grain size 145-154 E10.4 eV E300nm *Energy deposition*Q_abs for grain size=300nm 157-166 E10.4 eV E500nm *Energy deposition*Q_abs for grain size=500nm 169-178 E10.4 eV E700nm *Energy deposition*Q_abs for grain size=700nm 181-190 E10.4 eV E1um *Energy deposition*Q_abs for grain size=1micron
Note on E5nm, E7nm, E10nm, E15nm, E20nm, E30nm, E50nm, E70nm, E100nm, E150nm: Note on E200nm, E300nm, E500nm, E700nm, E1um: These fields contain the energy deposition multiplied by Q_abs. Where Q_abs is the dust absorption efficiency calculated from Mie theory. The grain size indicated is the dust particle radius. The total energy deposited in a dust particle of radius a is therefore flux * pi a^2 * dt * table_value; the flux has units of photons per cm^2 per second, pi a^2 is the geometric area of the dust, dt is the length of time considered, and the table value contains both Q_abs (which when multiplied by the geometric cross section gives the cross section for absorption) and the energy deposited when that photon is absorbed, which may be the entire photon's energy or some lesser value.
Acknowledgments: The authors thank James Rathkopf and Rick Cullen from LLNL for the Auger data, Peter Martin for the UV optical constants, and Alice Trenholm, David Stoutamire, and Ari Laor for useful conversations. The ADC thanks author R. Smith for providing the data and the original ReadMe document. Modifications: 9-July-1997 As submitted, the first record of each data file contained a header record. These were removed to conform with CDS/ADC standards. R. Smith's ReadMe was modified by J. Gass [SSDOO/ADC] to include a byte-by-byte table and additional features of a standard document. References: Laor, A., Draine, B.T. 1993, ApJ 402, 441 =1993ApJ...402..441L
(End) Randall Smith [NASA/GSFC] & James Gass [SSDOO/ADC] 10-July-1997
The document above follows the rules of the Standard Description for Astronomical Catalogues.From this documentation it is possible to generate f77 program to load files into arrays or line by line

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