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J/AcA/61/285     VI light curves of Galactic Bulge Cepheids   (Soszynski+, 2011)

The Optical Gravitational Lensing Experiment. The OGLE-III catalog of variable stars. XIV. Classical and type II Cepheids in the Galactic Bulge. Soszynski I., Udalski A., Pietrukowicz P., Szymanski M.K., Kubiak M., Pietrzynski G., Wyrzykowski L., Ulaczyk K., Poleski R., Kozlowski S. <Acta Astron., 61, 285-301 (2011)> =2011AcA....61..285S
ADC_Keywords: Stars, variable ; Magnitudes ; Stars, population II Keywords: stars: variables: Cepheids - stars: oscillations (including pulsations) - stars: Population II - Galaxy: center Abstract: The fourteenth part of the OGLE-III Catalog of Variable Stars (OIII-CVS) contains Cepheid variables detected in the OGLE-II and OGLE-III fields toward the Galactic bulge. The catalog is divided into two main categories: 32 classical Cepheids (21 single-mode fundamental-mode F, four first-overtone 1O, two double-mode F/1O, three double-mode 1O/2O and two triple-mode 1O/2O/3O pulsators) and 335 type II Cepheids (156 BL Her, 128 W Vir and 51 RV Tau stars). Six of the type II Cepheids likely belong to the Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy. The catalog data include the time-series photometry collected in the course of the OGLE survey, observational parameters of the stars, finding charts, and cross-identifications with the General Catalogue of Variable Stars. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file catcep.dat 309 32 Parameters of fundamental-mode (F), first-overtone (1O), double-mode F/1O and 1O/2O and triple-mode 1O/2O/3O Cepheid catt2cep.dat 309 357 Parameters of type II Cepheid (version 31/03/2103) remarks.dat 68 48 Remarks
See also: J/AcA/58/163 : VI light curves of LMC classical Cepheids (Soszynski+, 2008) J/AcA/58/293 : Type-II and anomalous Cepheids in LMC (Soszynski+, 2008) J/AcA/58/313 : LMC Cepheids in OGLE and MACHO data (Poleski+, 2008) J/AcA/59/1 : LMC RR Lyrae stars VI light curves (Soszynski+, 2009) J/AcA/59/239 : LMC long-period variables VI light curves (Soszynski+, 2009) J/AcA/59/335 : LMC R CBr stars VI light curves (Soszynski+, 2009) J/AcA/60/1 : LMC delta Scuti stars VI light curves (Poleski+, 2010) J/AcA/60/17 : VI light curves of SMC classical Cepheids (Soszynski+, 2010) J/AcA/60/91 : VI light curves of SMC type II Cepheids (Soszynski+, 2010) J/AcA/60/165 : VI light curves of SMC RR Lyrae (Soszynski+, 2010) J/AcA/60/179 : LMC double periodic variables VI light curves (Poleski+, 2011) J/AcA/61/1 : VI light curves of Galactic Bulge RR Lyrae (Soszynski+, 2011) J/AcA/61/103 : VI light curves of LMC eclipsing binaries (Szymanski+, 2011) J/AcA/61/217 : VI light curves of SMC long-period variables (Soszynski+, 2011) Byte-by-byte Description of file: cat*.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 9 A9 --- --- [OGLE-BLG-] 10- 18 A9 --- Star Star's ID (CEP-NN or T2CEP-NNN) OGLE BLG-CEP-NN or OGLE BLG-T2CEP-NNN in Simbad 20- 27 A8 --- Field OGLE-III field 29- 34 I6 --- OGLE ? OGLE-III database number 36- 43 A8 --- Mode/Type Mode(s) of pulsation (F=Fundamental, 1O=first overtone, 2O=second overtone, ...) or Subtype of type II Cepheids (BLHer, WVir, RVTau) 46- 47 I2 h RAh Right ascension, equinox J2000.0 (hours) 49- 50 I2 min RAm Right ascension, equinox J2000.0 (minutes) 52- 56 F5.2 s RAs Right ascension, equinox J2000.0 (seconds) 58 A1 --- DE- Declination, equinox J2000.0 (sign) 59- 60 I2 deg DEd Declination, equinox J2000.0 (degrees) 62- 63 I2 arcmin DEm Declination, equinox J2000.0 (arc minutes) 65- 68 F4.1 arcsec DEs Declination, equinox J2000.0 (arc seconds) 70- 75 F6.3 mag <Imag> Intensity mean I-band magnitude 77- 82 F6.3 mag <Vmag> ?=- Intensity mean V-band magnitude 84- 94 F11.7 d Per Period (for F, 1O, Type-II) or Longest period (for F10, 1O2O, 1O2O3O) 96-104 F9.7 d e_Per Uncertainty of the longest period 107-116 F10.5 d T0 Time of maximum brightness (HJD-2450000) 119-123 F5.3 mag Iamp I-band amplitude (maximum-minimum) 126-130 F5.3 --- R21 Fourier coefficient R21_ 132-136 F5.3 rad phi21 ?=- Fourier coefficient φ21 139-143 F5.3 --- R31 Fourier coefficient R31_ 146-150 F5.3 rad phi31 ?=- Fourier coefficient φ31 151-160 F10.7 d PerM ? Medium (triple mode) period 162-170 F9.7 d e_PerM ? Uncertainty of the medium period 173-182 F10.5 d T0M ? Time of maximum brightness (HJD-2450000) 185-189 F5.3 mag IampM ? I-band amplitude (maximum-minimum) 192-196 F5.3 --- R21M ? Fourier coefficient R21_ 198-202 F5.3 rad phi21M ? Fourier coefficient φ21 205-209 F5.3 --- R31M ? Fourier coefficient R31_ 211-215 F5.3 rad phi31M ? Fourier coefficient φ31 217-226 F10.7 d PerS ? Shortest (double or triple mode) period 228-236 F9.7 d e_PerS ? Uncertainty of the shortest period 239-248 F10.5 d T0S ? Time of maximum brightness (HJD-2450000) 251-255 F5.3 mag IampS ? I-band amplitude (maximum-minimum) 258-262 F5.3 --- R21S ? Fourier coefficient R21_ 264-268 F5.3 rad phi21S ? Fourier coefficient φ21 271-275 F5.3 --- R31S ? Fourier coefficient R31_ 277-281 F5.3 rad phi31S ? Fourier coefficient φ31 284-298 A15 --- OGLE-II OGLE-II ID 301-309 A9 --- OName Other designation
Byte-by-byte Description of file: remarks.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 9 A9 --- --- [OGLE-BLG-] 10- 18 A9 --- Star Star's ID (CEP-NN or T2CEP-NNN) 20- 68 A49 --- Rem Remark
History: * 22-May-2012: Copied at and * 27-Jul-2017: new T2 Cepheids (OGLE-BLG-T2CEP-336 to OGLE-BLG-T2CEP-357) added in catt2cep.dat from 31/03/2013 version of files References: Soszynski et al., Paper I 2008AcA....58..163S, Cat. J/AcA/58/163 Soszynski et al., Paper II 2008AcA....58..293S, Cat. J/AcA/58/293 Soszynski et al., Paper III 2009AcA....59....1S, Cat. J/AcA/59/1 Soszynski et al., Paper IV 2009AcA....59..239S, Cat. J/AcA/59/239 Soszynski et al., Paper V 2009AcA....59..335S, Cat. J/AcA/59/335 Poleski et al., Paper VI 2010AcA....60....1P, Cat. J/AcA/60/1 Soszynski et al., Paper VII 2010AcA....60...17S, Cat. J/AcA/60/17 Soszynski et al., Paper VIII 2010AcA....60...91S, Cat. J/AcA/60/91 Soszynski et al., Paper IX 2010AcA....60..160S, Cat. J/AcA/60/160 Poleski et al., Paper X 2010AcA....60..179P, Cat. J/AcA/60/179 Soszynski et al., Paper XI 2011AcA....61....1S, Cat. J/AcA/61/1 Soszynski et al., Paper XII 2011AcA....61..103S, Cat. J/AcA/61/103 Soszynski et al., Paper XIII 2011AcA....61..217S, Cat. J/AcA/61/217
(End) Patricia Vannier [CDS] 21-Apr-2012
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