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J/AJ/153/195 Photometry of multiple stars at NAOR&ASV in 2015 (Cvetkovic+, 2017)

CCD measurements of double and multiple stars at NAO Rozhen and ASV in 2015. Cvetkovic Z., Pavlovic R., Boeva S. <Astron. J., 153, 195 (2017)> =2017AJ....153..195C (SIMBAD/NED BibCode)
ADC_Keywords: Stars, double and multiple ; Photometry, UBV ; Photometry, CCD Keywords: binaries: visual - methods: observational - techniques: image processing Abstract: Results of CCD observations of 154 double or multiple stars, made with the 2 m telescope of the Bulgarian National Astronomical Observatory at Rozhen over five nights in 2015, are presented. This is the ninth series of measurements of CCD frames obtained at Rozhen. We also present results of CCD observations of 323 double or multiple stars made with the 0.6 m telescope of the Serbian Astronomical Station on the mountain of Vidojevica over 23 nights in 2015. This is the fourth series of measurements of CCD frames obtained at this station. This paper contains the results for the position angle and angular separation for 801 pairs and residuals for 127 pairs with published orbital elements or linear solutions. The angular separations are in the range from 1.52" to 201.56", with a median angular separation of 8.26". We also present eight pairs that are measured for the first time and linear elements for five pairs. Description: This is the ninth series of CCD observations of double and multiple stars, obtained at the Bulgarian National Astronomical Observatory at Rozhen (NAOR) over five nights. As previously, the CCD camera VersArray 1300B was used, which was attached to the 2 m telescope. For each double or multiple star, five CCD frames in the Johnson B filter and five frames in the Johnson V filter were taken, which enabled us to determine the magnitude difference for these filters. In 2015 at the Astronomical Station at Vidojevica (ASV), over a total of 23 nights, observations were carried out by using the 60 cm telescope with a Cassegrain optical system. This is the fourth observational series at ASV since the work started there in 2011. In the observations we used the Apogee Alta U42 CCD camera whose characteristics can be found in the paper by Cvetkovic et al. (2016, J/AJ/151/58). Every pair was observed five times in the Cousins/Bessel B filter and five times in the Cousins/Bessel V one. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table2.dat 131 687 CCD measurements of double stars table3.dat 131 143 CCD measurements of system with orbits or rectilinear solutions table7.dat 55 66 Measurements and residuals (in ρ and θ) from our linear solutions for all five pairs
See also: B/wds : The Washington Visual Double Star Catalog (Mason+ 2001-2014) J/AJ/108/2338 : Photographic astrometry. VIII. (Heintz 1994) J/A+A/341/121 : Visual binary orbits and masses (Soederhjelm 1999) J/PAZh/27/456 : Astrometric study of ADS 48 (Kiyaeva+, 2001) J/AJ/123/1023 : Binary star orbits (Seymour+, 2002) J/AJ/127/539 : Speckle interferometry at USNO. IX. (Mason+, 2004) J/AJ/142/56 : Speckle interferometry at the USNO station (Hartkopf+, 2011) J/AJ/142/73 : NAO Rozhen CCD measurements of multiple stars (Cvetkovic+, 2011) J/AJ/146/52 : CCD measurements of multiple stars at NAOR and ASV (Pavlovic+, 2013) J/AJ/149/150 : Photometry of multiples at NAOR and ASV in 2012 (Cvetkovic+, 2015) J/ApJ/799/4 : Robo-AO observations of binary stars (Riddle+, 2015) J/AJ/151/58 : Photometry of stars at NAOR and ASV in 2013-2014 (Cvetkovic+, 2016) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table2.dat table3.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 11 A11 --- WDS WDS designation (HHMMm+DDMM, J2000) 13- 23 A11 --- Disc Discoverer designation 25- 33 F9.4 yr Epoch Epoch of observation (Besselian year) 35- 40 F6.2 arcsec Sep [1.52/201.56] Angular separation ρ 42- 45 F4.2 arcsec e_Sep [0/0.71] Standard deviation in Sep 47- 52 F6.2 deg PA [0.1/359.89] Position angle θ (1) 54- 57 F4.2 deg e_PA [0/2.96] Standard deviation in PA 59- 62 F4.2 mag DBmag [0/7.18]? Differential B band magnitude (2) 64- 67 F4.2 mag e_DBmag [0/0.29]? Standard deviation in DBmag 69- 72 F4.2 mag DVmag [0/6.79]? Differential V band magnitude (2) 74- 77 F4.2 mag e_DVmag [0.01/1.04]? Standard deviation in DVmag 79- 83 F5.2 arcsec (O-C)Sep [-0.99/3.22]? Angular separation (O-C) residual (only in table 3) 85- 88 F4.1 arcsec (O-C)PA [-3.4/2.4]? Position angle (O-C) residual (only in table 3) 90-117 A28 --- Ref Reference (only in table 3) (3) 119-129 A11 --- Camera Camera used (Apogee Alta or VersArray) 131 A1 --- Note [F] Additional source note (only in table 2) (4)
Note (1): The position angle has not been corrected for precession and it is thus based on the equinox for the epoch of observation. Note (2): Between the components of pairs determined using IRAF. In some cases the images of stars were obtained with too few counts in either or both filters so that we could not determine the magnitude difference. Note (3): Reference as follows: Chang (1972) = 1972AJ.....77..759C Docobo et al. (2008) = 2008A&A...478..187D Eggenberger (2008) = 2008A&A...482..631E Hartkopf and Mason (2011a) = 2011, J/AJ/142/56 Hartkopf and Mason (2011b) = 2011IAUDS.175....1H Hartkopf and Mason (2014) = 2014IAUDS.183....1H Heintz (1987) = 1987PASP...99.1084H Heintz (1988) = 1988A&A....72..543H Heintz (1990) = 1990AJ.....99..420H Heintz (1994) = 1994, J/AJ/108/2338 Heintz (1996) = 1996AJ....111..408H Heintz (1997) = 1997ApJS..111..335H Hopmann (1964) = 1964AnWie..26....1H Hopmann (1970) = 1970OAWMN.178..217H Hopmann (1973) = 1973OAWMN.181..301H Kiselev et al. (1997) = 1997ASSL..223..377K Kiselev et al. (2009) = 2009ARep...53..126K Kiselev et al. (2012) = 2012ARep...56..524K Kiyaeva et al. (1998) = 1998AstL...24..753K Kiyaeva et al. (2001) = 2001, J/PAZh/27/456 Kiyaeva et al. (2010) = 2010AstL...36..204K Kiyaeva et al. (2014) = 2014AstL...58..835K L = lin1.html...Catalog Catalog of Rectilinear Elements: Ling (2011) = 2011IAUDS.174....1L Ling (2013) = 2013IAUDS.179....1L Ling (2016) = 2016IAUDS.188....1L Mante (2004) = 2004IAUDS.153....1M Mason and Hartkopf (2014) = 2014IAUDS.184....1M Mason et al. (2004) = 2004, J/AJ/127/539 Novakovic (2007) = 2007BaltA..16..435N Olevic (2002) = 2002IAUDS.146....2O Olevic and Cvetkovic (2003) = 2003IAUDS.150....1O Olevic and Jovanovic (2001) = 2001SerAJ.163....5O Olevic and Popovic (2000) = 2000IAUDS.141....2O Popovic and Pavlovic (1995) = 1995BABel.151...45P Popovic and Pavlovic (1996) = 1996BABel.153...57P Prieur et al. (2012) = 2012MNRAS.422.1057P Raghavan et al. (2009) = 2009ApJ...690..394R Rica et al. (2012) = 2012MNRAS.419..197R Riddle et al. (2015) = 2015, J/ApJ/799/4 Romanenko and Kiselev (2014) = 2014ARep...58...30R Scardia et al. (2011) = 2011AN....332..508S Seymour et al. (2002) = 2002, J/AJ/123/1023 Soderhjelm (1999) = 1999, J/A+A/341/121 Zirm (2008) = 2008IAUDS.166....1Z Note (4): Note as follows: F = First resolution; e.g. one of 8 new pairs.
Byte-by-byte Description of file: table7.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 9 A9 --- Name Pair name 11- 19 F9.4 yr Epoch Epoch of observation (Besselian year) 21- 26 F6.3 arcmin Sep [1.75/10.37] Angular separation ρ 28- 33 F6.2 deg PA [29.63/340.64] Position angle θ 35- 39 F5.2 arcmin (O-C)Sep [-5.29/0.98] Angular separation (O-C) residual 41- 44 F4.1 deg (O-C)PA [-9/3.9] Position angle (O-C) residual 46- 55 A10 --- Ref Reference (1)
Note (1): This paper or reference from the Washington database (Cat. B/wds).
History: From electronic version of the journal
(End) Prepared by [AAS], Tiphaine Pouvreau [CDS] 17-May-2018
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