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J/AJ/149/111       BRI light curves of 2MASS J02272637+1156494      (Liu+, 2015)

First photometric solution of a very short period contact binary below the period limit. Liu L., Chen W.P., Qian S.B., Chuang R.J., Jiang L.Q., Lin C.S., Hsiao H.Y. <Astron. J., 149, 111 (2015)> =2015AJ....149..111L
ADC_Keywords: Binaries, eclipsing ; Photometry, UBVRI Keywords: binaries: close - binaries: eclipsing - stars: evolution - stars: individual: 2MASS J02272637+1156494 Abstract: The star 1SWASP J022727.03+115641.7 was reported as a contact binary with a period shorter than the empirical limit of such systems. Our study shows the star not to be variable. Instead, it is the nearby star, 2MASS 02272637+1156494, that exhibits variability. The BRI CCD light curves of 2MASS 02272637+1156494 show the system to be a moderate mass ratio (2.154-0.074+0.008), and shallow contact (10.4-1.9+1.4%) W-type contact binary. The masses, radii, and luminosities of the binary components are, respectively, M1=0.25-0.01+0.05M, M2=0.54-0.04+0.11M, R1=0.45-0.01+0.02R, R2=0.63-0.02+0.04R, L1=0.038-0.005+0.018L, and L2=0.071-0.010+0.037L, with an estimated distance 326-46+127 pc. These uncertainties mainly come from the errors of the colors used to estimate the temperature of the primary star. A dark spot was introduced on the massive component in the final solution. Description: The field of 2MASS J02272637+1156494 was observed for three nights (2013 September 7, 9, 11) with the Lulin One-meter Telescope (LOT) of the National Central University in Taiwan, located at 120°52'25''E, 23°28'07''N, and at an altitude of 2862m. A PI1340*1300 B CCD was used, with the standard UBVRI filter set, that gave an effective FOV of about 11.5*11.2arcmin2. For the data reported here, the integration times for the images were 120s in the BRI bands. Objects: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RA (ICRS) DE Designation(s) (Period) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 02 27 26.37 +11 56 49.4 2M 0227+1156 = 2MASS J02272637+1156494 (P=0.21095) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table1.dat 21 191 The original data of 2MASS 02272637+1156494 observed in the BRI bands by the Lulin One-meter Telescope (LOT)
See also: I/297 : NOMAD Catalog (Zacharias+ 2005) II/246 : 2MASS All-Sky Catalog of Point Sources (Cutri+ 2003) J/A+A/528/A90 : SuperWASP short period eclipsing binaries (Norton+, 2011) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table1.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 8 F8.5 d HJD Heliocentric Julian Date (HJD-2456500) 10- 14 F5.3 mag Dmag [-0.085/1.349] Δ magnitude 16- 19 F4.3 mag e_Dmag Uncertainty in Dmag 21 A1 --- Flt [BRI] Filter (B, R, or I)
History: From electronic version of the journal
(End) Sylvain Guehenneux [CDS] 25-Mar-2015
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