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J/AJ/139/205  2007-2008 WIYN speckle observations of binaries (Horch+, 2010)

CCD speckle observations of binary stars with the WIYN telescope. VI. Measures during 2007-2008. Horch E.P., Falta D., Anderson L.M., Desousa M.D., Miniter C.M., Ahmed T., Van Altena W.F. <Astron. J., 139, 205-215 (2010)> =2010AJ....139..205H
ADC_Keywords: Stars, double and multiple; Photometry Keywords: binaries: visual - techniques: high angular resolution - techniques: interferometric - techniques: photometric Abstract: Results of 974 speckle observations of 546 binary stars are presented. Observations were obtained at the WIYN 3.5m Telescope at Kitt Peak National Observatory during the time interval from 2007 January to 2008 June. In all cases, the relative separation and position angle of the components are measured, and the magnitude difference is determined in 809 cases. The precision of the results as judged from repeat observations and objects with very well-determined orbits is similar to previous papers in this series, namely ∼3mas in separation and <1° in position angle in most cases. Similarly, the photometric precision remains consistent with previous WIYN speckle data, on average ∼0.1mag per observation. Six systems of special interest are discussed. Description: All of the observations discussed below were obtained at the WIYN 3.5m Telescope, located at Kitt Peak National Observatory. We present results from six observing runs that occurred between 2007 January and 2008 June, where the instrumentation used was the RYTSI speckle camera and one of the two PIXIS 2048B CCDs now used in the DSSI. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table2.dat 89 974 Double star speckle measures
See also: J/AJ/117/548 : 1997 WIYN binary stars speckle observations (Horch+, 1999) J/AJ/127/1727 : Differential magnitudes of binary stars (Horch+, 2004) J/AJ/136/312 : 2001-2006 WIYN binary stars speckle observations (Horch+, 2008) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table2.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 10 A10 --- WDS Washington Double Star catalog number (1) 12- 22 A11 --- Name Object identification (HR,ADS DM,etc.) 24- 36 A13 --- Disc Discoverer Designation 38- 43 I6 --- HD ? HD identification 44- 46 A3 --- n_HD Complement to HD number 48- 53 I6 --- HIP ? HIPPARCOS catalog identification 55- 63 F9.4 yr Date Fraction of the Besselian year observation date 65- 69 F5.1 deg PA Observed position angle; east of north 71- 75 F5.3 arcsec Sep Observed separation 77- 80 F4.2 mag Dmag ? The magnitude difference obtained 82- 84 I3 nm Wave Center wavelength of the filter used 86- 87 I2 nm FWHM Full Width at Half Maximum of the filter band 89 A1 --- f_FWHM [abc] Flag on FWHM (2)
Note (1): Where the RA and Dec (J2000.0) are given in the number with the format HHMM.M±DDMM. Note (2): Flag on FWHM as follows: a = Quadrant ambiguous, but consistent with previous measures listed in the 4th Interferometric Catalog b = Quadrant ambiguous, but inconsistent with previous measures listed in the 4th Interferometric Catalog c = Quadrant unambiguous, but inconsistent with previous measures listed in the 4th Interferometric Catalog
History: From electronic version of the journal References: Horch et al., Paper I 1999AJ....117..548H Cat. J/AJ/117/548 Horch et al., Paper II 2002AJ....123.3442H Horch et al., Paper III 2002AJ....124.2245H Horch et al., Paper IV 2004AJ....127.1727H Cat. J/AJ/127/1727 Horch et al., Paper V 2008AJ....136..312H Cat. J/AJ/136/312 Horch et al., Paper VII 2012AJ....143...10H Cat. J/AJ/143/10
(End) Greg Schwarz [AAS], Patricia Vannier [CDS] 24-Mar-2012
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