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J/AJ/136/2259       HST photometry of stars in NGC 2419    (Sandquist+, 2008)

Evolved stars in the core of the massive globular cluster NGC 2419. Sandquist E.L., Hess J.M. <Astron. J., 136, 2259-2285 (2008)> =2008AJ....136.2259S
ADC_Keywords: Clusters, globular ; Populations, stellar ; Photometry, HST Keywords: globular clusters: individual (NGC 2419) - stars: evolution - stars: horizontal-branch - stars: luminosity function, mass function - stars: mass loss Abstract: We present an analysis of optical and ultraviolet Hubble Space Telescope photometry for evolved stars in the core of the distant massive globular cluster NGC 2419. We characterize the horizontal branch (HB) population in detail including corrections for incompleteness on the long blue tail. The majority of the HB stars can be identified with two main groups (one slightly bluer than the instability strip, and the other at the extreme end of the HB). We present a method for removing (to first-order) lifetime effects from the distribution of HB stars to facilitate more accurate measurements of helium abundance for clusters with blue HBs and to clarify the distribution of stars reaching the zero-age HB. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table3.dat 186 2046 Evolved stars in NGC 2419
See also: J/A+A/391/945 : HST photometry of 74 galactic globular clusters (Piotto+, 2002) J/ApJ/681/311 : Blue stragglers in NGC 2419 (Dalessandro+, 2008) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table3.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 6 A6 --- Name Object identification (1) 8- 15 F8.3 arcsec oRA Offset in Right Ascension (2) 17- 24 F8.3 arcsec oDE Offset in Declination (2) 26- 31 F6.3 mag F300W ?=0 HST/WFPC2 F300W band magnitude (3) 33- 37 F5.3 mag e_F300W ?=0 Photometric error in F300W (3) 39- 44 F6.3 mag F555W ?=0 HST/WFPC2 F555W band magnitude (3) 46- 50 F5.3 mag e_F555W ?=0 Photometric error in F555W (3) 52- 57 F6.3 mag F814W ?=0 HST/WFPC2 F814W band magnitude (3) 59- 63 F5.3 mag e_F814W ?=0 Photometric error in F814W (3) 65- 70 F6.3 mag F250W ?=0 HST/HRC F250W band magnitude (3) 72- 76 F5.3 mag e_F250W ?=0 Photometric error in F250W (3) 78- 83 F6.3 mag F336W ?=0 HST/WFPC2 F336W band magnitude (3) 85- 89 F5.3 mag e_F336W ?=0 Photometric error in F336W (3) 91- 96 F6.3 mag F380W ?=0 HST/WFPC2 F380W band magnitude (3) 98-102 F5.3 mag e_F380W ?=0 Photometric error in F380W (3) 104-109 F6.3 mag F435W ?=0 HST/ACS F435W band magnitude (3) 111-115 F5.3 mag e_F435W ?=0 Photometric error in F435W (3) 117-122 F6.3 mag F439W ?=0 HST/WFPC2 F439W band magnitude (3) 124-128 F5.3 mag e_F439W ?=0 Photometric error in F439W (3) 130-135 F6.3 mag F450W ?=0 HST/WFPC2 F450W band magnitude (3) 137-141 F5.3 mag e_F450W ?=0 Photometric error in F450W (3) 143-148 F6.3 mag F675W ?=0 HST/WFPC2 F675W band magnitude (3) 150-154 F5.3 mag e_F675W ?=0 Photometric error in F675W (3) 156-186 A31 --- Note Additional information (4)
Note (1): The table only includes stars from the union of the ACS WFC and WFPC2 fields for proposals 7628 and 7630. Sources identified as <Cl* NGC 2419 Name> in Simbad, with: PA N = Post-AGB (N=1-7) SH N = Supra-HB (N=1-7) AM NN = AGB manque (N=1-20) V N = RR Lyrae variable (N=3-68) from Pinto & Rosino, 1977A&AS...28..427P, <Cl* NGC 2419 B VNN> in Simbad A NNN = AGB (N=1-107) H NNN = HB (N=1-927) R NNN = RGB (N=1-936) Note (2): An RA-DEC offset coordinate system was set up using the WFPC2 datasets. Positions are given relative to the cluster center given by Harris (1996, Cat. VII/195), 07:38:08.5+38:52:55 (J2000). Note (3): A value of 0.00 indicate missing data. Note (4): BSS means blue straggler star
History: From electronic version of the journal
(End) Greg Schwarz [AAS], Patricia Vannier [CDS] 24-May-2011
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