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J/AJ/135/1350          Hot variable stars in NGC 330          (Schmidtke+, 2008)

Hot variable stars in the SMC cluster NGC 330. Schmidtke P.C., Chobanian J.B., Cowley A.P. <Astron. J., 135, 1350-1360 (2008)> =2008AJ....135.1350S
ADC_Keywords: Photometry, UBVRI ; Stars, variable ; Stars, Be ; Cross identifications ; Magellanic Clouds Keywords: galaxies: star clusters - Magellanic Clouds - stars: emission-line, Be - stars: variables: other Abstract: In a sample of 150 hot stars in NGC 330, a SMC cluster containing a high fraction of Be stars, we searched for photometric variables using OGLE II data. At least one third of all stars are variable, with 38 being periodic. We found 27 pulsators (λ Eri variables), six eclipsing systems, two bursting sources, and several stars with unusual photometric behavior. Pulsations are present in ∼30% of known Be stars, and they are long lived, lasting more than a decade. The strongest pulsators are associated with stars evolved from the main sequence. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table1.dat 74 150 Sample of stars in NGC 330 table2.dat 92 38 Photometric periods for stars in NGC 330
See also: J/A+AS/102/451 : Emission-line stars and PNe in the SMC (Meyssonnier+ 1993) J/AJ/108/932 : Variable stars in the SMC cluster NGC 330 (Sebo+, 1994) J/AcA/48/147 : OGLE SMC BVI photometry (Udalski+ 1998) J/A+AS/134/489 : Be stars in MC young clusters (Keller+ 1999) J/A+A/472/577 : NGC 330 Be stars and binaries (Martayan+, 2007) : OGLE II photometric databases web site Byte-by-byte Description of file: table1.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 5 A5 --- Name Name except for 2 stars (G1) 7- 24 A18 --- XID Other identification(s) (G1) 26- 30 F5.2 mag Vmag V-band magnitude 32 A1 --- r_Vmag [d] Origin of Vmag (2) 34- 38 F5.2 mag B-V ?=- B-V color index 40 A1 --- r_B-V [ed] Origin of B-V (2) 42- 47 I6 --- OGLE OGLE II Number SMC-SC7 (<OGLE SMC-SC7 NNNNNN> in Simbad) 48 A1 --- f_OGLE [fg] Flag on OGLE (3) 50- 55 F6.3 mag Imag I-band mean magnitude 58- 62 F5.3 mag Isig Standard deviation of the normalized light curve 64- 74 A11 --- Notes Note(s) on individual sources (4)
Note (2): Flag as follows: d = From Grebel et al. (1996A&A...311..470G) e = From Momany et al. (2001A&A...379..436M) Note (3): Flag as follows: f = Same as OGLE SMC-SC7 206271 g = Same as OGLE SMC-SC7 206788 Note (4): Notes as follows: 1 = identified as a Be star by one or more authors; 2 = identified as a λ Eri variable (small-amplitude pulsator) by Balona (1992MNRAS.256..425B); 3 = studied by Martayan et al. (2007, Cat. J/A+A/472/577); 4 = see text for B224 and B317. stats = Stars with SigI lying along the "non-variable" (lower) edge of the relation sigI vs Imag were not analyzed for possible periods. For those stars we only looked at the statistics of their photometry (the standard deviation), but we made no full analysis for possible periods. See section 3 for more details.
Byte-by-byte Description of file: table2.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 5 A5 --- Name Name from Balona, 1992MNRAS.256..425B, except for 2 stars (G1) 7- 24 A18 --- XID Other identification(s) (G1) 26- 29 F4.1 mag Imag I-band mean magnitude (1) 31- 35 F5.3 mag Iamp I-band amplitude (1) 37 A1 --- f_Per1 Flag on Per1 38- 44 F7.3 d Per1 Photometric period 45 A1 --- u_Per1 Uncertainty flag on Per1 47- 53 F7.3 d Per2 ? 2d photometric period 54 A1 --- u_Per2 Uncertainty flag on Per2 56- 60 F5.3 d Per3 ? 3d photometric period 62- 64 A3 --- Var Variable type (NRP, ecl, bur) (2) 66 A1 --- f_Var [de] Flag on Vartype (3) 68- 92 A25 --- Comm Comments
Note (1): Imag = approximate mean magnitude; DeltaI = amplitude of sine curve fit or primary eclipse depth. Note (2): Variable type as follows: NRP = Nonradial pulsations; ecl = eclipses; bur = outbursts. Note (3): Flag as follows: d = Balona (1992MNRAS.256..425B) and/or Sebo & Wood (1994, Cat. J/AJ/108/932) noted this as an eclipsing binary e = Alternatively, this source might be eclipsing with double the period listed
Global Notes: Note (G1): Acronyms used: B = Balona (1992MNRAS.256..425B), <Cl* NGC 330 Bal NNNN> in Simbad; G = Grebel et al. (1992A&A...254L...5G), <Cl* NGC 330 GRD a> in Simbad; HV = Harvard Var., <SV* HV NNNNN> in Simbad; K = Keller et al. (1999, Cat. J/A+AS/134/489), <Cl* NGC 330 KWBBE NNNN> in Simbad; MA = Meyssonnier & Azzopardi (1993, Cat. J/A+AS/102/451), <[MA93] NNNN> in Simbad; Rob = Robertson (1974A&AS...15..261R), <Cl* NGC 330 Rob ANN> in Simbad; SW = Sebo & Wood (1994, Cat. J/AJ/108/932), <Cl* NGC 330 SW NNNN> in Simbad.
History: From electronic version of the journal
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