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J/AJ/132/2268       SAGE calibration stars                   (Meixner+, 2006)

Spitzer survey of the Large Magellanic Cloud: Surveying the Agents of a Galaxy's Evolution (SAGE). I. Overview and initial results. Meixner M., Gordon K.D., Indebetouw R., Hora J.L., Whitney B., Blum R., Reach W., Bernard J.-P., Meade M., Babler B., Engelbracht C.W., For B.-Q., Misselt K., Vijh U., Leitherer C., Cohen M., Churchwell E.B., Boulanger F., Frogel J.A., Fukui Y., Gallagher J., Gorjian V., Harris J., Kelly D., Kawamura A., Kim S., Latter W.B., Madden S., Markwick-Kemper C., Mizuno A., Mizuno N., Mould J., Nota A., Oey M.S., Olsen K., Onishi T., Paladini R., Panagia N., Perez-Gonzalez P., Shibai H., Sato S., Smith L., Staveley-Smith L., Tielens A.G.G.M., Ueta T., Dyk S.V., Volk K., Werner M., Zaritsky D. <Astron. J., 132, 2268-2288 (2006)> =2006AJ....132.2268M
ADC_Keywords: Surveys ; Stars, nearby ; Photometry, infrared Keywords: dust, extinction - ISM: general - Magellanic Clouds - stars: AGB and post-AGB - stars: formation - stars: mass loss - supergiants - surveys Abstract: We are performing a uniform and unbiased imaging survey of the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC; ∼7°x7°) using the IRAC (3.6, 4.5, 5.8, and 8um) and MIPS (24, 70, and 160um) instruments on board the Spitzer Space Telescope in the Surveying the Agents of a Galaxy's Evolution (SAGE) survey, these agents being the interstellar medium (ISM) and stars in the LMC. This paper provides an overview of the SAGE Legacy project, including observing strategy, data processing, and initial results. The observing strategy includes two epochs in 2005, separated by 3 months, that both mitigate instrumental artifacts and constrain source variability. The SAGE data are nonproprietary. The data processing includes IRAC and MIPS pipelines and a database for mining the point-source catalogs, which will be released to the community in support of Spitzer proposal cycles 4 and 5. We present initial results on the epoch 1 data for a region near N79 and N83. The MIPS 70 and 160um images of the diffuse dust emission of the N79/N83 region reveal a similar distribution to the gas emissions, especially the HI 21cm emission. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table3.dat 118 138 SAGE calibration stars for the IRAC photometry
See also: III/135 : Henry Draper Catalogue and Extension (Cannon+ 1918-1924; ADC 1989) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table3.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 2 A2 --- --- [HD] 3- 8 I6 --- HD HD number 10- 17 F8.5 deg RAdeg Right Ascension in decimal degrees (J2000) 19- 27 F9.5 deg DEdeg Declination in decimal degrees (J2000) 29- 34 F6.3 mag Jmag 2MASS J band magnitude 36- 41 F6.3 mag Hmag 2MASS H band magnitude 43- 48 F6.3 mag Kmag 2MASS Ks band magnitude 50- 54 F5.3 mag e_Jmag Error in Jmag 56- 60 F5.3 mag e_Hmag Error in Hmag 62- 66 F5.3 mag e_Kmag Error in Kmag 68- 73 F6.3 mag 3.6mag Spitzer/IRAC 3.6 micron band magnitude 75- 79 F5.3 mag e_3.6mag Error in 3.6mag 81- 86 F6.3 mag 4.5mag Spitzer/IRAC 4.5 micron band magnitude 88- 92 F5.3 mag e_4.5mag Error in 4.5mag 94- 99 F6.3 mag 5.8mag Spitzer/IRAC 5.8 micron band magnitude 101-105 F5.3 mag e_5.8mag Error in 5.8mag 107-112 F6.3 mag 8.0mag Spitzer/IRAC 8.0 micron band magnitude 114-118 F5.3 mag e_8.0mag Error in 8.0mag
History: From electronic version of the journal
(End) Greg Schwarz [AAS], Patricia Vannier [CDS] 25-Jul-2008
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