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J/AJ/128/245    M giant stars in the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy  (Majewski+, 2004)

A Two Micron All Sky Survey view of the Sagittarius dwarf galaxy. II. Swope telescope spectroscopy of M giant stars in the dynamically cold Sagittarius tidal stream. Majewski S.R., Kunkel W.E., Law D.R., Patterson R.J., Polak A.A., Rocha-Pinto H.J., Crane J.D., Frinchaboy P.M., Hummels C.B., Johnston K.V., Rhee J., Skrutskie M.F., Weinberg M. <Astron. J., 128, 245-259 (2004)> =2004AJ....128..245M
ADC_Keywords: Stars, giant ; Stars, M-type; Photometry, infrared ; Radial velocities Keywords: galaxies: individual (Sagittarius) - Galaxy: evolution - Galaxy: halo - Galaxy: structure - stars: kinematics - techniques: spectroscopic Abstract: We have obtained moderate resolution (∼6km/s) spectroscopy of several hundred M giant candidates selected from Two Micron All Sky Survey photometry (Cat. II/246). Radial velocities are presented for stars mainly in the southern Galactic hemisphere, and the primary targets have Galactic positions consistent with association to the tidal tail system of the Sagittarius (Sgr) dwarf galaxy. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table3.dat 94 284 M Giants with radial velocity data
See also: II/246 : 2MASS All-Sky Catalog of Point Sources (Cutri+ 2003) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table3.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 14 A14 --- Name Object name, based on J2000 position (1) 16- 20 F5.2 mag Ksmag Dereddened Ks magnitude 22- 25 F4.2 mag J-Ks Dereddened (J-Ks) color (2) 27- 30 F4.2 mag E(B-V) Adopted (B-V) color excess 32- 36 F5.1 deg GLON Paper I (2003ApJ...599.1082M) galactic longitude 38- 42 F5.1 deg GLAT Paper I (2003ApJ...599.1082M) galactic latitude 44- 47 F4.1 kpc Dist Photometric parallax distance 49- 53 F5.1 deg Lambda The Sgr longitude as viewed from the Sun 55- 58 F4.1 kpc ZSgr Distance from best fit Sgr plane 60- 65 F6.1 km/s HRV Measured heliocentric radial velocity (3) 67- 72 F6.1 km/s VGSR Measured Galactic Standard of Rest radial velocity (3) 74- 77 F4.2 --- CCP Peak of the cross-correlation curve 79 I1 --- Qual Cross-correlation quality index 81- 93 A13 --- RVDate Date of radial velocity observation(s)
Note (1): Derived from the Equinox 2000.0 coordinates. These star names have been generated with our own software and may differ slightly from the official names for the stars in the 2MASS database due to differences in rounding the coordinates. Note (2): The dereddening procedure is described in Paper I (2003ApJ...599.1082M). Note (3): A Local Standard of Rest rotation velocity of 220km/s and a solar peculiar velocity of (u, v, w)=(-9, 12, 7)km/s are adopted.
History: From electronic version of the journal References: Majewsky et al. Paper I. 2003ApJ...599.1082M Majewski et al. Paper II. 2004AJ....128..245M Cat. J/AJ/128/245 Johnston et al. Paper III. 2005ApJ...619..800J Law et al. Paper IV. 2005ApJ...619..807L Chou et al. Paper V. 2007ApJ...670..346C Cat. J/ApJ/670/346 Chou et al. Paper VI. 2010ApJ...708.1290C Cat. J/ApJ/708/1290 Frinchaboy et al. Paper VII. 2012ApJ...756...74F Cat. J/ApJ/756/74
(End) Greg Schwarz [AAS], Marianne Brouty [CDS] 05-Oct-2005
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