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J/AJ/126/2922       Astrometry and membership in NGC 188     (Platais+, 2003)

WIYN open cluster study. XVII. Astrometry and membership to V=21 in NGC 188. Platais I., Kozhurina-platais V., Mathieu R.D., Girard T.M., Van Altena W.F. <Astron. J., 126, 2922-2935 (2003)> =2003AJ....126.2922P
ADC_Keywords: Clusters, open ; Proper motions ; Photometry, CCD Keywords: astrometry - open clusters and associations: individual (NGC 188) Abstract: We present techniques for obtaining precision astrometry using old photographic plates from assorted large-aperture reflectors in combination with recent CCD Mosaic Imager frames. At the core of this approach is a transformation of plate/CCD coordinates into a previously constructed astrometric reference frame around the open cluster NGC 188. Description: The astrometric reductions are based on 30 photographic plates taken with three different large reflectors in Johnson's BV bandpasses, combined with numerous CCD mosaic frames obtained with the Kitt Peak National Observatory (KPNO) Mayall 4m telescope (Table 1). File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table3.dat 137 7812 Catalog of positions, proper motions, and BV CCD photometry in the region of open cluster NGC 188
See also: J/AJ/124/601 : Absolute positions + proper motions in NGC 188 (Platais+, 2002) Table 1: Plates and CCD mosaic frames -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Telescope Latitude (deg) Plates Epoch Range Scale -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mount Wilson 60 inch 34.22 5B, 2V 1958-1959 27.1"/mm Hale 5 m 33.36 2B, 2V 1960 11.1"/mm KPNO 4 m 31.96 10B, 9V 1975-1979 18.6"/mm KPNO 4 m 31.96 26B, 81V 1998-2001 0.26"/pixel Byte-by-byte Description of file: table3.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 4 I4 --- PKM Object identifier, Cl* NGC 188 PKM NNNN 6- 15 F10.7 deg RAdeg Right Ascension expressed in decimal degrees ICRS, Ep=J2000 (1) 17- 26 F10.7 deg DEdeg Declination expressed in decimal degrees ICRS, Ep=J2000 (1) 28- 33 F6.2 mas/yr pmRA Proper motion in Right Ascension multiplied by cos(DE) (2) 35- 40 F6.2 mas/yr pmDE Proper motion in declination (2) 42- 45 F4.2 mas/yr e_pmRA Standard error in pmRA 47- 50 F4.2 mas/yr e_pmDE Standard error in pmDE 52- 53 I2 --- Num Initial number of photographic plates and CCD frames used for astrometry 55- 56 I2 --- o_pmRA Number of deleted datapoints in RA astrometric solution 58- 59 I2 --- o_pmDE Number of deleted datapoints in DE astrometric solution 61- 62 I2 % MProb ?=-1 Membership probability (3) 64- 69 F6.3 mag Vmag The CCD V band magnitude 71- 76 F6.3 mag B-V The (B-V) color index from CCD photometry (4) 78- 79 I2 --- o_Vmag Number of V CCD frames 81- 82 I2 --- o_Bmag Number of B CCD frames 84- 88 F5.3 mag e_Vmag Estimated standard deviation in V magnitude 90- 94 F5.3 mag e_Bmag Estimated standard deviation in B magnitude 96 A1 --- ICode [DG] Internal classification code (5) 98-101 I4 --- DGV ? Cross-identification with Dinescu et al., 1996AJ....111.1205D, Cl* NGC 188 DGV NNNN 103-109 A7 --- S62 Cross-identification with Sandage, 1962ApJ...135..333S, (6) 111-117 F7.2 yr epRA Mean epoch of RA position 119-123 F5.1 mas e_RAdeg Standard error in RA multiplied by cos(DE) 125-131 F7.2 yr epDE Mean epoch of DE position 133-137 F5.1 mas e_DEdeg Standard error in DE
Note (1): For the epoch 2000.0 degrees and in the ICRS reference system (i.e. equinox J2000.0). Note (2): A proper motion equal to exact zero in both coordinates is set for extremely poor measurements. Note (3): -1 = the probability has not been calculated. Note (4): -0.500 = unknown B-V. Note (5): Internal classification code: G = galaxy (only `astrometric' galaxies marked); D = visual binary with separation less than 5". Note (6): Simbad denominations: A: Cl* NGC 188 San A I-NNN: NGC 188 1NNN II-NNN: NGC 188 2NNN III-NNN: NGC 188 3NNN
History: From electronic version of the journal von Hippel et al., Pap I 1998AJ....116.1789V Sarajedini, et al., Pap II 1999AJ....118.2894S Sarajedini, Pap III 1999AJ....118.2321S Sarajedini et al., Pap IV 1999AJ....118.2894S Barrado Pap V 2001ApJ...549..452B Sills & Deliyannis, Pap VI 2000ApJ...544..944S Platais et al., Pap VII 2001AJ....122.1486P, Cat. J/AJ/122/1486 Platais et al., Pap VIII 2002AJ....124..601P, Cat. J/AJ/124/601 Stassun et al., Pap IX 2002A&A...382..899S, Cat. J/A+A/382/899 Grocholski & Sarajedini, Pap X 2002AJ....123.1603G von Hippel et al., Pap XI 2002AJ....124.1555V Deliyannis et al., Pap XII 2002ApJ...577L..39D Barnes Pap XIII 2003ApJ...586..464B Barnes Pap XIV 2003ApJ...586L.145B Kafka & Honeycutt, Pap XV 2003AJ....126..276K Grocholski & Sarajedini, Pap XVI 2003MNRAS.345.1015G Mathieu et al., Pap XVIII 2004ApJ...602L.121M Sarajedini, et al., Pap XIX 2004AJ....127..991S Kafka et al., Pap XX 2004AJ....127.1622K Steinhauer & Deliyannis, Pap XXI 2004ApJ...614L..65S Meibom & Mathieu, Pap XXII 2005ApJ...620..970M von Hippel et al., Pap XXIII 2006ApJ...645.1436V Hole et al. Pap XXIV 2009AJ....138..159H, Cat. J/AJ/138/159 James et al., Pap XXV Platais et al., Pap XXVI 2007A&A...461..509P, Cat. J/A+A/461/509 Kafka et al., Pap XXVII Giampapa et al., Pap XXVIII 2006ApJ...651..444G Meibom et al., Pap XXIX 2006ApJ...653..621M Jeffery et al., Pap XXX 2007ApJ...658..391J Meibom et al., Pap XXXI 2007ApJ...665L.155M Geller et al., Pap XXXII 2008AJ....135.2264G, Cat. J/AJ/135/2264 Yadav et al., Pap XXXIII 2008A&A...484..609Y, Cat. J/A+A/484/609 Meibom et al., Pap XXXIV 2009ApJ...695..679M, Cat. J/ApJ/695/679 Platais et al., Pap XXXV 2008MNRAS.391.1482P, Cat. J/MNRAS/391/1482 Geller et al., Pap XXXVI 2009AJ....137.3743G, Cat. J/AJ/137/3743 Meibom et al., Pap XXXVII 2009AJ....137.5086M, Cat. J/AJ/137/5086 Geller et al., Pap XXXVIII 2010AJ....139.1383G, Cat. J/AJ/139/1383 Anthony-Twarog et al., Pap XXXIX 2010AJ....139.2034A, Cat. J/AJ/139/2034 Sarajedini et al., Pap XL 2009ApJ...698.1872S Chumak et al., Pap XLI 2010MNRAS.402.1841C Casetti-Dinescu et al., Pap XLII 2010AJ....139.1889C James et al., Pap XLIII 2010A&A...515A.100J, Cat. J/A+A/515/A100 Platais et al., Pap XLIV 2011MNRAS.413.1024P, Cat. J/MNRAS/413/1024 Meibom et al., Pap XLV 2011ApJ...733..115M, Cat. J/ApJ/733/115 Platais et al., Pap XLVI 2011ApJ...733L...1P Gosnell et al., Pap XLVII 2012ApJ...745...57G Geller & Mathieu Pap XLVIII 2012AJ....144...54G Platais et al., Pap XLIX 2012ApJ...751L...8P Cummings et al., Pap L 2012AJ....144..137C Geller et al., Pap LI 2013AJ....145....8G Yang et al., Pap LII 2013ApJ...762....3Y Sandquist et al., Pap LIII 2013ApJ...762...58S Anthony-Twarog, Pap LIV 2013ApJ...767L..19A Platais et al., Pap LV 2013AJ....146...43P, Cat. J/AJ/146/43 Pap LVI Maderak et al., Pap LVII 2013AJ....146..143M Pap LVIII Tofflemire et al., Pap LIX 2014AJ....148...61T, Cat. J/AJ/148/61 Milliman et al., Pap LX 2014AJ....148...38M, Cat. J/AJ/148/38 Anthony-Twarog et al., Pap LXI 2014AJ....148...51A, Cat. J/AJ/148/51 Thompson et al., Pap LXII 2014AJ....148...85T, Cat. J/AJ/148/85 Maderak et al., Pap LXIII 2015AJ....149..141M Pap LXIV Lee-Brown et al., Pap LXV 2015AJ....149..121L, Cat. J/AJ/149/121 Leiner et al., Pap LXVI 2015AJ....150...10L, Cat. J/AJ/150/10 Geller et al. Pap LXVII 2015AJ....150...97G, cat. J/AJ/150/97 Pap LXVIII Pap LXIX Pap LXX Milliman et al., Pap LXXI 2016AJ....151..152M, cat. J/AJ/151/152 Anthony-Twarog et al., Pap LXXII 2016AJ....152..192A, cat. J/AJ/152/192
(End) Greg Schwarz [AAS], Patricia Vannier [CDS] 12-Jan-2004
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