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J/AJ/116/1922       CaII H and K filter photometry III.  (Anthony-Twarog+, 1998)

Ca II H and K photometry on the uvby system. III. The metallicity calibration for the red giants. Anthony-Twarog B.J., Twarog B.A. <Astron. J. 116, 1922 (1998)> =1998AJ....116.1922A (SIMBAD/NED BibCode)
ADC_Keywords: Photometry, uvby ; Stars, population II Keywords: stars: abundances - stars: Population II - techniques: photometric Abstract: New photometry on the uvby Ca system is presented for over 300 stars. When combined with previous data, the sample is used to calibrate the metallicity dependence of the hk index for cooler, evolved stars. The metallicity scale is based upon the standardized merger of spectroscopic abundances from 38 studies since 1983, providing an overlap of 122 evolved stars with the photometric catalog. The hk index produces reliable abundances for stars in the [Fe/H] range from -0.8 to -3.4, losing sensitivity among cooler stars due to saturation effects at higher [Fe/H], as expected. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table1.dat 93 302 New CTIO 1 meter photometry
See also: J/AJ/109/2828 : CaII H and K filter photometry II. (Twarog+ 1995) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table1.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 12 A12 --- Star HD or BD name 14- 19 F6.3 mag Vmag V magnitude 21- 25 F5.3 mag b-y b-y colour index 27- 32 F6.3 mag m1 ? m1 colour index 34- 38 F5.3 mag c1 ? c1 colour index 40- 44 F5.3 mag hk hk [(Ca-b) - (b-y)] colour index 46- 50 F5.3 mag e_Vmag rms uncertainty on Vmag 52- 56 F5.3 mag e_b-y rms uncertainty on b-y 58- 62 F5.3 mag e_m1 ? rms uncertainty on m1 64- 68 F5.3 mag e_c1 ? rms uncertainty on c1 70- 74 F5.3 mag e_hk rms uncertainty on hk 76- 77 I2 --- o_Vmag Number of nights on which V, b-y and hk were observed 79- 80 I2 --- o_m1 Number of nights on which m1 and c1 were observed 82- 93 A12 --- Names Other names
History: From AJ electronic version References: Anthony-twarog et al., Paper I. 1991AJ....101.1902A Twarog & Anthony-twarog, Paper II. 1995AJ....109.2828T, Cat. J/AJ/109/2828
(End) James Marcout, Patricia Bauer [CDS] 09-Mar-1999
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