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J/AJ/109/1363       Occultations of stars by asteroids 1995-96 (Wasserman+ 1995)

Occultations of stars by asteroids in 1995 and 1996. Wasserman L.H., Millis R.L., Bowell E. <Astron. J. 109, 1363 (1995)> =1995AJ....109.1363W (SIMBAD/NED BibCode)
ADC_Keywords: Minor planets ; Occultations ; Ephemerides Abstract: Predictions, based on a computerized comparison of asteroid ephemerides with the catalog positions of 567,500 stars, are given for 155 occultations of stars by asteroids in 1995 and 1996. On average, the predictions are expected to be more accurate than in earlier searches because of the use of more modern star catalogs. A number of very favorable occultations, visible in North Armerica and elsewhere, are discussed. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table 174 155 Asteroid occultations in 1995 and 1996
See also: B/astorb : Orbits of Minor Planets J/AJ/119/2008 : 10199 Chariklo stellar occultation: 1999-2005 (Stone+, 2000) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 3 I3 --- No Asteroid number 5- 14 A10 --- Name Asteroid name 16- 26 A11 --- Star Star name 28- 31 I4 yr OCCy Occulataion date (year) 33- 34 I2 --- OCCm Occulation date (month) 36- 42 F7.4 d OCCd Occulation date (day) 44- 48 A5 --- Orbit Orbit reference (1) 50- 53 F4.2 --- Q Q parameter (2) 55- 58 F4.1 mag Vmag Asteroid V magnitude 60- 63 F4.1 mag Bmag Asteroid B magnitude 65- 68 F4.1 mag mStar Star magnitude 70- 73 F4.2 mag Dmag Predicted fractional drop in the combined brightness of the two objects at occultation 74 A1 --- n_Dmag [BV] Note on Dmag (3) 76- 77 I2 h RAh Star right ascension (J2000.0) 79- 80 I2 min RAm Star right ascension (J2000.0) 82- 87 F6.3 s RAs Star right ascension (J2000.0) 89 A1 --- DE- Declination sign 90- 91 I2 deg DEd Star declination (J2000.0) 93- 94 I2 arcmin DEm Star declination (J2000.0) 96-100 F5.2 arcsec DEs Star declination (J2000.0) 102-104 I3 s Dur Duration of the occultation 106-108 I3 km Diam Estimated diameter of the asteroid 110-112 I3 deg ElongS Solar elongation of the star 114-116 I3 % Moon Percent of the Moon illuminated at the time of occultation 118-120 I3 deg ElongL Angular separation of the Moon to the target star 122-123 I2 --- Note [1/11]? Note (4) 125-174 A50 --- Loc Location
Note (1): References which are five digit numbers or numbers preceded by an M are from the corresponding Minor Planet Circular, those indicating a year, Preceded by L are from the Ephemerids of Minor Planets ephemerides of that year EG : orbits determined by E. Goffin ELGB : orbits from Tex Bowell B/astorb Note (2): Q is an indicator of the predictability of an occultation's ground track location (Millis & Elliot, 1979, in Asteroids, edited by T. Gehrels (University of Arizona Press, Tuscon), p. 98). Specifically, Q is twice the ratio of the 1σ uncertainty in the angular separation of the star and the asteroid at closest approach (assumed by convention to be 0.1arcsec) to the asteroid's angular diameter. Note (3): A B indicates that the magnitude of the star and the calculated depth of the occultation light curve pertain to the blue spectral region, a V to the visual region of the spectrum. Note (4): 1: Average of PPM and ACRS positions 2: Average of PPM and Lick Jupiter positions 3: Average of PPM, ACRS and Carlsberg positions 4: Average of PPM and Lick Uranus positions 5: Average of PPM, ACRS, Carlsberg and Lick Neptune positions 6: Average of PPM and Lick Neptune positions 7: Average of PPM and Carlsberg positions 8: Average of PPM, Carlsberg, and Lick Neptune positions 9: Average of PPM, ACRS and Lick Uranus positions 10: Average of PPM and Lick Saturn positions 11: Average of PPM, ACRS and Lick Jupiter positions
History: Prepared via OCR at CDS.
(End) James Marcout, Patricia Bauer [CDS] 29-Jul-1997
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