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J/AJ/101/1561   Isophotometry of ellipticals in Abell clusters    (Porter+ 1991)

CCD observations of Abell clusters. V. Isophotometry of 175 brightest elliptical galaxies in Abell clusters PORTER A.C., SCHNEIDER D.P., HOESSEL J.G. <Astron. J. 101, 1561 (1991)> =1991AJ....101.1561P
ADC_Keywords: Clusters, galaxy; Photometry, CCD Keywords: galaxies: clustering - galaxies: isophotometry - galaxies: elliptical Notes: * The original file is in TeX form with a macro file. Conversion from TeX to ASCII form is made by H.Andernach. * The number of entries of table1 is 176 because a cD galaxy NGC4874 is included after the brightest cluster elliptical of A1656 (see paper p1576). * "BCE" stands for "brightest cluster elliptical(s)". File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . this file table1 63 176 isophotometry of BCE tb1.tex 97 268 TeX file of Table 1 macro.tex 85 98 macro file for tb1.tex
Historical notes: The catalogue was provided by courtesy of A.C.Porter to H. Andernach; it was numbered A152 in H. Andernach's "List of Astronomical Catalogues and Documents kindly provided on request by various authors" 16-Apr-1994: First archived. (The date of the latest archiving, see the date of each file.) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table1
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1 A1 --- NGC [N] 'N' denotes that the following number is of NGC; in other case (' '), is of Abell 2- 5 I4 --- ABELL [0,] Abell cluster number * If NGC='N' then NGC number 7- 13 F7.4 --- Z redshift of the BCE 16- 19 F4.2 arcsec SEEING [0,] FWHM of the seeing in the CCD image 22- 25 F4.2 --- E4 [0,1]? ellipticity for semimajor axis of 4 kpc * Blank space means the BCE was not observed at that radius, or the isophoto was discarded (see paper p1576r) 28- 31 F4.2 --- E16 [0,1]? above of 16 kpc 34- 37 F4.2 --- E64 [0,1]? above of 64 kpc 40- 42 I3 deg PA4 [0,360[? position angle of the major-axis of 4 kpc (see E4 above) 45- 47 I3 deg PA16 [-8/352]? above of 16 kpc 50- 52 I3 deg PA64 [0,360[? above of 64 kpc 54- 57 A4 --- decr_E [cpxe"~<>0 ] if ellipticity decreasing outwards anywhere in its profile: e" = 2nd outward derivative of E, ∼ = nearly equal, cpx = complex 59 A1 --- const_E [Y] 'Y' denotes constant ellipticity 61 A1 --- TWIST [Y] 'Y' denotes significant isophoto twisting 63 A1 --- ASYM [Y] 'Y' denotes significant asymmetry

(End) Koichi Nakajima [CDS] 07-Dec-1993
The document above follows the rules of the Standard Description for Astronomical Catalogues.From this documentation it is possible to generate f77 program to load files into arrays or line by line

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