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J/A+AS/130/215             Effective temperatures of Ap stars    (Sokolov, 1998)

Effective temperatures of Ap stars. Sokolov N.A. <Astron. Astrophys. Suppl. Ser. 130, 215 (1998)> =1998A&AS..130..215S
ADC_Keywords: Stars, peculiar ; Effective temperatures Keywords: stars: chemically peculiar - stars: fundamental parameters Abstract: A new method of determination of the effective temperatures of Ap stars is proposed. The method is based on the fact that the slopes of the energy distribution in the Balmer continuum near the Balmer jump for "normal" main sequence stars and Ap stars with the same effective temperature are identical. The effective temperature calibration is based on a sample of main sequence stars with well known temperatures (Sokolov, 1995, Cat. J/A+AS/110/553). File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table1.dat 62 68 Effective temperatures of Ap stars
See also: III/162 : General Catalogue of Ap and Am stars (Renson+ 1991) III/199 : Observed Periods of Ap and Bp stars (Catalano+ 1998) J/A+AS/110/553 : Teff for B, A and F main sequence stars (Sokolov, 1995) J/A+AS/121/57 : Ap stars periodicity (Catalano+ 1997) J/A+AS/127/201 : Variations of Ap stars in the Geneva system (Manfroid+ 1998) J/A+AS/128/573 : ubvyΔa photometry of Renson stars (Maitzen+ 1998) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table1.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 6 I6 --- HD HD (Cat. III/135) number 8- 18 A11 --- Name The name of the star 20- 25 A6 --- Pec Peculiarity according to General Catalogue of Ap and Am stars (Renson et al. 1991, Cat. III/162). 27- 29 I3 --- n(vis) Number of the visual scans 31- 35 I5 K Te(Fu) Effective temperature from the slope of the Balmer continuum 37 A1 --- n_Te(Fu) [*] Note on Te(Fu) (1) 39- 42 I4 K e_Te(Fu) rms uncertainty on temperature 44- 48 I5 K Te(IRFM) ? Effective temperature from total flux 50 I1 --- Ref ? References on Te(IRFM) (2) 52- 56 I5 K Te(S+D) ? Effective temperature from Stepien and Dominiczak (1989A&A...219..197S) 58- 62 I5 K Te(B2-G) ? Effective temperature from (B2-G) color index of Geneva photometry
Note (1): An asterisk following Te(Fu) means that this data was computed from energy distribution of the Pulkovo spectrophotometric catalog of bright stars (Alekseeva et al., 1996BaltA...5..603A) Note (2): References as follows: 1 = Shallis & Blackwell (1979A&A....79...48S) 2 = Shallis et al. (1985MNRAS.213..307S) 3 = Megessier (1988A&AS...72..551M) 4 = Glushneva (1987AZh....64..601G) 5 = Underhill et al. (1979MNRAS.189..601U)
Acknowledgements: Nikolay Sokolov
(End) Patricia Bauer [CDS] 09-Jul-1999
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