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J/A+A/607/A103      Main-belt asteroids polarimetry. VI.     (Gil-Hutton+, 2017)

Polarimetric survey of main-belt asteroids. VI. New results from the second epoch of the CASLEO survey. Gil-Hutton R., Garcia-Migani E. <Astron. Astrophys. 607, A103 (2017)> =2017A&A...607A.103G (SIMBAD/NED BibCode)
ADC_Keywords: Minor planets ; Polarization Keywords: minor planets, asteroids: general - techniques: polarimetric Abstract: We present the results of a polarimetric survey of main-belt asteroids at Complejo Astronomico El Leoncito (CASLEO), San Juan, Argentina. The aims of this survey are to increase the database of asteroid polarimetry and to estimate the diversity in the polarimetric properties of asteroids that belong to different taxonomic classes. The data were obtained using the CASPOL polarimeter at the 2.15 m telescope. CASPOL is a polarimeter based on a CCD detector and a Savart plate. The survey began in 1995 and data on a large sample of asteroids were obtained until 2012. A second period began in 2013 using a polarimeter with a more sensitive detector in order to study small asteroids, families, and special taxonomic groups. We present and analyze the unpublished results for 128 asteroids of different taxonomic types, 55 of them observed for the first time. The observational data allowed us to find probable new cases of Barbarian objects but also two D-type objects, (565) Marbachia and (1481) Tubingia, that seem to have phase-polarization curves with a large inversion angle. The data obtained combined with data from the literature enabled us to find phase-polarization curves for 121 objects of different taxonomic types and to study the relations between several polarimetric and physical parameters. Using an approximation for the phase-polarization curve we found the index of refraction of the surface material and the scatter separation distance for all the objects with known polarimetric parameters. We also found that the inversion angle is a function of the index of refraction of the surface, while the phase angle where the minimum of polarization is produced provides information about the distance between scatter particles or, to some extent, the porosity of the surface. Description: Results of the second epoch of the polarimetric survey of main-belt objects at Complejo Astronomico El Leoncito (CASLEO), San Juan, Argentina. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table1.dat 79 171 Polarimetric data for the asteroids observed table2.dat 86 121 Values of n and kd for asteroids
See also: B/astorb : Orbits of Minor Planets (Bowell+ 2014) J/A+A/539/A115 : Main-belt asteroids polarimetry. II. (Gil-Hutton+, 2012) J/A+A/542/A11 : Main-belt asteroids polarimetry. III (Canada-Assandri+, 2012) J/A+A/569/A122 : Main-belt asteroids polarimetry. IV (Gil-Hutton+, 2014) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table1.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 22 A22 --- Name Asteroid name 24- 33 A10 "date" Obs.Date UT observation date 35- 38 I4 s Tint Total integration time 40- 43 F4.1 deg alpha Phase angle 45- 49 F5.1 deg thetasun Position angle of the scattering plane 51- 54 F4.2 % P Observed polarization 56- 59 F4.2 % e_P Error in observed polarization 61- 65 F5.1 deg theta Position angle in the equatorial reference frame 67- 70 F4.1 deg e_theta Error in position angle in the equatorial reference frame 72- 76 F5.2 % Pr Reduced polarization 78- 79 A2 --- Tax Bus taxonomic classification
Byte-by-byte Description of file: table2.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 22 A22 --- Name Asteroid name 23- 27 F5.2 deg alphamin Phase angle of the minimum of the phase-polarization curve 29- 32 F4.2 deg e_alphamin Error in phase angle of the minimum of the phase-polarization curve 34- 39 F6.3 % Pmin Minimum of the phase-polarization curve 41- 45 F5.3 % e_Pmin Error in the minimum of the phase-polarization curve 47- 51 F5.2 deg alpha0 Inversion angle 53- 56 F4.2 deg e_alpha0 Error in inversion angle 58- 63 F6.4 %/deg h Slope at the inversion angle 65- 70 F6.4 %/deg e_h Error in slope at the inversion angle 72- 76 F5.3 --- n Refractive index 78- 83 F6.3 --- kd Wave number times the scatter separation 85- 86 A2 --- Tax Bus taxonomic classification
Acknowledgements: Ricardo Gil-Hutton, ricardo.gil-hutton(at) GCP, FCEFN, UNSJ-CONICET, Argentina References: Gil-Hutton & Canada-Assandri, Paper I 2011A&A...529A..86G Gil-Hutton & Canada-Assandri, Paper II 2012A&A...539A.115G Cat. J/A+A/539/A115 Canada-Assandri et al. , Paper III 2012A&A...542A..11C Cat. J/A+A/542/A11 Gil-Hutton et al., Paper IV 2014A&A...569A.122G Cat. J/A+A/569/A122 Gil-Hutton et al., Paper V 2017A&A...599A.114G
(End) R. Gil-Hutton [UNSJ-CONICET, Argentina], P. Vannier [CDS] 12-Oct-2017
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