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J/A+A/605/L11       YZ Ceti radial velocity curve       (Astudillo-Defru+, 2017)

The HARPS search for southern extra-solar planets. XLII. A system of Earth-mass planets around the nearby M dwarf YZ Ceti. Astudillo-Defru N., Diaz R.F., Bonfils X., Almenara J.M., Delisle J.-B., Bouchy F., Delfosse X., Forveille T., Lovis C., Mayor M., Murgas F., Pepe F., Santos N.C., Segransan D., Udry S., Wunsche A. <Astron. Astrophys. 605, L11 (2017)> =2017A&A...605L..11A (SIMBAD/NED BibCode)
ADC_Keywords: Stars, double and multiple ; Planets ; Radial velocities Keywords: stars: individual: YZ Cet - planetary systems - stars: late-type - technique: radial velocities Abstract: Exoplanet surveys have shown that systems with multiple low-mass planets on compact orbits are common. Except for a few cases, however, the masses of these planets are generally unknown. At the very end of the main sequence, host stars have the lowest mass and hence offer the largest reflect motion for a given planet. In this context, we monitored the low-mass (0.13M) M dwarf YZ Cet (GJ 54.1, HIP 5643) intensively and obtained radial velocities and stellar-activity indicators derived from spectroscopy and photometry, respectively. We find strong evidence that it is orbited by at least three planets in compact orbits (Porb=1.97, 3.06, 4.66 days), with the inner two near a 2:3 mean-motion resonance. The minimum masses are comparable to the mass of Earth (Msini=0.75±0.13, 0.98±0.14, and 1.14±0.17M{earth}), and they are also the lowest masses measured by radial velocity so far. We note the possibility for a fourth planet with an even lower mass of Msini=0.472±0.096 Mearth at Porb=1.04-days. An n-body dynamical model is used to place further constraints on the system parameters. At 3.6 parsecs, YZ Cet is the nearest multi-planet system detected to date. Description: We acquired spectra with HARPS, a stabilized high-resolution spectrograph specifically designed to compute precise radial velocities. It is an ESO instrument installed at La Silla observatory. Objects: ------------------------------------------------- RA (2000) DE Designation(s) ------------------------------------------------- 01 12 30.64 -16 59 56.3 YZ Cet = V* YZ Cet ------------------------------------------------- File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file tableb4.dat 73 213 Radial velocities time series for YZ Cet
Byte-by-byte Description of file: tableb4.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 12 F12.6 d BJD Barycentric Julian date (BJD-2400000) 14- 21 F8.5 km/s RV Radial velocity 23- 29 F7.5 km/s sigma Radial velocity dispersion 31- 37 F7.5 km/s FWHM FWHM of the cross-correlation function 39- 46 F8.5 --- Contrast Contrast of the cross-correlation function 48- 56 F9.5 km/s BIS Bisector span of the cross-correlation function 58- 65 F8.5 --- S-index S-index 67- 73 F7.5 --- Ha Halpha index
Acknowledgements: Nicola Astudillo-Defru, nicola.astudillo(at) References: Pepe et al., Paper I 2004A&A...423..385P Santos et al., Paper II 2004A&A...426L..19S Lovis et al., Paper III 2005A&A...437.1121L Moutou et al., Paper IV 2005A&A...439..367M Udry et al., Paper V 2006A&A...447..361U Bonfils et al., Paper VI 2005A&A...443L..15B Lo Curto et al., Paper VII 2006A&A...451..345L Pepe et al., Paper VIII 2007A&A...462..769P Naef et al., Paper IX 2007A&A...470..721N Bonfils et al., Paper X 2007A&A...474..293B, Cat. J/A+A/474/293 Udry et al., Paper XI 2007A&A...469L..43U, Cat. J/A+A/469/L43 Santos et al., Paper XII 2007A&A...474..647S Mayor et al., Paper XIII 2009A&A...493..639M, Cat. J/A+A/493/639 Forveille et al., Paper XIV 2009A&A...493..645F, Cat. J/A+A/493/645 Moutou et al., Paper XV 2009A&A...496..513M, Cat. J/A+A/496/513 Correia et al., Paper XVI 2009A&A...496..521C, Cat. J/A+A/496/521 Bouchy et al., Paper XVII 2009A&A...496..527B, Cat. J/A+A/496/527 Mayor et al., Paper XVIII 2009A&A...507..487M, Cat. J/A+A/507/487 Correia et al., Paper XIX 2010A&A...511A..21C, Cat. J/A+A/511/A21 Hebrard et al., Paper XX 2010A&A...512A..46H, Cat. J/A+A/512/A46 Santos et al., Paper XXI 2010A&A...512A..47S, Cat. J/A+A/512/A47 Lo Curto et al., Paper XXII 2010A&A...512A..48L, Cat. J/A+A/512/A48 Naef et al., Paper XXIII 2010A&A...523A..15N, Cat. J/A+A/523/A15 Mordasini et al., Paper XXIV 2011A&A...526A.111M, Cat. J/A+A/526/A111 Santos et al., Paper XXV 2011A&A...526A.112S, Cat. J/A+A/526/A112 Forveille et al., Paper XXVI 2011A&A...526A.141F, Cat. J/A+A/526/A141 Moutou et al., Paper XXVII 2011A&A...527A..63M, Cat. J/A+A/527/A63 Lovis et al., Paper XXVIII 2011A&A...528A.112L, Cat. J/A+A/528/A112 Segransan et al., Paper XXIX 2011A&A...535A..54S Dumusque et al., Paper XXX 2011A&A...535A..55D, Cat. J/A+A/535/A55 Bonfils et al., Paper XXXI 2013A&A...549A.109B Lo Curto et al., Paper XXXII 2013A&A...551A..59L, Cat. J/A+A/551/A59 Delfosse et al., Paper XXXIII 2013A&A...553A...8D Bonfils et al., Paper XXXIV 2013A&A...556A.110B, Cat. J/A+A/556/A110 Santos et al., Paper XXXV 2014A&A...566A..35S, Cat. J/A+A/566/A35 Astudillo-Defru et al., Paper XXXVI 2015A&A...575A.119A, Cat. J/A+A/575/A119 Moutou et al., Paper XXXVII 2015A&A...576A..48M, Cat. J/A+A/576/A48 Diaz et al., Paper XXXVIII 2016A&A...585A.134D, Cat. J/A+A/585/A134 Mortier et al., Paper XXXIX 2016A&A...585A.135M, Cat. J/A+A/585/A135 Faria et al., Paper XL 2016A&A...589A..25F Astudillo-Defru et al. Paper XLI 2017A&A...602A..88A, Cat. J/A+A/602/A88
(End) Patricia Vannier [CDS] 31-Aug-2017
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