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J/A+A/566/A43       EPOCH Project. EROS-2 LMC periodic variables    (Kim+, 2014)

The EPOCH Project: I. Periodic Variable Stars in the EROS-2 LMC Database. Kim D.-W., Protopapas P., Bailer-Jones C.A.L., Byun Y.-I., Chang S.-W., Marquette J.-B., Shin M.-S. <Astron. Astrophys. 566, A43 (2014)> =2014A&A...566A..43K
ADC_Keywords: Magellanic Clouds ; Surveys ; Stars, variable ; Photometry, CCD ; Photometry, 102, 65, 62 Keywords: stars: variables: general - Magellanic Clouds - methods: data analysis Abstract: The EPOCH (EROS-2 periodic variable star classification using machine learning) project aims to detect periodic variable stars in the EROS-2 light curve database. In order to classify these variables, we first build a training set by compiling known variables in the Large Magellanic Could area from the OGLE and MACHO surveys. We crossmatch these variables with the EROS-2 sources and extract 22 variability features from 28,392 light curves of the corresponding EROS-2 sources. We then use Random Forests to classify the EROS-2 sources in the training set. We design the model to separate not only Delta Scuti stars, RR Lyraes, Cepheids, eclipsing binaries and long-period variables, the "superclasses", but also their subclasses, such as RRab, RRc, RRd and RRe for RR Lyraes, and similarly for the other variable types. We apply the trained model to the entire EROS-2 LMC database containing about 29 million sources and find 117,234 periodic variable candidates. Out of these 117,234 periodic variables, 55,285 have not been discovered by either OGLE or MACHO variability studies. This set comprises 1906 Delta Scuti stars, 6,607 RR Lyraes, 638 Cepheids, 178 Type II Cepheids, 34,562 eclipsing binaries and 11,394 long-period variables. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table2.dat 144 150115 EROS-2 periodic variable stars in LMC
See also: II/247 : Variable Stars in the Large Magellanic Clouds (MACHO, 2001) J/AcA/49/223 : BVI photometry of OGLE LMC Cepheids (Udalski+, 1999) J/AcA/50/307 : OGLE LMC BVI photometry (Udalski+, 2000) J/AcA/53/93 : OGLE RR Lyrae in LMC (Soszynski+, 2003) J/AcA/58/163 : VI light curves of LMC classical Cepheids (Soszynski+, 2008) J/AcA/58/293 : Type-II and anomalous Cepheids in LMC (Soszynski+, 2008) J/AcA/59/1 : VI light curves of LMC RR Lyrae stars (Soszynski+, 2009) J/AcA/59/239 : VI light curves of LMC long-period variables (Soszynski+, 2009) J/AcA/59/335 : VI light curves of LMC R CBr stars (Soszynski+, 2009) J/AcA/60/1 : VI light curves of LMC delta Scuti stars (Poleski+, 2010) J/AcA/60/179 : VI light curves of LMC double periodic variables (Poleski+ 2010) J/AcA/61/103 : VI light curves of LMC eclipsing binaries (Szymanski+, 2011) J/A+A/303/137 : EROS Variables: Cepheids in the bar of LMC (Beaulieu+ 1995) J/A+A/377/945 : Variability and spectra of LMC giants (Cioni+ 2001) J/A+A/495/249 : EROS-2 beat Cepheids in Magellanic Clouds (Marquette+, 2009) J/A+A/536/A60 : EROS-2 Long Period Variables in LMC (Spano+, 2011) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table2.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 12 A12 --- EROS-ID EROS ID, lmNNNNaNNNNN (EROS2-star lmNNN-Na-NNNNN in Simbad) 14- 21 F8.5 deg RAdeg Right Ascension (J2000) 23- 31 F9.5 deg DEdeg Declination (J2000) 33- 37 F5.2 mag B-R [-2.2/4.5] EROS B-R colour index 39- 43 F5.2 mag Bmag [12.8/21.8] EROS B magnitude 45- 55 F11.6 d Per [0.05/4806] Period 57- 62 F6.2 --- S/N [6/144] Signal-to-noise ratio of the period 64- 69 F6.4 --- Prob [0.1/1] Estimated Vclass probability 71- 85 A15 --- Vclass Variable class determined by this work 87- 92 A6 --- Oclass OGLE variable superclass (1) 94-104 A11 --- O.Class OGLE variable subclass (2) 106-125 A20 --- OGLEID OGLE ID, OGLE-LMC-AAAAA-NNN (2) 127-139 A13 --- MACHOID MACHO ID, NN.NNNN.NNN (3) 141-144 A4 --- Mclass MACHO variable class (1)
Note (1): OGLE variable superclasses or MACHO classes are: EB = eclipsing binaries LPV = Long-period variables RRL = RR-Lyrae variables CEPH = classical Cepheids T2CEPH = type-II Cepheids Note (2): crossmatched with the OGLE variables from Soszynski et al. (2008AcA....58..163S, Cat. J/AcA/58/163) and its series of papers. (ORASG stands for "OGLE Small Amplitude Red Giants"). Note (3): crossmatched with the MACHO variables from the CDS catalog II/247.
Acknowledgements: Dae-Won Kim, kim(at)
(End) D.-W. Kim [Max-Planck Inst. for Astron.], P. Vannier [CDS] 25-Mar-2014
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