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J/A+A/529/A86     Polarimetric survey of main-belt asteroids (Gil-Hutton+, 2011)

Polarimetric survey of main-belt asteroids. I. Results for fifty seven S-, L-, and K-type objects. Gil-Hutton G., M. Canada-Assandri M. <Astron. Astrophys. 529, A86 (2011)> =2011A&A...529A..86G
ADC_Keywords: Minor planets ; Polarization Keywords: minor planets, asteroids: general - techniques: polarimetric Abstract: We present the first results of a polarimetric survey of main-belt asteroids at Complejo Astronomico El Leoncito (Casleo), San Juan, Argentina. The aims of this survey are to increase the database of asteroid polarimetry, to estimate diversity in polarimetric properties of asteroids that belong to different taxonomic classes, and to search for objects that exhibit anomalous polarimetric properties, similar to those shown by the asteroid (234) Barbara. The data were obtained with the Torino and CASPROF polarimeters at the 2.15m telescope. The Torino polarimeter is an instrument that allows the simultaneous measurement of polarization in five different bands, and the CASPROF polarimeter is a two-hole aperture polarimeter with rapid modulation. Description: Results for the objects observed during the polarimetric survey of main-belt asteroids. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file objects.dat 64 57 Asteroid fundamental parameters table1.dat 75 82 Asteroids observed with the CASPROF polarimeter table2.dat 75 54 Asteroids observed with the Torino polarimeter
See also: B/astorb : Orbits of Minor Planets (Bowell+ 2009) J/A+A/498/313 : Photometry of 3 main belt asteroids (Marciniak+, 2009) J/A+A/508/1503 : Photometry of 3 main belt asteroids (Marciniak+, 2009) J/A+A/539/A115 : Main-belt asteroids polarimetric survey II (Gil-Hutton+, 2012) Byte-by-byte Description of file: objects.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 4 I4 --- Ast Asteroid number 6- 16 A11 --- Name Asteroid name 18- 22 F5.2 mag H Absolute magnitude H parameter (1) 24- 28 F5.1 km Diam ? IRAS diameter (1) 30- 38 F9.6 deg i Inclination (1) 40- 49 F10.8 --- e Eccentricity (1) 51- 60 F10.8 AU a Semimajor axis (1) 62 A1 --- T1 [1]? Indicates CASPROF observations in table1.dat 64 A1 --- T2 [2]? Indicates Torino observations in table2.dat
Note (1): Data from The Asteroid Orbital Elements Database, Cat. B/astorb.
Byte-by-byte Description of file: table1.dat table2.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 4 I4 --- Ast Asteroid number 6- 16 A11 --- Name Asteroid name 18- 27 A10 "YYYY-MM-DD" Date Observation UT date 29 A1 --- Band [VR] Observing band 31- 34 I4 s Tint Total integration time 36- 39 F4.1 deg theta Phase angle 41- 45 F5.1 deg PAsun Position angle of the scattering plane 47- 50 F4.2 % Pol Linear polarization 52- 55 F4.2 % e_Pol Error in linear polarization 57- 61 F5.1 deg PA Position angle of polarization in the equatorial reference frame 63- 66 F4.1 deg e_PA Error in position angle in the equatorial reference frame 68- 72 F5.2 % rPol Reduced linear polarization 74- 75 A2 --- Tax Bus taxonomic classification.
Acknowledgements: Ricardo Gil-Hutton, rgilhutton(at)
(End) Ricardo Gil-Hutton [CASLEO, Argentina], Patricia Vannier [CDS] 08-Mar-2011
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