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J/A+A/528/A92   HERES VI. Galactic chemical evolution of Si and C (Zhang+, 2011)

The Hamburg/ESO R-process Enhanced Star survey (HERES). VI. The Galactic chemical evolution of silicon. Zhang L., Karlsson T., Christlieb N., Korn A.J., Barklem P.S., Zhao G. <Astron. Astrophys., 528, A92 (2011)> =2011A&A...528A..92Z
ADC_Keywords: Stars, nearby ; Abundances Keywords: line: formation - line: profiles - stars: abundances - stars: Population III - Galaxy: abundances - Galaxy: halo Abstract: To obtain detailed silicon abundances of metal-poor stars, we aim to explore the correlation between the abundance ratios and the stellar parameters and the chemical enrichment of the interstellar medium (ISM). We determined the silicon abundances of 253 metal-poor stars in the metallicity range -4<[Fe/H]←1.5, based on non-local thermodynamic equilibrium (NLTE) line formation calculations of neutral silicon and high-resolution spectra obtained with VLT-UT2/UVES. Description: The present work is based on the spectra of 253 HERES stars. The sample selection and observations are described in Christlieb et al. (2004A&A...428.1027C). For the convenience of the reader, we repeat here that the spectra were obtained with the Ultraviolet-Visual Echelle Spectrograph (UVES) mounted on the 8m Unit Telescope 2 (Kueyen) of the Very Large Telescope (VLT). File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table3.dat 118 253 Abundance results of carbon and silicon
See also: J/A+A/439/129 : HERES II. Spectroscopic analysis (Barklem+, 2005) J/A+A/516/A46 : HE 2327-5642 abundance analysis (Mashonkina+, 2010) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table3.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 12 A12 --- Star Star name 15- 19 F5.2 [Sun] [Fe/H] Metallicity 21- 24 F4.2 [-] eps(C) Carbon abundance (1) 26- 30 F5.2 [Sun] [C/H] Abundance ratio [C/H] 32- 35 F4.2 [Sun] e_[C/H] rms uncertainty on [C/H] 37- 41 F5.2 [Sun] [C/Fe] Abundance ratio [C/Fe] 43- 46 F4.2 [Sun] e_[C/Fe] rms uncertainty on [C/Fe] 48 A1 --- l_eps(Si1) Limit flag on epsSi1 49- 52 F4.2 [-] eps(Si1) Si 3905Å NLTE abundance (1) 54 A1 --- l_eps(Si2) Limit flag on epsSi2 55- 58 F4.2 [-] eps(Si2) Si 4103Å NLTE abundance (1) 60 A1 --- l_[Si/H]1 Limit flag on [Si/H]1 61- 65 F5.2 [Sun] [Si/H]1 NLTE abundance ratio [Si/H] for Si3905 67- 70 F4.2 [Sun] e_[Si/H]1 rms uncertainty on [Si/H]1 72 A1 --- l_[Si/H]2 Limit flag on [Si/H]2 73- 77 F5.2 [Sun] [Si/H]2 NLTE abundance ratio [Si/H] for Si4103 79- 82 F4.2 [Sun] e_[Si/H]2 rms uncertainty on [Si/H]2 84 A1 --- l_[Si/Fe]1 Limit flag on [Si/Fe]1 85- 89 F5.2 [Sun] [Si/Fe]1 NLTE abundance ratio [Si/Fe] for Si3905 91- 94 F4.2 [Sun] e_[Si/Fe]1 rms uncertainty on [Si/Fe]1 96 A1 --- l_[Si/Fe]2 Limit flag on [Si/Fe]2 97-101 F5.2 [Sun] [Si/Fe]2 NLTE abundance ratio [Si/Fe] for Si4103 103-106 F4.2 [Sun] e_[Si/Fe]2 rms uncertainty on [Si/Fe]2 108 A1 --- l_[Si/Fe] Limit flag on [Si/Fe] 109-113 F5.2 [Sun] [Si/Fe] Abundance ratio [Si/Fe] 115-118 F4.2 [Sun] e_[Si/Fe] rms uncertainty on [Si/Fe]
Note (1): abundances ε(E) = 12+log(N(E)/N(H)) for the element E.
History: From electronic version of the journal References: Christlieb et al., Paper I 2004A&A...428.1027C Barklem et al., Paper II 2005A&A...439..129B, Cat. J/A+A/439/129 Jonsell et al., Paper III 2006A&A...451..651J Hayek et al., Paper IV 2009A&A...504..511H Mashonkina et al., Paper V 2010A&A...516A..46M, Cat. J/A+A/516/A46
(End) Patricia Vannier [CDS] 18-Aug-2011
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