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J/A+A/521/A39 Cordoba Carte du Ciel-Astrographic Catalog, CCAC (Orellana+, 2010)

A revisit to the region of Collinder 132 using CdC and AC plates. Orellana R.B., De Biasi M.S., Bustos Fierro I.H., Calderon J.H. <Astron. Astrophys. 521, A39 (2010)> =2010A&A...521A..39O
ADC_Keywords: Clusters, open ; Proper motions Keywords: open cluster and associations: general - open cluster and associations: individual: Cr132 - astrometry Abstract: Based on stellar positions and proper motions, we aim to re-analyse the region of the controversial open cluster Collinder 132. Methods. We have developed a model which analyse the proper motion distribution and the stellar density to find moving groups. The astrometric data was obtained from four Carte du Ciel (CdC) and one Astrogaphic Catalogue (AC) plates of the Cordoba Astronomical Observatory collection (Argentina). We detected an open cluster from the field stars and calculated the mean proper motion and the membership probabilities of the stars of the region. We report new coordinates of its centre RAc=108.347deg, DEc=-31.011deg, the components of mean proper motion muRAcosDE=-2.62±0.44mas/yr, muDE=4.79±0.88mas/yr. 11 stars are astrometric members giving a value of 370 for the cluster angular diameter. 6 stars fullfill astrometric and photometric analysis for being cluster members and locate the cluster at 360pc from the Sun. An over-density in the VPD was found after removing the cluster members, consequently a simple model for the proper motion distribution of an association and of the field was adopted. We report the components of the association mean proper motion muRAcosDE=-1.38±0.14mas/yr, muDE=2.26±0.16mas/yr. 174 astrometric members were found while 11 members have been located between 417 and 660pc from the Sun by Tycho-2 photometry. Description: This is Cordoba Carte du Ciel-Astrographic Catalog (CCAC) constructed from four Carte du Ciel and one Astrographic Catalog photographic plates for first epoch positions in the region of the open cluster Collinder 132. The plates were digitized using the MAMA measuring machine from the Paris Observatory. Stars from Tycho-2 catalogue (Hog et al., 2000, Cat. I/259) were used as reference stars. Every plate was reduced independently from the others adopting a first order polynomial in the measured coordinates. Proper motions were calculated using the CCAC positions as first epoch, and as second epoch the positions given by UCAC2 (Zacharias et al., 2004, Cat. I/289) and USNO-B1.0 (Monet et al., 2003, Cat. I/284). File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file ccac.dat 132 9055 Stellar positions and proper motions of all stars table6.dat 89 149 Astrometric members of Collinder 132 association
See also: I/259 : The Tycho-2 Catalogue (Hog+ 2000) I/284 : The USNO-B1.0 Catalog (Monet+ 2003) I/289 : The UCAC2 Catalogue (Zacharias+ 2003) Byte-by-byte Description of file: ccac.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 4 I4 --- CCAC Star number in CCAC 7- 17 F11.7 deg RAdeg Right ascension at Epoch EpRA (ICRS) 20- 30 F11.7 deg DEdeg Declination at Epoch EpDE (ICRS) 33- 36 F4.2 arcsec e_RAdeg Mean error in right ascension at EpRA 39- 42 F4.2 arcsec e_DEdeg Mean error in declination at EpDE 44 I1 --- Npl Number of plates in the determination of RA and DE 47- 53 F7.2 yr EpRA Mean epoch of the plates in RA 56- 62 F7.2 yr EpDE Mean epoch of the plates in DE 65 I1 --- Nep Number of epochs in the determination of proper motion 68- 73 F6.1 mas/yr pmRA ? Proper motion in right ascension 76- 81 F6.1 mas/yr pmDE ? Proper motion in declination 85- 89 F5.1 mas/yr e_pmRA ? Error of proper motion in right ascension 93- 97 F5.1 mas/yr e_pmDE ? Error of proper motion in declination 99-109 A11 --- TYC Tycho-2 identifier (Cat. I/259) 113-120 I8 --- UCAC2 ? UCAC2 identifier (Cat. I/289) 123-132 A10 --- USNOB1 USNOB1.0 identifier (Cat. I/284)
Byte-by-byte Description of file: table6.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 4 I4 --- CCAC Star number in CCAC 6- 12 F7.4 arcsec r Distance to the association cluster center 14- 24 F11.7 deg RAdeg Right ascension (ICRS) 26- 36 F11.7 deg DEdeg Declination (ICRS) 38- 41 F4.1 mas/yr pmRA ? Proper motion in right ascension, pmRA*cosDE 43- 46 F4.1 mas/yr pmDE ? Proper motion in declination 48- 51 F4.2 --- Pa Probability of appartenance 53- 63 A11 --- TYC Tycho-2 identifier (Cat. I/259) 65- 70 F6.3 mag BTmag ? Tycho-2 BT magnitude 72- 76 F5.3 mag e_BTmag ? rms uncertainty on BTmag 78- 83 F6.3 mag VTmag ? Tycho-2 VT magnitude 85- 89 F5.3 mag e_VTmag ? rms uncertainty on VTmag
Acknowledgements: M.S. De Biasi, debiasi(at), R.B. Orellana, rorellan(at)
(End) R.B. Orellana [IALP,FCAG, UNLP Argentina], P. Vannier [CDS] 08-Jul-2010
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