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J/A+A/511/A78       Fe XIII electron impact excitation           (Storey+, 2010)

Atomic data from the IRON project. LXVII. Electron impact excitation of Fe XIII. Storey P.J., Zeippen C.J. <Astron. Astrophys. 511, A78 (2010)> =2010A&A...511A..78S (SIMBAD/NED BibCode)
ADC_Keywords: Atomic physics Keywords: atomic data - Sun: corona - techniques: spectroscopic Abstract: A new R-matrix calculation of rate coefficients for electron collisional excitation of Fe XIII is presented and compared to recent calculations of comparable complexity. At temperatures at which Fe12+ is typically found in the solar corona, the present results, which use the intermediate coupling frame transformation method, show significant differences compared to some earlier work. We use a large configuration interaction calculation with extensive correlation to assess the accuracy of our and earlier workers' scattering targets. Description: ************************************************************************** * * * Sorry, but the author(s) never supplied the tabular material * * (full tables 7 and 8 ) announced in the paper * * * ************************************************************************** File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table5.dat 68 27 Level energies of the three energetically lowest configurations in Rydberg table7.dat 77 120 Thermally averaged collision strengths table8.dat 15 87 Transition probabilities calculated with the target (Table 4)
Table4: The target configuration basis and orbital scaling parameters. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Configurations | Scaling parameters -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3s2 3p2 3s 3p3 | 1s 1.40094 3p4 | 2s 1.11468 3s 3p2 3d 3s2 3p 3d | 3s 1.13314 3p5 3d | 2p 1.05769 3s2 3d2 3s 3p 3d2 | 3p 1.10557 3p2 3d2 | 3d 1.13097 3s 3d3 3p 3d3 | See also: J/A+AS/103/273 : IRON Project II IR collision strengths of C-like ions J/A+A/283/319 : IRON Project III B-like ions J/A+AS/108/1 : IRON Project V Collision strengths of O-like ions J/A+A/293/953 : IRON Project VI Fe II collision strengths J/A+A/293/967 : IRON Project VII Fe II radiative transitions J/A+AS/109/193 : IRON Project VIII Electron excitation of Ti-like ions J/A+AS/119/509 : IRON Project XVII Radiative transition in Fe III J/A+AS/119/523 : IRON Project XVIII Electron impact for Fe III J/A+AS/120/361 : IRON Project XIX Fe II radiative transitions J/A+AS/123/159 : IRON Project XXII C and O radiative rates J/A+AS/123/575 : IRON Project XXIII Fe XXII excitation rate coefficients J/A+AS/126/373 : IRON Project XXVII Fe IV collision strengths J/A+AS/131/499 : IRON Project XXIX Boron isoelectronic sequence J/A+AS/131/153 : IRON Project XXXI Fe XII electron excitation J/A+AS/135/347 : IRON Project XXXV Fe XXIV & Fe XXV oscillator strengths J/A+AS/136/395 : IRON Project XXXVII Fe VI collision strengths J/A+AS/137/165 : IRON Project XXXVIII Fe XV fine-structure transitions J/A+AS/143/483 : IRON Project XLII Fe XXI electron impact excitation J/A+AS/144/141 : IRON Project XLIII Fe V transition probabilities J/A+AS/147/111 : IRON Project XLIV Fe VI trans. prob. & line ratio J/A+AS/147/253 : IRON Project XLV Ar XIII, Fe XXI trans. probabilities J/A+A/365/268 : IRON Project XLVII Ni III electron impact excitation J/A+A/372/1078 : IRON Project XLIX Fe XX electron impact excitation J/A+A/372/1083 : IRON Project L Fe XIX electron impact excitation J/A+A/394/753 : IRON Project LI Fe IX electron impact excitation J/A+A/408/789 : IRON Project LIII Fe XVII transition probabilities J/A+A/413/779 : IRON Project LIV Fe XX transition probabilities J/A+A/420/763 : IRON Project LV Ni II electron impact excitation J/A+A/437/345 : IRON Project LIX Fe IV transition probabilities J/A+A/448/779 : IRON Project LXI Fe IV radiative transitions J/A+A/457/721 : IRON Project LXII Fe XVIII allowed and forbidden trans. J/A+A/466/763 : IRON Project LXIII Fe19+ electron-impact excitation J/A+A/469/1203 : IRON Project LXIV Ca II radiative transitions J/A+A/489/1369 : IRON Project LXVI Fe18+ electron-impact excitation Byte-by-byte Description of file: table5.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 2 I2 --- Index Index 4- 26 A23 --- Level Level 28- 33 F6.4 Ry EExp Expected energy (1) 35- 40 F6.4 Ry 72CFa 72CF (ab initio) energy 42- 47 F6.4 Ry 72CFb 72CF (with TEC) energy 49- 54 F6.4 Ry GT ? Gupta & Tayal (1998ApJ...506..464G) energy 56- 61 F6.4 Ry AK Aggarwal & Keenan (2004, Cat. J/A+A/418/371) energy 63- 68 F6.4 Ry ETarget Target energy
Note (1): From Jupen et al. (1993MNRAS.264..627J); Martin et al. (1995, NIST Database for Atomic Spectroscopy, Version 3.0, NIST Standard Reference Database 61); Penn & Kuhn (1994ApJ...434..807P)
Byte-by-byte Description of file: table7.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 2 I2 --- i i lower level index of the transition 4- 5 I2 --- j j lower level index of the transition 7- 14 E8.5 --- CS5.6 Averaged collision strength at log(T)=5.6K 16- 23 E8.5 --- CS5.8 Averaged collision strength at log(T)=5.8K 25- 32 E8.5 --- CS6.0 Averaged collision strength at log(T)=6.0K 34- 41 E8.5 --- CS6.2 Averaged collision strength at log(T)=6.2K 43- 50 E8.5 --- CS6.4 Averaged collision strength at log(T)=6.4K 52- 59 E8.5 --- CS6.6 Averaged collision strength at log(T)=6.6K 61- 68 E8.5 --- CS6.8 Averaged collision strength at log(T)=6.8K 70- 77 E8.5 --- CS7.0 Averaged collision strength at log(T)=7.0K
Byte-by-byte Description of file: table8.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 2 I2 --- i i lower level index of the transition 4- 5 I2 --- j j lower level index of the transition 7- 15 E9.4 s-1 Aji Transition probability
Table 4: The target configuration basis and orbital scaling parameters. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Configurations Scaling parameters -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3s2 3p2 3s 3p3 1s 1.40094 3p4 2s 1.11468 3s 3p2 3d 3s2 3p 3d 3s 1.13314 3p5 3d 2p 1.05769 3s2 3d2 3s 3p 3d2 3p 1.10557 3p2 3d2 3d 1.13097 3s 3d3 3p 3d^3 History: From electronic version of the journal References: 1993A&A...279..298H : IRON Project I Goal and methods 1994A&AS..107...29S : IRON Project IV Electron excitation of F-like ions 1995A&AS..110..209P : IRON Project IX Electron excitation of Cl-like ion 1995A&AS..111..347G : IRON Project X Si- & S-like ions IR coll. strengths 1996A&AS..115..151S : IRON Project XI Ar VI, K VII & CaVIII fine-structure 1995A&AS..114..367B : IRON Project XII V-like ions electron excitation 1996A&AS..115..551B : IRON Project XIII Ni II & Fe II electron excitation 1996A&A...309..677S : IRON Project XIV Fe XIV fine-structure transition 1996A&AS..118..157K : IRON Project XV He II & Fe XXVI Electron excitation 1996A&AS..119..105B : IRON Project XVI Fe V oscillator strengths 1997A&AS..122..167B : IRON Project XX Fe I oscillator strengths 1997A&AS..122..177P : IRON Project XXI Fe I fine-structure transition 1997A&AS..126..105B : IRON Project XXIV Fe XXIV electron excitation 1998A&AS..127..545B : IRON Project XXV Fe XII electron excitation 1997A&AS..126..365B : IRON Project XXVI Fe IV oscillator strengths 1998A&AS..129..161B : IRON Project XXVIII F-like ions fine-structure trans. 1999A&AS..134..369S : IRON Project XXX P III, S IV & Cl V collision data 1998A&AS..133..245G : IRON Project XXXII Ar III effective collision strength 1999A&AS..135..159M : IRON Project XXXIII Carbon radiative rates 1999A&AS..136..385E : IRON Project XXXIV Fe XVI electron impact excitation 1999A&AS..137..175C : IRON Project XXXVI Fe XXIII electron excitation 1999A&AS..137..529B : IRON Project XXXIX Ni II oscillator strengths 2000A&AS..141..285S : IRON Project XL Fe XIV electron excitation 2000A&AS..142..313B : IRON Project XLI Fe VII electron excitation 2001A&A...365..258P : IRON Project XLVI Fe X electron excitation 2003A&A...401.1177C : IRON Project LII Ni24 electron excitation 2005A&A...436.1123M : IRON Project LVII Ni IV radiative transition rates 2005A&A...433..717S : IRON Project LVIII Fe XII electron impact excitation 2006A&A...446..361W : IRON Project LX Fe17+ electron impact excitation 2008A&A...481..543W : IRON Project LXV Fe6+ electron impact excitation
(End) Patricia Vannier [CDS] 15-Mar-2010
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