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J/A+A/506/1341      Magnetic fields in white dwarfs          (Kuelebi+, 2009)

Analysis of hydrogen-rich magnetic white dwarfs detected in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Kuelebi B., Jordan S., Euchner F., Gaensicke B.T., Hirsch H. <Astron. Astrophys., 506, 1341-1350 (2009)> =2009A&A...506.1341K
ADC_Keywords: Stars, white dwarf ; Models ; Magnetic fields Keywords: stars: white dwarfs - stars: magnetic fields - stars: atmospheres Abstract: A large number of magnetic white dwarfs discovered in the SDSS have so far only been analyzed by visual comparison of the observations with relatively simple models of the radiation transport in a magnetised stellar atmosphere. We model the structure of the surface magnetic fields of the hydrogen-rich white dwarfs in the SDSS. Description: We calculated a grid of state-of-the-art theoretical optical spectra of hydrogen-rich magnetic white dwarfs (WDs) with magnetic field strengths of between 1MG and 1200MG for different angles between the magnetic field vector and the line of sight, and for effective temperatures between 7000K and 50000K. We used a least squares minimization scheme with an evolutionary algorithm to find the best-fit magnetic field geometry of the observed data. We used centered dipoles or dipoles that had been shifted along the dipole axis to model the coadded SDSS fiber spectrum of each object. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table3.dat 133 137 Model fits with centered dipole and offset dipole models with comparison to literature values
See also: J/A+A/420/507 : Isolated massive white dwarfs catalog (Nalezyty+, 2004) J/AJ/130/734 : SDSS DR2 & DR3 magnetic white dwarfs (Vanlandingham+, 2005) J/AJ/134/741 : New close binary systems from the SDSS DR5 (Silvestri+, 2007) J/ApJ/667/1119 : Photoionization cross sections of hydrogen (Zhao+, 2007) : SDSS Home Page Byte-by-byte Description of file: table3.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 19 A19 --- MWD SDSS name of the object, 21- 24 I4 --- Plate Plate number of SDSS observation 25 A1 --- --- [-] 26- 30 I5 --- MJD Modified Julian Date of SDSS observation 31 A1 --- --- [-] 32- 34 I3 --- Fiber Fiber number of SDSS observation 36- 41 F6.2 hT Bp Dipole magnetic field strength of the centered dipole (in 106Gauss) 44- 49 F6.2 hT e_Bp ? rms uncertainty on Bp 51 I1 --- n_Bp [1/2]? very large (1) or very small (2) errors 53- 57 F5.2 deg i Inclination with respect to the line of sight of the centered dipole 59- 64 F6.2 deg e_i rms uncertainty on i 66 I1 --- n_i [1/2]? very large (1) or very small (2) errors 68- 74 F7.3 hT Boff ? Dipole magnetic field strength of the offset dipole (in 106Gauss) 75- 81 F7.3 hT e_Boff ? rms uncertainty on Boff 83 I1 --- n_Boff [1/2]? very large (1) or very small (2) errors 85- 89 F5.2 --- zoff/R ? Offset along the axis of the magnetic field in terms of the stellar radius 92- 97 F6.3 --- e_zoff/R ? rms uncertainty on zoff/rWD 98 A1 --- n_zoff/R [i] i for 1e+99 100-105 F6.3 deg ioff ? Inclination with respect to the line of sight of the offset dipole 107-112 F6.2 deg e_ioff ? rms uncertainty on ioff 114 I1 --- n_ioff [1/2]? very large (1) or very small (2) errors 116-133 A18 --- fits Comments indicate the model parameters, field strength and inclination (1)
Note (1): From the literature, i.e. Gaensicke et al. (2002A&A...394..957G), Schmidt et al. (2003ApJ...595.1101S), Vanlandingham et al. (2005, Cat. J/AJ/130/734). Asterisks indicate field strengths or inclinations with uncertainties greater than 10% in Vanlandingham et al.
History: From electronic version of the journal
(End) Patricia Vannier [CDS] 30-Jan-2010
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