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J/A+A/501/461  Photometric masses of early-type lens galaxies   (Grillo+, 2009)

Photometric mass and mass decomposition in early-type lens galaxies. Grillo C., Gobat R., Lombardi M., Rosati P. <Astron. Astrophys., 501, 461-474 (2009)> =2009A&A...501..461G
ADC_Keywords: Gravitational lensing ; Redshifts ; Photometry, SDSS Keywords: galaxies: elliptical and lenticular, cD - galaxies: formation - galaxies: evolution - gravitational lensing - cosmology: observations Abstract: The largest spectroscopically selected sample of strong gravitational lens systems presented and analyzed to date is that of the Sloan Lens ACS (SLACS) survey. For the 57 massive early-type lens galaxies in the sample, photometric and spectroscopic measurements are available from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey (SDSS). By using the SDSS multicolor photometry and lens modeling, we study stellar-mass properties and the luminous and dark matter composition of the early-type lens galaxies in the sample. Description: We fit the lens spectral energy distributions (SEDs) consisting of ugriz magnitudes with a three-parameter grid (age, star-formation timescale, and photometric mass) of Bruzual & Charlot's (2003MNRAS.344.1000B) and Maraston's (2005MNRAS.362..799M) composite stellar-population models, computed by adopting solar metallicity and various initial mass functions (IMFs). We also utilize the best-fit parameters derived from the lens models of the total projected mass enclosed within the disk defined by the Einstein radius of each system. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table1.dat 97 57 The relevant spectroscopic and photometric measurements of the 57 early-type grade-A lens galaxies of the SLACS survey table4.dat 92 57 The photometric and lensing mass measurements of the 57 early-type grade-A lens galaxies of the SLACS survey
See also: J/ApJ/682/964 : Sloan lens ACS survey. V. (Bolton+, 2008) : SDSS Home Page Byte-by-byte Description of file: table1.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 10 A10 --- SLACS System name (JHHMM+DDMM) 12- 16 F5.3 --- zl Lens redshift 18- 22 F5.3 --- zs Source redshift 24- 27 F4.2 arcsec thetaE Einstein angle of the lensing systems 29- 32 F4.2 arcsec thetae Effective angle of the lensing systems 34- 39 F6.3 mag umag SDSS u magnitude (1) 41- 45 F5.3 mag e_umag rms uncertainty on umag 47- 52 F6.3 mag gmag SDSS g magnitude (1) 54- 58 F5.3 mag e_gmag rms uncertainty on gmag 60- 65 F6.3 mag rmag SDSS r magnitude (1) 67- 71 F5.3 mag e_rmag rms uncertainty on rmag 73- 78 F6.3 mag imag SDSS i magnitude (1) 80- 84 F5.3 mag e_imag rms uncertainty on imag 86- 91 F6.3 mag zmag SDSS u magnitude (1) 93- 97 F5.3 mag e_zmag rms uncertainty on imag
Note (1): Magnitudes are extinction-corrected modelMag (AB) from the SDSS. References: Bolton et al. (2008, Cat. J/ApJ/682/964).
Byte-by-byte Description of file: table4.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 10 A10 --- SLACS System name (JHHMM+DDMM) 12- 14 I3 10+10solMass MSalBC Photometric mass from Sal,BC model (1) 16- 17 I2 10+10solMass E_MSalBC Error on MSalBC (upper limit) 19- 20 I2 10+10solMass e_MSalBC Error on MSalBC (lower limit) 22- 24 I3 10+10solMass MSalM Photometric mass from Sal,M model (1) 26- 27 I2 10+10solMass E_MSalM Error on MSalM (upper limit) 29- 30 I2 10+10solMass e_MSalM Error on MSalM (lower limit) 32- 33 I2 10+10solMass MChaBC Photometric mass from Cha,BC model (1) 35- 36 I2 10+10solMass E_MChaBC Error on MChaBC (upper limit) 38- 39 I2 10+10solMass e_MChaBC Error on MChaBC (lower limit) 41- 42 I2 10+10solMass MKroM Photometric mass from Kro,M model (1) 44- 45 I2 10+10solMass E_MKroM Error on MKroM (upper limit) 47- 48 I2 10+10solMass e_MKroM Error on MKroM (lower limit) 50- 53 F4.2 --- fap Aperture factor 55- 56 I2 10+10solMass MSalBC2 Photometric mass from Sal,BC model, for R≤REin (1) 58- 59 I2 10+10solMass E_MSalBC2 Error on MSalBC2 (upper limit) 61- 62 I2 10+10solMass e_MSalBC2 Error on MSalBC2 (lower limit) 64- 65 I2 10+10solMass MSalM2 Photometric mass from Sal,M model for R≤REin (1) 67- 68 I2 10+10solMass E_MSalM2 Error on MSalM2 (upper limit) 70- 71 I2 10+10solMass e_MSalM2 Error on MSalM2 (lower limit) 73- 74 I2 10+10solMass MChaBC2 Photometric mass from Cha,BC model for R≤REin (1) 76 I1 10+10solMass E_MChaBC2 Error on MChaBC2 (upper limit) 78 I1 10+10solMass e_MChaBC2 Error on MChaBC2 (lower limit) 80- 81 I2 10+10solMass MKroM2 Photometric mass from Kro,M model for R≤REin (1) 83- 84 I2 10+10solMass E_MKroM2 Error on MKroM2 (upper limit) 86- 87 I2 10+10solMass e_MKroM2 Error on MKroM2 (lower limit) 89- 90 I2 10+10solMass Mtotlen Total mass from gravitational lensing for R≤REin 92 I1 10+10solMass e_Mtotlen rms uncertainty on Mtotlen
Note (1): Models are: Sal,BC = Salpeter (1955ApJ...121..161S) IMF, Bruzual & Charlot (2003MNRAS.344.1000B) model Sal,M = Salpeter (1955ApJ...121..161S) IMF, Maraston (2005MNRAS.362..799M) model Cha,BC = Chabrier (2003PASP..115..763C) IMF, Bruzual & Charlot (2003MNRAS.344.1000B) model Kro,M = Kroupa (2001MNRAS.322..231K) IMF, Maraston (2003MNRAS.344.1000B) model
History: From electronic version of the journal
(End) Patricia Vannier [CDS] 31-Aug-2009
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