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J/A+A/534/A118   Predicted dust emissivity in 100-10000um bands (Paradis+, 2011)

Far-infrared to millimeter astrophysical dust emission. II. Comparison of the model with astronomical data. Paradis D, Bernard J.P., Meny C., Gromov V. <Astron. Astrophys. 534, A118 (2011)> =2011A&A...534A.118P
ADC_Keywords: Interstellar medium ; Infrared sources ; Millimetric/submm sources Keywords: infrared: ISM - dust, extinction - submillimeter: ISM Abstract: In a previous paper we proposed a new model for the emission by amorphous astronomical dust grains, based on solid-state physics. The model uses a description of the disordered charge distribution (DCD) combined with the presence of two-level systems (TLS) defects in the amorphous solid composing the grains. The goal of this paper is to compare this new model to astronomical observations of different Galactic environments in the far-infrared/ submillimeter, in order to derive a set of canonical model parameters to be used as a Galactic reference to be compared to in future Galactic and extragalactic studies. We compare the TLSmodel with existing astronomical data. We consider the average emission spectrum at high latitudes in our Galaxy as measured with FIRAS and WMAP, as well as the emission from Galactic compact sources observed with the Archeops balloon experiment, for which an inverse relationship between the dust temperature and the emissivity spectral index has been proven. Description: Predicted emissivities (in cm2/H) in the IRAS, Herschel, and Planck photometric bands, deduced from the TLS model with the standard parameters given in Table 4, as a function of dust temperature. The emissivities have been normalized to 1e-25cm2/H, at 250um for a temperature of 17.5K. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table5.dat 129 8 Predicted emissivities as a function of temperature in the IRAS, Herschel, and Planck photometric bands
Table 4: Parameters of the TLS model -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Td (K) Ic (nm) A cΔ α Rχ2 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Galactic diffuse emission (FIRAS/WMAP) 17.53±0.02 23.05±22.70 9.38±1.38 242±123 1.45±0.15 1.95 Galactic compact sources emission (Archeops) --- 5.11±0.09 3.86±0.13 1333±68 ---- 1.45 Galactic diffuse and compact sources emission 17.26±0.02 13.40±1.49 5.81±0.09 475±20 1.55±0.11 2.53 Byte-by-byte Description of file: table5.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 3 I3 K Td [5/100] Dust temperature 5- 12 E8.2 cm2 e100I Predicted emissivity in the IRAS 100um band (1) 14- 21 E8.2 cm2 e160P Predicted emissivity in the PACS 160um band (1) 23- 30 E8.2 cm2 e250S Predicted emissivity in the SPIRE 250um band (1) 32- 39 E8.2 cm2 e350S Predicted emissivity in the SPIRE 350um band (1) 41- 48 E8.2 cm2 e350H Predicted emissivity in the HFI 350um band (1) 50- 57 E8.2 cm2 e500S Predicted emissivity in the SPIRE 500um band (1) 59- 66 E8.2 cm2 e550H Predicted emissivity in the HFI 550um band (1) 68- 75 E8.2 cm2 e850H Predicted emissivity in the HFI 850um band (1) 77- 84 E8.2 cm2 e1382H Predicted emissivity in the HFI 1382um band (1) 86- 93 E8.2 cm2 e2096H Predicted emissivity in the HFI 2096um band (1) 95-102 E8.2 cm2 e2998H Predicted emissivity in the HFI 2998um band (1) 104-111 E8.2 cm2 e4286L Predicted emissivity in the LFI 4296um band (1) 113-120 E8.2 cm2 e6818L Predicted emissivity in the LFI 6818um band (1) 122-129 E8.2 cm2 e10000L Predicted emissivity in the LFI 10000um band (1)
Note (1): Emissivities normalized to 10-25cm2/NH, at 250um for a temperature of 17.5K.
Acknowledgements: Deborah Paradis, deborah.paradis(at) References: Meny et al., Paper I 2007A&A...468..171M
(End) D. Paradis [IRAP, Toulouse, France], P. Vannier [CDS] 25-Aug-2011
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