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J/A+A/511/A50       JHks of GOODS-South field                (Retzlaff+, 2010)

The Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey. VLT/ISAAC near-infrared imaging of the GOODS-South field. Retzlaff J., Rosati P., Dickinson M., Vandame B., Rite C., Nonino M., Cesarsky C., The GOODS Team <Astron. Astrophys., 511, A50-50 (2010)> =2010A&A...511A..50R
ADC_Keywords: Surveys ; Galaxies, photometry ; Photometry, infrared Keywords: cosmology: observations - large-scale structure of the Universe - galaxies: evolution - infrared: galaxies - surveys Abstract: We present the final public data release of the VLT/ISAAC near-infrared imaging survey in the GOODS-South field. The survey covers an area of 172.5, 159.6 and 173.1arcmin2 in the J, H, and Ks bands, respectively. For point sources total limiting magnitudes of J=25.0, H=24.5, and Ks=24.4 (5σ, AB) are reached within 75% of the survey area. Thus these observations are significantly deeper than the previous EIS Deep Public Survey which covers the same region. The image quality is characterized by a point spread function ranging between 0.34" and 0.65" FWHM. The images are registered to a common astrometric grid defined by the GSC 2 with an accuracy of ∼0.06" RMS over the whole field. The overall photometric accuracy, including all systematic effects, adds up to 0.05mag. The data are publicly available from the ESO science archive facility. Description: The data were obtained under the ESO large programme 168.A-0485, led by Cesarsky, in direct support to the GOODS project. Data covering four ISAAC fields in J and Ks bands were also drawn from the ESO programmes 64.O-0643, 66.A-0572 and 68.A-0544, led by Giallongo (see Saracco et al., 2001, Cat. J/A+A/375/1). File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file catalog.dat 319 7079 JHKs catalog jhkcat.fits 2880 291 Fits version of the catalog
See also: II/261 : GOODS initial results (Giavalisco+, 2004) J/A+A/375/1 : IR obs. of Chandra Deep Field + HDF-South (Saracco+, 2001) J/A+A/449/951 : GOODS-MUSIC sample: multicolour catalog (Grazian+, 2006) J/A+A/434/53 : GOODS-South Field redshifts (Vanzella+, 2005) J/A+A/454/423 : GOODS-South Field VLT/FORS2 redshifts. II. (Vanzella+, 2006) J/A+A/478/83 : GOODS-South Field VLT/FORS2 redshifts. III. (Vanzella+, 2008) J/A+A/512/A12 : BRz of GOODS-South field (Balestra+, 2010) Byte-by-byte Description of file: catalog.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 4 I4 --- Seq [1/7079] Sequential number 6- 27 E22.17 deg RAdeg Right ascension in decimal degrees (J2000) 29- 51 E23.17 deg DEdeg Declination in decimal degrees (J2000) 53- 56 I4 pix Aiso Isophotal area (ISOAREAF_IMAGE) 58- 69 E12.7 --- rKron Scaling of the automatic elliptical aperture inspired by Kron (1980ApJS...43..305K) 71- 83 E13.7 pix FWHM Source radius (FWHM) 85- 96 E12.7 --- Ell Source ellipticity 98-109 E12.8 deg a Ellipse semi-major axis (world coordinates) 111-122 E12.8 deg b Ellipse semi-minor axis (world coordinates) 124-136 E13.8 deg theta [-90,90] Ellipse orientation (world coordinates) 138-139 I2 --- flg SExtractor flags, possibly combined in a logical OR fashion (1) 141-152 E12.7 mag Jmag J magnitude 154-165 E12.7 mag e_Jmag rms uncertainty on Jmag 167-178 E12.7 mag Hmag H magnitude 180-191 E12.7 mag e_Hmag rms uncertainty on Hmag 193-204 E12.7 mag Ksmag Ks magnitude 206-217 E12.7 mag e_Ksmag rms uncertainty on Ksmag 219-230 E12.7 mag Ktmag Total Ks magnitude assuming a point source profile 232-243 E12.7 mag e_Ktmag rms uncertainty on KsmagTot 245-257 E13.7 mag J-Ks J-Ks colour index, differentially corrected for aperture losses 259-270 E12.7 mag e_J-Ks rms uncertainty on J-Ks 272-284 E13.7 mag H-Ks H-Ks colour index, differentially corrected for aperture losses 286-297 E12.7 mag e_H-Ks rms uncertainty on H-Ks 299-304 A6 --- Jframe Original survey tile from which the J measurement was extracted 306-311 A6 --- Hframe Original survey tile from which the H measurement was extracted 313-319 A7 --- Ksframe Original survey tile from which the Ks measurement was extracted
Note (1): SExtractor flags: 1 = object has close neighbors 2 = object was blended 4 = object is saturated 16 = aperture incomplete
History: Copied at
(End) Patricia Vannier [CDS] 07-Jun-2010
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