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J/A+A/506/95       Fourier analysis of HD 49330 CoRoT light curve  (Huat+, 2009)

The B0.5IVe CoRoT target HD 49330. I. Photometric analysis from CoRoT data. Huat A.-L., Hubert A.-M., Baudin F., Floquet M., Neiner C., Fremat Y., Gutierrez-Soto J., Andrade L., de Batz B., Diago P.D., Emilio M., Espinosa Lara F., Fabregat J., Janot-Pacheco E., Leroy B., Martayan C., Semaan T., Suso J., Auvergne M., Catala C., Michel E., Samadi R. <Astron. Astrophys. 506, 95 (2009)> =2009A&A...506...95H
ADC_Keywords: Stars, early-type ; Stars, Be ; Photometry Keywords: stars: early-type - stars: emission-line, Be - stars: individual: HD 49330 - stars: rotation - stars: oscillations Abstract: Be stars undergo outbursts producing a circumstellar disk from the ejected material. The beating of non-radial pulsations has been put forward as a possible mechanism of ejection. We analyze the pulsational behavior of the early B0.5IVe star HD 49330 observed during the first CoRoT long run towards the Galactical anticenter (LRA1). This Be star is located close to the lower edge of the β Cephei instability strip in the HR diagram and showed a 0.03mag outburst during the CoRoT observations. It is thus an ideal case for testing the aforementioned hypothesis. Description: This work analyses the high precision photometric light curve obtained for the CoRoT target HD49330 (B0.5 IVe) which was observed during 136.886 days with a sample of 32s. During the CoRoT run the star underwent an outburst often observed in hot Be star. The CoRoT light curve was analysed using Fourier methods and non-linear least square fitting. Objects: ------------------------------------------------ RA (2000) DE Designation(s) ------------------------------------------------ 06 47 57.3 +00 46 34 HD 49330 = HIP 32586 ------------------------------------------------ File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table3.dat 74 77 *Independent frequencies found by TiSAFT for the entire light curve of HD 49330 table4.dat 74 110 *Frequencies found by TiSAFT for the relative quiescence phase of HD 49330 table5.dat 74 103 *Frequencies found by TiSAFT for the precursor phase of HD 49330 table6.dat 74 74 *Frequencies found by TiSAFT for the outburst phase of HD 49330 table7.dat 74 65 *Frequencies found by TiSAFT for the relaxation phase of HD 49330
Note on table*.dat: A confidence level of 99% has been used for this study.
See also: B/corot : CoRoT observation log (CoRoT, 2009) J/A+A/451/1053 : Fundamental parameters of Be stars (Fremat+, 2006) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table?.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 4 A4 --- Num Number of the frequency (FNN) 7- 13 F7.4 d-1 Freq Value of the frequency in c/d 15- 23 F9.5 uHz Frequ Value of the frequency in µHz 25- 29 F5.3 mmag Ampl Amplitude of the frequency 31- 40 E10.4 mmag e_Ampl Error on the amplitude 42- 45 F4.2 rad Phi Phase given between 0 and 2pi 47- 55 E9.3 rad e_Phi Error on the phase given in radian 57- 74 A18 --- Comm Comments
Acknowledgements: Anne-Laure Huat, anne-laure.huat(at)
(End) Patricia Vannier [CDS] 08-Sep-2009
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