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J/A+A/502/91         Proper motions of stars near SgrA*        (Schoedel+, 2009)

The nuclear star cluster of the Milky Way: proper motions and mass. Schoedel R., Merritt D., Eckart A. <Astron. Astrophys. 502, 91 (2009)> =2009A&A...502...91S
ADC_Keywords: Stars, nearby ; Proper motions ; Photometry, infrared Keywords: instrumentation: adaptive optics - techniques: high angular resolution - stars: kinematics - Galaxy: center - Galaxy: structure Description: We used multi-epoch adaptive optics assisted near-infrared observations of the central parsec of the Galaxy obtained with NACO/CONICA at the ESO VLT. Stellar positions were measured via PSF fitting in the individual images and transformed into a common reference frame via suitable sets of reference stars. We measured the proper motions of more than 6000 stars within about 1pc projected distance of the supermassive black hole Sagittarius A*. The table contains for each measured star its projected distance from Sagittarius A*, its offsets in right ascension and declination from Sagittarius A* along with the corresponding uncertainties, its proper motion and the corresponding uncertainty in right ascension and declination, the Ks-band magnitude and the corresponding uncertainty, and its classification as early type in case such a classification exists. Objects: ---------------------------------------------- RA (2000) DE Designation(s) ---------------------------------------------- 17 45 40.04 -29 00 28 SgrA* = Name SGR A* ---------------------------------------------- File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file tableb1.dat 84 6124 List of stars with measured proper motion in the Galactic center
See also: J/A+AS/97/587 : Galactic center stars JHK photometry (Ruelas-Mayorga+ 1993) J/AJ/106/2291 : UBV photometry toward Galactic Center (Reed 1993) J/A+AS/139/231 : Early-type stars towards the Galactic Centre (Dufton+, 1999) J/ApJ/470/864 : JHKL photometry of the Galactic Center (Blum+, 1996) J/A+A/373/608 : Early-type stars towards Galactic Center. II (Dufton+, 2001) J/MNRAS/348/1439 : OGLE II Galactic center proper motions (Sumi+, 2004) J/ApJ/642/861 : N-band imaging of the Galactic Center (Viehmann+, 2006) Byte-by-byte Description of file: tableb1.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 4 I4 --- Seq Row number 6- 11 F6.3 arcsec Rp Projected distance from Sagittarius A* 13- 19 F7.3 arcsec oRA Offset from Sagittarius A* in Right ascension (1) 21- 25 F5.3 arcsec e_oRA Uncertainty of oRA 27- 33 F7.3 arcsec oDE Offset from Sagittarius A* in Declination (1) 35- 39 F5.3 arcsec e_oDE Uncertainty of oDE 41- 46 F6.1 km/s pmRA Proper motion in Right ascension (2) 48- 52 F5.1 km/s e_pmRA Uncertainty of pmRA (2) 54- 59 F6.1 km/s pmDE Proper motion in Declination (2) 61- 65 F5.1 km/s e_pmDE Uncertainty of pmDE (2) 67- 71 F5.2 mag Ksmag Magnitude in Ks band 73- 76 F4.2 mag e_Ksmag Uncertainty of Ksmag 78- 84 A7 --- Type Star classification (3)
Note (1): SgrA* position: RA=17:45:40.0409, DE=-29:00:28.118 (J2000) The position are given et the reference epoch Ep=J2004.44 Note (2): The conversion of the proper motions from arcsec per year to km/s was done by assuming a distance of 8.0kpc to the Galactic centre. Note (3): the classification is: early 1 = identified as early-type star in Paumard et al., 2006, Cat. J/ApJ/643/1011 early 2 = identified as early-type star in Buchholz et al., A&A, submitted (2009)
Acknowledgements: Rainer Schoedel, rainer(at)
(End) Rainer Schoedel [IAA-CSIC, Spain], Patricia Vannier [CDS] 03-Mar-2009
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