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J/A+A/473/369    VISIR/VLT mid-infrared imaging of Seyfert nuclei (Haas+, 2007)

VISIR/VLT mid-infrared imaging of Seyfert nuclei: nuclear dust emission and the Seyfert-2 dichotomy. Haas M., Siebenmorgen R., Pantin E., Horst H., Smette A., Kaufl H.-U., Lagage P.-O., Chini R. <Astron. Astrophys. 473, 369 (2007)> =2007A&A...473..369H
ADC_Keywords: Galaxies, Seyfert ; Galaxies, IR Keywords: galaxies: nuclei - galaxies: active - galaxies: Seyfert - infrared: galaxies Abstract: Half of the Seyfert-2 galaxies escaped detection of broad lines in their polarised spectra observed so far. Some authors have suspected that these non-HBLRs contain real Sy2 nuclei without intrinsic broad line region hidden behind a dust torus. If this were true, then their nuclear structure would fundamentally differ from that of Sy2s with polarised broad lines: in particular, they would not be explained by orientation-based AGN unification. Further arguments for two physically different Sy2 populations have been derived from the warm and cool IRAS F25/F60 ratios. These ratios, however, refer to the entire host galaxies and are unsuitable to conclusively establish the absence of a nuclear dust torus. Instead, a study of the Seyfert-2 dichotomy should be performed on the basis of nuclear properties only. Here we present the first comparison between [OIII] λ 5007Å and mid-infrared imaging at matching spatial resolution. The aim is to check whether the nuclear dust emission scales with AGN luminosity as traced by [OIII]. Description: During the scientific verification phase of the VISIR instrument at the ESO Very Large Telescope we observed 16 Sy1 and Sy2 nuclei at 11.25um with 0.35" spatial resolution (FWHM). We supplement our observations with high-resolution 10-12um literature data of 58 Seyfert galaxies, for which spectroscopic or spectropolarimetric information and far-infrared data are available. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table3.dat 139 102 Source parameters refs.dat 93 32 References
See also: VIII/65 : 1.4GHz NRAO VLA Sky Survey (NVSS) (Condon+ 1998) VIII/71 : The FIRST Survey Catalog, Version 03Apr11 (Becker+ 2003) II/156 : IRAS Faint Source Catalog |b|>10, Version 2.0 (Moshir+ 1989) J/AJ/126/1607 : IRAS Revised Bright Galaxy Sample (Sanders+, 2003) J/ApJS/98/477 : Optical spectral atlas of Seyfert nuclei (Ho+ 1995) J/ApJS/112/315 : Spectroscopic parameters of Seyfert nuclei (Ho+ 1997) J/ApJS/141/23 : JHK' imaging photometry of Seyfert 1. I. (Enya+, 2002) J/ApJS/141/31 : JHK' imaging photometry of Seyfert 1. II. (Enya+, 2002) J/MNRAS/366/480 : Emission-line properties of Seyfert 2 nuclei (Gu+, 2006) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table3.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 14 A14 --- Name Source name 18- 22 F5.1 Mpc Dist Distance (1) 26- 28 F3.1 --- SType Seyfert type 31- 34 A4 --- HBLR Hidden broad line region flag (2) 39 A1 --- l_F12umn Limit flag for 3-sigma upper limit in case of non-detection 40- 44 I5 mJy F12umn Nuclear flux ay 12um 47- 48 I2 --- r_F12umn [1/13] References for nuclear 12um flux 51 A1 --- l_F12um Limit flag on F12um 52- 57 F6.3 Jy F12um Total flux density at 12um (3) 60 A1 --- l_F25um Limit flag on F25um 61- 66 F6.3 Jy F25um Total flux density at 25um (3) 70- 76 F7.3 Jy F60um Total flux density at 60um (3) 79 A1 --- l_F100um Limit flag on F100um 80- 86 F7.3 Jy F100um Total flux density at 100um (3) 90- 95 I6 10-19W/m2 [OIII] Line flux at [OIII] 100-104 I5 10-19W/m2 Hbeta ? Hbeta line flux 109-113 I5 10-19W/m2 Halpha ? Halpha line flux 118-119 I2 --- r_[OIII] [21/39] reference for line fluxes 123-128 F6.1 mJy Frad1 ? FIRST (VIII/71) flux at 1.4GHz 132-139 F8.1 mJy Frad2 ? NVSS (VIII/65) flux at 1.4GHz
Note (1): We used a Lambda cosmology with H0=71km/s/Mpc, Omegamatter=0.27 and OmegaLambda=0.73. Note (2): HBLR flag as follows: yes = hidden broad line region no = Not hidden broad line region ? = unknown NLS1 = narrow line Seyfert-1 References are: Heisler et al. (1997Natur.385..700H), Lumsden et al. (2001MNRAS.327..459L, 2001MNRAS.328L..32L, 2004MNRAS.348.1451L), Moran et al. (2000ApJ...540L..73M, 2001ApJ...556L..75M, 2007, ASP, in press astroph/070369), Tran (2003ApJ...583..632T), see compilation by Gu & Huang (2002ApJ...579..205G). Note (3): IRAS photometry was taken from NED, mostly Sanders et al. (2003, Cat. J/AJ/126/1607), if available, otherwise from Faint Source Catalog (Cat. II/156), the source of photometry had no significant effect on the analysed quantities F25/F60 or nuclear/galactic F12. For some sources the photometry was estimated/improved: for NGC3362, NGC5252, NGC5283, Mrk334, IRAS01527+0622 from ISO (Perez Garcia & Rodriguez Espinosa, 2001ApJ...557...39P), and for Mrk897, NGC2992, NGC3081, NGC3783, NGC3786, NGC5427, NGC7213, NGC7682 from Spitzer data (this work).
Byte-by-byte Description of file: refs.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 2 I2 --- Ref Reference number 4- 22 A19 --- BibCode BibCode 24- 46 A23 --- Aut Author's name 48- 93 A46 --- Com Comments
Acknowledgements: Martin Haas, haas(at)
(End) Patricia Vannier [CDS] 18-Sep-2007
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