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J/A+A/462/81        LIR-Tdust relation in galaxies       (Chanial+, 2007)

The infrared compactness-temperature relation for quiescent and starburst galaxies. Chanial P., Flores H., Guiderdoni B., Elbaz D., Hammer F., Vigroux L. <Astron. Astrophys., 462, 81-91 (2007)> =2007A&A...462...81C
ADC_Keywords: Galaxies, radio ; Galaxies, IR ; Effective temperatures Keywords: galaxies: fundamental parameters - galaxies: starburst - infrared: galaxies - radio continuum: galaxies Abstract: IRAS observations show the existence of a correlation between the infrared luminosity LIR and dust temperature Td in star-forming galaxies, in which larger LIR leads to higher dust temperature. The LIR-Td relation is commonly seen as reflecting the increase in dust temperature in galaxies with higher star formation rate (SFR). Even though the correlation shows a significant amount of dispersion, a unique relation has been commonly used to construct spectral energy distributions (SEDs) of galaxies in distant universe studies, such as source number counting or photometric redshift determination. In this work, we introduce a new parameter, namely the size of the star-forming region rIR and lay out the empirical and modelled relation between the global parameters LIR, Td and rIR of IR-bright non-AGN galaxies. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table4.dat 95 134 Global properties of the 170um sample resolved in the NVSS (Cat. VIII/65) radio continuum catalog table5.dat 95 64 Global properties of the 170um sample resolved in the FIRST (Cat. VII/71) radio continuum catalog
See also: VIII/65 : 1.4GHz NRAO VLA Sky Survey (NVSS) (Condon+ 1998) VIII/71 : The FIRST Survey Catalog, Version 03Apr11 (Becker+ 2003) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table[45].dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 23 A23 --- Name Source name 25- 31 I7 --- PGC PGC number 33- 34 I2 h RAh Right ascension (J2000) 36- 37 I2 min RAm Right ascension (J2000) 39- 43 F5.2 s RAs Right ascension (J2000) 45 A1 --- DE- Declination sign (J2000) 46- 47 I2 deg DEd Declination (J2000) 49- 50 I2 arcmin DEm Declination (J2000) 52- 55 F4.1 arcsec DEs Declination (J2000) 57- 60 A4 --- MType Morphological type from HYPERLEDA 63- 67 F5.1 Mpc Dist Distance 70- 74 F5.2 [solLum] logLIR Infrared luminosity (1) 76- 80 F5.2 --- logLIR/LB ? Ratio of the IR to B-band luminosities 82- 85 F4.2 [pc] logrIR IR physical radius 87- 90 F4.2 [solLum/pc2] logSIR IR surface brightness 92- 95 F4.1 K Td Effective dust temperature
Note (1): Infrared luminosity derived from the 60 and 100 flux densities, by assuming a modified blackbody of emissivity index β=1.3
History: From electronic version of the journal
(End) Patricia Vannier [CDS] 10-Sep-2007
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