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J/A+A/461/397       RASS-SDSS galaxy cluster survey. V.      (Popesso+, 2007)

RASS-SDSS galaxy cluster survey. V. The X-ray-underluminous Abell clusters. Popesso P., Biviano A., Boehringer H., Romaniello M. <Astron. Astrophys., 461, 397-410 (2007)> =2007A&A...461..397P
ADC_Keywords: Clusters, galaxy ; X-ray sources ; Redshifts ; Velocity dispersion Keywords: galaxies: clusters: general Abstract: In this paper we consider a large sample of optically selected clusters, in order to elucidate the physical reasons for the existence of X-ray underluminous clusters. For this purpose we analyzed the correlations of the X-ray and optical properties of a sample of 137 spectroscopically confirmed Abell clusters in the SDSS database. We searched for the X-ray counterpart of each cluster in the ROSAT All Sky Survey. We find that 40% of our clusters have a marginal X-ray detection or remain undetected in X-rays. These clusters appear too X-ray faint on average for their mass as determined by velocity dispersion; i.e. they do not follow the scaling relation between X-ray luminosity and virial mass traced by the other clusters. On the other hand, they do follow the general scaling relation between optical luminosity and virial mass. We refer to these clusters as the X-ray-underluminous Abell clusters (AXU clusters, for short) and designate as "normal" the X-ray detected Abell systems. We separately examined the distributions and properties of the galaxy populations of the normal and the AXU clusters. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file tablea1.dat 78 137 List the properties of the 137 spectroscopically confirmed Abell systems extracted from the SDSS DR3, used in this paper
See also: : SDSS Home Page IX/10 : ROSAT All-Sky Bright Source Catalogue (1RXS) (Voges+ 1999) II/259 : The SDSS Photometric Catalog, Release 3 (Abazajian+ 2005) J/A+A/420/61 : RASS/SDSS X-ray clusters of galaxies (Schuecker+, 2004) J/A+A/423/449 : RASS-SDSS Galaxy Clusters Survey. I. (Popesso+, 2004) Byte-by-byte Description of file: tablea1.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 3 A3 --- --- [ACO] 5- 8 I4 --- ACO Name of the Abell cluster 10- 12 I3 --- Nmemb Number of cluster members within 1 Abell radius 14- 19 F6.4 --- zc Cluster mean redshift 21- 24 I4 km/s sigmac Cluster velocity dispersion 26- 28 I3 km/s e_sigmac rms uncertainty on sigmac 30- 34 F5.2 10+14solMass M200 Cluster mass within r200 36- 40 F5.2 10+14solMass M200r ?=- Cluster mass within r200 calculated using only the cluster red members 42- 45 F4.2 10+14solMass e_M200 Fractional error on M200 and M200,red 47- 49 F3.1 Mpc r200 Cluster virial radius 51- 55 F5.2 10+12solLum Lopt Cluster optical luminosity 57- 60 F4.2 10+12solLum e_Lopt rms uncertainty on Lopt 62- 66 F5.3 10+41W/m2 LX Cluster X-ray luminosity in the ROSAT energy band (0.1-2.4keV) 68- 71 F4.2 10+41W/m2 e_LX Fractional error on the X-ray luminosity 73- 76 F4.2 --- PDS Dressler & Shectman (1988AJ.....95..985D) probability that a cluster does not contain substructures (1) 78 I1 --- Xcl [0/2] X-ray class (2)
Note (1): Values <0.1 indicate clusters that are likely to contain substructures Note (2): X-ray class as follows: 0 = normal X-ray emitting cluster 1 = Abell systems with less the 3σ X-ray detection 2 = X-ray non-detected Abell Clusters
History: From electronic version of the journal References: Popesso et al., Paper I 2004A&A...423..449P, Cat. J/A+A/423/449 Popesso et al., Paper II 2005A&A...433..415P Popesso et al., Paper III 2005A&A...433..431P Popesso et al., Paper IV 2006A&A...445...29P Popesso et al., Paper VI 2007A&A...461..411P Popesso et al., Paper VII 2007A&A...461..451P
(End) Patricia Vannier [CDS] 31-Aug-2007
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