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J/A+A/454/179    BVR phot. of Basel 11b, King 14, Czernik 43    (Netopil+, 2006)

Photometric survey of marginally investigated open clusters. I. Basel 11b, King 14, Czernik 43. Netopil M., Maitzen H.M., Paunzen E., Claret A. <Astron. Astrophys., 454, 179-184 (2006)> =2006A&A...454..179N
ADC_Keywords: Clusters, open ; Photometry, CCD ; Photometry, UBVRI Keywords: techniques: photometric - open clusters and associations: general Abstract: To progress in galactic studies based on open clusters, e.g. cluster formation rate or kinematical properties, one needs to improve the number of open clusters observed. However, only half of the 1700 known galactic open clusters have been properly observed so far, making any statistical investigation insignificant, especially at larger distances from the Sun. We study marginally investigated or neglected open clusters with Bessell CCD BVR photometry, whose data were used to fit isochrones to the individual color-magnitude diagrams. We examined the galactic clusters Basel 11b, King 14 and Czernik 43, the last being observed for the first time to this extent. As well as a careful comparison to available photometry, their parameters such as age, interstellar reddening, distance and apparent diameter were determined. The obtained cluster properties were verified by near infrared 2MASS data. The three investigated intermediate age clusters are all located in the galactic disk with distances between 1.8 and 3.0kpc from the Sun. Description: Photometric CCD BVR measurements of objects within the open clusters Basel 11b, King 14 and Czernik 43 were obtained at the Leopold Figl Observatory for Astrophysics (Austria). Objects: ---------------------------------------------------- RA (2000) DE Designation(s) ---------------------------------------------------- 05 58 12 +21 58.0 Cl Basel 11 B = C 0555+219 00 31 54 +63 10.0 Cl King 14 = C 0029+628 23 25 48 +61 19.0 Cl Czernik 43 = C 2323+610 ---------------------------------------------------- File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table1.dat 60 73 Observed program stars of Basel 11b table2.dat 60 136 Observed program stars of King 14 table3.dat 60 154 Observed program stars of Czernik 43
See also: J/A+A/374/504 : UBVI photometry of NGC 7654 (Pandey+, 2001) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table1.dat table2.dat table3.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 3 I3 --- Seq Stars number sorted after X and Y 5- 9 I5 --- No2 ? Notation according to literature (1) 11 A1 --- Mem [nm] Preliminary membership assignment (m=member, n=nonmember) 13- 17 F5.1 pix Xpos X coordinate 19- 23 F5.1 pix Ypos Y coordinate 25- 29 F5.3 mag B-V ? Bessel B-V colour index 31- 35 F5.3 mag e_B-V ? Error in B-V 37- 41 F5.3 mag V-R Bessel V-R colour index 43- 47 F5.3 mag e_V-R Error in V-R 49- 54 F6.3 mag Vmag Bessel V magnitude 56- 60 F5.3 mag e_Vmag Error in V magnitude
Note (1): WEBDA numbers in table1 (Basel 11b) and table2 (King 14), numbers according to Pandey et al. (2001, Cat. J/A+A/374/504) in table3 (Czernik 43)
Acknowledgements: Martin Netopil, martin.netopil(at)
(End) Martin Netopil [Vienna, Austria], Patricia Vannier [CDS] 13-Jul-2006
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