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J/A+A/435/575   86GHz SiO maser survey of late-type stars. III (Messineo+, 2005)

86 GHz SiO maser survey of late-type stars in the Inner Galaxy. III. Interstellar extinction and colours of the SiO targets Messineo M., Habing H.J., Menten K.M., Omont A., Sjouwerman L.O., Bertoldi F. <Astron. Astrophys. 435, 575 (2005)> =2005A&A...435..575M
ADC_Keywords: Stars, late-type ; Infrared sources ; Masers ; Extinction Keywords: stars: dust, extinction - stars: AGB and post-AGB - stars: mass-loss - infrared: stars - circumstellar matter - Galaxy: stellar content Abstract: We have determined extinction corrections for a sample of 441 late-type stars in the inner Galaxy, which we previously searched for SiO maser emission, using the 2MASS near-infrared photometry of the surrounding stars. From this, the near-infrared extinction law is found to be approximated by a power law Alambda∝lambda-1.9±0.1. Near- and mid-infrared colour-colour properties of known Mira stars are reviewed. From the distribution of the dereddened infrared colours of the SiO target stars we infer mass-loss rates between 10-7 and 10-5M/yr. Description: A catalogue of interstellar extinction estimates is presented for a sample of 441 stars which we previously searched for SiO maser emission (Messineo et al. 2002, Cat. J/A+A/393/115, 2004, Cat. J/A+A/418/103). The identification source numbers (e.g #99) are taken from Table 2 (86 GHz SiO maser detections) and Table 3 (non-detections) in Messineo et al. (2002, J/A+A/393/115), and are the same as those used in Table 2 by Messineo et al. (2004, J/A+A/418/103). We estimated a mean extinction Aks in the direction of each SiO star by using 2MASS stars within 2-4 arcmin of each SiO star. We therefore shifted the colours of field stars (J-Ks) and (H-Ks) versus Ks magnitudes along the reddening vector onto the reference RGB. For fields with Aks<1.6mag table3 lists the extinction values determined from the (Ks,J-Ks) plane, at larger extinction values those from the (Ks,H-Ks) plane. For 46 "foreground" SiO targets Aks is an extinction estimate obtained by directly shifting the colours of the SiO target on the (H,Ks)-[15] colour-colour sequence. The total (circumstellar plus interstellar) extinction of each SiO target is measured by assuming a stellar photospheric (J-Ks)0 colour of 1.4mag and an (H-Ks)0 colour of 0.5mag. A group of 46 mostly very bright target stars (Ks<6.0), marked with flag Fg=1, have total extinctions lower (a least 1 sigma) than the "field" extinction and are therefore likely to be foreground objects. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table3.dat 23 444 Interstellar extinction estimates Ak in the direction of SiO targets
See also: J/A+A/393/115 : 86GHz SiO maser survey of late-type stars (Messineo+, 2002) J/A+A/418/103 : 86GHz SiO maser survey in the Inner Galaxy (Messineo+, 2004) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table3.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 3 I3 --- [MHS2002] Identification number (1) 5- 9 F5.2 mag Aks Interstellar extinction in Ks-band 11- 15 F5.2 mag s-Aks Dispersion of individual extinctions of field stars 17- 21 F5.2 mag Tot ? Total (circumstellar plus interstellar) extinction 23 I1 --- Fg [1]? Flag for foreground objects(2)
Note (1): The number of targeted positions searched for SiO maser emission in Messineo et al. (2002, Cat. J/A+A/393/115) is 441. As three positions showed a double 86GHz SiO maser detection, the line identification number goes up to 444. Note (2): The flag Fg is unity when the SiO target is classified as a foreground object.
Acknowledgements: Maria Messineo, messineo(at)
(End) Patricia Vannier [CDS] 21-Feb-2005
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