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J/A+A/425/417       Star formation rates of blue compact galaxies (Kong+, 2004)

Spectroscopic study of blue compact galaxies. IV. Star formation rates and gas depletion timescales. Kong Xu <Astron. Astrophys., 425, 417-427 (2004)> =2004A&A...425..417K
ADC_Keywords: Galaxies, spectra Keywords: galaxies: general - ISM: dust, extinction - galaxies: starburst - galaxies: formation Abstract: Using Halpha, [OII]3727, infrared (IR), radio (1.4GHz) luminosities and neutral hydrogen (HI) gas masses, we estimated star formation rates and gas depletion timescales of 72 star-forming blue compact galaxies (BCGs) To assess the possible systematic differences among different star formation rate indicators, we compared the star formation rates derived from Halpha, [OII]3727, IR, and radio luminosities, and investigated the effects from underlying stellar absorption and dust extinction. We found that subtracting underlying stellar absorption is very important to calculate both dust extinction and star formation rate of galaxies. Otherwise, the intrinsic extinction will be overestimated, the star formation rates derived from [OII]3727 and Halpha will be underestimated (if the underlying stellar absorption and the internal extinction were not corrected from the observed luminosity) or overestimated (if an overestimated internal extinction were used for extinction correction). After both the underlying stellar absorption and the dust extinction were corrected, a remarkably good correlation emerges among Halpha, [OII]3727, IR and radio star formation rate indicators. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table1.dat 126 72 SFRs and gas depletion timescales of BCGs
See also: J/A+A/389/845 : Spectra of blue compact galaxies. I (Kong+, 2002) J/A+A/396/503 : Spectra of blue compact galaxies. II (Kong+, 2002) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table1.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 9 A9 --- Name Galaxy name 11- 12 I2 h RAh Right ascension (J2000) 14- 15 I2 min RAm Right ascension (J2000) 17- 20 F4.1 s RAs Right ascension (J2000) 24 A1 --- DE- Declination sign (J2000) 25- 26 I2 deg DEd Declination (J2000) 28- 29 I2 arcmin DEm Declination (J2000) 31- 32 I2 arcsec DEs Declination (J2000) 37- 43 F7.3 solMass/yr SFROII Star Formation Rate from [OII]3727 46- 52 F7.3 solMass/yr SFRHa Star Formation Rate from Halpha6563 55- 61 F7.3 solMass/yr SFRIR Star Formation Rate from IR luminosity (1) 64- 70 F7.3 solMass/yr SFR1.4 Star Formation Rate from 1.4GHz radio continuum (2) 73- 80 E8.3 solMass MHI Neutral hydrogen gas mass, in solar mass (3) 84- 89 F6.3 Gyr tauOII Gas depletion timescale from [OII]3727 (4) 93- 98 F6.3 Gyr tauHa Gas depletion timescale from Halpha6563 102-107 F6.3 Gyr tauIR Gas depletion timescale from IR 111-116 F6.3 Gyr tau1.4 Gas depletion timescale from 1.4GHz continuum 120-126 F7.3 mag BMAG Galaxy absolute magnitude in B band
Note (1): 58 of 72 blue compact galaxies in our sample are detected by IRAS, SFRIR of these galaxies are listed in table1. For others, SFRIR=0.000. Note (2): SFR1.4 for 47 BCGs in our sample with NVSS and FIRST detection were listed, and SFR1.4=0.000 for others. Note (3): 62 BCGs have neutral hydrogen gas masses. Note (4): If a BCG has MHI=0 or SFR=0, gas depletion timescale of it was set to 0.
Acknowledgements: Xu Kong, xkong(at) References: Kong & Chen, Paper I 2002A&A...389..845K, Cat. J/A+A/389/845 Kong et al., Paper II 2002A&A...396..503K, Cat. J/A+A/396/503 Kong et al., Paper III 2003A&A...403..877K
(End) Patricia Vannier [CDS] 24-Sep-2004
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