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J/A+A/397/711       Comptonization and reflection in GRS 1915+105   (Rau+, 2003)

Comptonization and reflection of X-ray radiation and the X-ray-radio correlation in the χ-states of GRS 1915+105. Rau A., Greiner J. <Astron. Astrophys. 397, 711 (2003)> =2003A&A...397..711R
ADC_Keywords: X-ray sources ; Binaries, X-ray Keywords: X-ray: stars - stars: binaries: close - X-rays: individual: GRS 1915+105 Abstract: We present a comprehensive X-ray study of four years of pointed RXTE observations of GRS 1915+105 in the χ-state. We interpret the behavior of the hard power law tail spectrum as coming from inverse Compton scattering of soft disk photons on a thermally dominated hybrid corona above the accretion disk. GRS 1915+105 shows a strong, variable reflection amplitude. As in other BHC and in Seyfert galaxies, a correlation between the power law slope and the reflection was found. Also, the radio fluxes at 2.25GHz and 15GHz correlate with the power law slope, thus revealing a connection between the outflowing matter and the comptonizing region in the χ-states. Description: Results of the analysis of 139 RXTE spectra of GRS 1915+105 in the χ-state are shown. PCU0 of the Proportional Counter Array (PCA) and High Energy X-Ray Timing Experiment (HEXTE) Cluster 0 data were fitted in XSPEC 11.0 with a model consisting of of (i) photoelectric absorption (WABS; Balucinska-Church & McGammon, 1992, Cat. VI/62), (ii) a spectrum from an accretion disk consisting of multiple blackbody components (DISKBB) and (iii) a power law spectrum reflected from an ionized relativistic accretion disk (REFSCH; Fabian et al., 1989MNRAS.238..729F, Magdziarz & Zdziarski, 1995MNRAS.273..837M). Objects: ---------------------------------------------------------- RA (2000) DE Designation(s) ---------------------------------------------------------- 19 15 11.5 +10 56 44 GRS 1915+105 ---------------------------------------------------------- File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table2.dat 161 139 Fitting results
See also: VI/62 : Photoelectric absorption cross-sections (Balucinska-Church+, 1992) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table2.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 10 A10 "YYYY/MM/DD" Date Observational date 12- 21 F10.2 d JD Julian date 24- 27 I4 s Exp Exposure time 30- 33 I4 ct/s PCU0 Count rate in PCU0 36- 37 I2 ct/s H0 Count rate in Hexte cluster 0 40- 44 F5.2 keV kT Accretion disk temperature 47- 51 F5.2 keV E_kT Upper error of kT 53- 57 F5.2 keV e_kT Lower error of kT 59- 64 F6.2 --- Dbbno Accretion disk normalization (1) 66- 71 F6.2 --- E_Dbbno Upper error of Dbbno 73- 77 F5.2 --- e_Dbbno Lower error of Dbbno 80- 83 F4.2 --- Gamma Power law photon index (2) 86- 89 F4.2 --- E_Gamma Upper error of Gamma 92- 95 F4.2 --- e_Gamma Lower error of Gamma 97-101 F5.2 --- Refl Reflection amplitude 103-107 F5.2 --- E_Refl Upper error of Refl 109-113 F5.2 --- e_Refl Lower error of Refl 115-119 F5.1 ph/cm2/s/keV Kpo Power law normalization (2) 122-125 F4.1 ph/cm2/s/keV E_Kpo Upper error of Kpo 128-131 F4.1 ph/cm2/s/keV e_Kpo Lower error of Kpo 134-137 I4 --- xi Ionization parameter 140-143 I4 --- E_xi Upper error of xi 146-149 I4 --- e_xi Lower error pf xi 152-155 F4.2 --- c Factor for normalization of PCU0 and Hexte Cluster 0 158-161 F4.2 --- chi2 Reduced chi-square
Note (1): Dbbno = [ri/(D/10kpc)]2*cosθ , where ri is the inner disk radius Note (2): the Gamma index is such that N(E) = Kpo (E/Eo)-Gamma where N(E) = number of photons/keV/cm2/s, Kpo = normalization for Eo = 1keV
Acknowledgements: Arne Rau
(End) Arne Rau [MPE, Germany] 06-Oct-2002
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