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J/A+A/390/967       Carbon-rich giants in the HR diagram        (Bergeat+, 2002)

Carbon-rich giants in the HR diagram and their luminosity function Bergeat J., Knapik A., Rutily B. <Astron. Astrophys. 390, 967 (2002)> =2002A&A...390..967B
ADC_Keywords: Stars, carbon ; Stars, giant ; Magnitudes, absolute ; Effective temperatures Keywords: stars: AGB and post-AGB - stars: carbon - stars: late-type - stars: fundamental parameters - stars: Hertzsprung-Russell (HR) and C-M diagrams - stars: luminosity function, mass function Description: There are 513 entries corresponding to 513 SEDs of 410 carbon stars and related objects, and 70 Ba II stars. Absolute magnitude bolometric (Col. 7) are given for 348 348 (C & rel.) + 65 (Ba II) entries. Together with the effective temperatures previously obtained (Col. 5), they were used to draw the local HR diagram and the luminosity function for galactic carbon giants and related objects in the Sun vicinity. Also given in column 6, the apparent bolometric magnitudes, and in column 8 as ``remarks'', the variation phase information whenever available, the detection of circumstellar extinction and/or emission, the presence of Tc; the J-type, CH stars, carbon-Cepheids etc., are also shown. Our photometric solutions (photometric type in Col. 3 and interstellar extinction at J in Col. 4: to be multiplied by 1.145 to obtain E(B-V)). File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table2.dat 98 512 Effective temperatures and absolute bolometric magnitudes are given for 512 SEDs of 410 carbon stars and related objects, and 70 Ba II giants.
See also: III/156 : Cool Galactic Carbon Stars, 2nd Edition (Stephenson 1989) III/227 : Catalog of galactic Carbon stars, 3d Ed. (Alksnis+ 2001) III/168 : General Catalog of S Stars, second edition (Stephenson 1984) J/A+A/321/236 : Reddening and fluxes of carbon stars, Paper I. (Knapik+ 1997) J/A+A/342/773 : Hot carbon stars B-V colour excess, Paper II. (Bergeat+ 1999) J/A+A/344/263 : B-V colour excess of Miras, Paper III. (Knapik+, 1999) J/A+A/369/178 : Effective temperatures of carbon-rich stars (Bergeat+, 2001) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table2.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 6 A6 --- CGCS Stephenson's Catalogue (1989, Cat. III/156 or 1976=S, see Cat. III/168), or 1973=c, 1973PW&SO...1d...1S, entry (1) 7- 21 A15 --- Name GCVS entry or NSV, HD/CD, BD, IRAS=IR, HIC (2) 22- 24 A3 --- n_Name [max] max: phase maximum 26- 29 A4 --- Group Group classification (3) 31- 35 F5.3 mag A(J) Extinction A(J) at 1.25µm 36 A1 --- n_A(J) [*:] * = circumstellar contribution; : = doubtful 38- 41 I4 K Teff(CI) ? Effective temperature from spectral energy distribution 42 A1 --- u_Teff(CI) Uncertainty flag on Teff(CI) 44- 48 F5.2 mag mbol Apparent bolometric magnitude 49 A1 --- u_mbol Uncertainty flag on mbol 51- 55 F5.2 mag MBOL ? Absolute bolometric magnitude 56 A1 --- u_MBOL Uncertainty flag on MBOL 58- 61 A4 --- Remarks1 Remarks: available data on phase of variations 63- 98 A36 --- Remarks2 Remarks: circumstellar extinction/emission, additional name, mbol2
Note (1): Denominations in Simbad: NNNN: CGCS NNNN cNNNN: C* NNNN SNNN: CSS NNN L NNN: [L91b] NNN HV966: SV* HV 966 LDUW6: Not in Simbad Note (2): Catalogues: GCVS: Cat. II/214, Combined General Catalogue of Variable Stars (Kholopov+ 1998) NSV: Cat. II/219, New Catalogue of Suspected Variable Stars Supplement (Kazarovets+ 1998) HD: Cat. III/135, Henry Draper Catalogue and Extension (Cannon+ 1918-1924; ADC 1989) CD: Cat. I/114, Cordoba Durchmusterung (Thome 1892-1932) BD: Cat. I/122, Bonner Durchmusterung (Argelander 1859-62) HIC: Cat. I/196, Hipparcos Input Catalogue, Version 2 (Turon+ 1993) Note (3): Group classification: 14 Carbon photometric groups: HC (0-5): Hot carbon stars (HC5 close to CV1) CV (1-7): Carbon variable stars from the bluer (CV1) to the reddest (CV7) SCV: Spectroscopic SC-stars 30 Oxygen photometric groups: F, G, K, M, with the sg, g and d luminosity classes
Acknowledgements: Jacques Bergeat History: * 24-Aug-2002: A few corrections in table3: 256: name is BD-19 290, instead of CD-19 290 3284: IRAS number is 12444-5925, instead of 12144-5925 3735: NSV number is 7969, instead of 7869 S935: IRAS number is 16382-5727, instead of 16382-5717 * 01-Oct-2002: Some further corrections in table3, in agreement with the author: CGCS 623: is FR Per, instead of FR Ser CGCS 1380: is HD 48733, instead of HD 48773 CGCS 1686: is V758 Mon, instead of V578 Mon CGCS 2396: is HD 76846, instead of HD 78646 CGCS 2759: is HD 90395, instead of HD 90935 CGCS 4390: is HD 92626, duplicate of CGCS 2829; removed. References: Knapik & Bergeat, Paper I 1997A&A...321..236K, Cat. J/A+A/321/236 Bergeat et al., Paper II 1999A&A...342..773B, Cat. J/A+A/342/773 Knapik et al., Paper III 1999A&A...344..263K, Cat. J/A+A/344/263 Bergeat et al., Paper IV 2001A&A...369..178B, Cat. J/A+A/369/178
(End) Patricia Bauer [CDS] 13-May-2002
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