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J/A+A/386/1001  Thermal emission from low-field neutron stars (Gaensicke+, 2002)

Thermal emission from low-field neutron stars Gaensicke, B.T., Braje, T.M., Romani, R.W. <Astron. Astrophys. 386, 1001 (2002)> =2002A&A...386.1001G
ADC_Keywords: Models, atmosphere Keywords: stars: neutron ; stars: atmospheres - radiative transfer - radiation mechanisms: thermal Description: We present a new grid of LTE model atmospheres for weakly magnetic (B≲1010G) neutron stars, using X opacity and equation of state data from the OPAL project and employing a fully frequency- and angle-dependent radiation transfer. Model spectra for low-field neutron stars with three different photospheric compositions are presented: (1) pure hydrogen atmospheres, (2) atmospheres with solar abundances, and (3) pure iron atmospheres. Each grid covers 29 effective temperatures log(Teff[K])=5.10-6.50 in steps of 0.05. The model spectra are tabulated as angle-averaged unredshifted (surface) Eddington fluxes. All spectra have been calculated for a canonical neutron star configuration, Mns=1.4M, Rns=10km, corresponding to a surface gravitational acceleration of log(g)=14.386. The same model grids are also available as XSPEC tables at File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file h.dat 359 10000 Neutron star model spectra, pure hydrogen atmosphere fe.dat 359 10000 Neutron star model spectra, pure iron atmosphere sol.dat 359 10000 Neutron star model spectra, solar abundances atmosphere
See also: : Neutron stars atmosphere models Byte-by-byte Description of file: h.dat fe.dat sol.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 11 E11.5 keV E Energy level 13- 23 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He5.10 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=5.10 (1) 25- 35 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He5.15 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=5.15 (1) 37- 47 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He5.20 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=5.20 (1) 49- 59 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He5.25 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=5.25 (1) 61- 71 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He5.30 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=5.30 (1) 73- 83 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He5.35 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=5.35 (1) 85- 95 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He5.40 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=5.40 (1) 97-107 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He5.45 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=5.45 (1) 109-119 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He5.50 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=5.50 (1) 121-131 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He5.55 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=5.55 (1) 133-143 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He5.60 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=5.60 (1) 145-155 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He5.65 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=5.65 (1) 157-167 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He5.70 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=5.70 (1) 169-179 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He5.75 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=5.75 (1) 181-191 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He5.80 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=5.80 (1) 193-203 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He5.85 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=5.85 (1) 205-215 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He5.90 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=5.90 (1) 217-227 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He5.95 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=5.95 (1) 229-239 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He6.00 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=6.00 (1) 241-251 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He6.05 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=6.05 (1) 253-263 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He6.10 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=6.10 (1) 265-275 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He6.15 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=6.15 (1) 277-287 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He6.20 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=6.20 (1) 289-299 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He6.25 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=6.25 (1) 301-311 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He6.30 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=6.30 (1) 313-323 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He6.35 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=6.35 (1) 325-335 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He6.40 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=6.40 (1) 337-347 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He6.45 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=6.45 (1) 349-359 E11.5 mW/m2/keV He6.50 Eddington flux for log(Teff)=6.50 (1)
Note (1): Eddington flux and radiation flux are related by 4*π*H(E)=F(E), i.e. 4*π*Integral{}(H(E)dE)=σ*Teff4 where σ is the Stefan-Boltzmann constant (5.67x10-8 SI)
Acknowledgements: Boris Gaensicke
(End) Patricia Bauer [CDS] 24-Apr-2002
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