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J/A+A/368/912  Polarization and rotational velocities of Be stars (Yudin, 2001)

Statistical analysis of intrinsic polarization, IR excess and projected rotational velocity distributions of classical Be stars. Yudin R.V. <Astron. Astrophys. 368, 912 (2001)> =2001A&A...368..912Y
ADC_Keywords: Stars, Be ; Polarization ; Rotational velocities Keywords: classical Be stars: polarization - projected rotational velocities - near IR excesses - far IR excesses Abstract: We present the results of statistical analyses of a sample of 628 Be stars. The parameters of intrinsic polarization p*, projected rotational velocity (vsini), and near IR excesses have been investigated. The values of p* have been estimated for a much larger and more representative sample of Be stars (∼490 objects) than previously. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file appen1.dat 103 628 Observational data of classical Be stars appen2.dat 57 498 Observed interstellar and intrinsic polarization appen.tex 132 1135 LaTeX version of appendices I and II
See also: II/220 : Polarisation of Be stars (McDavid, 1986-1999) Byte-by-byte Description of file: appen1.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 11 A11 --- Name HD (III/135), BD (I/119) or CPD (I/108) name 13- 16 I4 --- HR ? HR (V/50) number 17 A1 --- m_HR [AB] Multiplicity index on HR 19- 22 I4 --- MWC ? MWC (Merrill & Burwell, 1933ApJ....78...87M, 1943ApJ....98..153M, 1949ApJ...110..387M) number 24- 35 A12 --- SpType MK spectral type 38 A1 --- u_E(V-L) [~] Indicates an approximate E(V-L) 39- 43 F5.2 mag E(V-L) ? Calculated colour excess E(V-L) (G1) 45 A1 --- l_Pintr Limit flag on Pintr 46- 49 F4.2 % Pintr ? Calculated intrinsic V band polarization (G1) 50 A1 --- n_Pintr [+] +: observed polarization 52- 54 I3 km/s <vsini> ? Weighted average projected rotational velocity (G1) 56- 58 I3 km/s e_<vsini> ? rms uncertainty on <vsini> 60- 64 F5.2 mag E(V-12um) ? Average far IR excess E(V-12um) at 12µm 66- 87 A22 --- Names Other names 89-103 A15 --- Rem Remarks
Byte-by-byte Description of file: appen2.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 11 A11 --- Name HD (III/135), BD (I/119) or CPD (I/108) name 15- 20 F6.1 pc Dist ? Distance 21 A1 --- Note [*] *: no objects in 3°-vicinity (1) 22- 25 F4.2 % Pobs ? Observed polarisation 27- 30 F4.2 % e_Pobs ? rms uncertainty on Pobs 32- 36 F5.1 deg PAobs ? Position angle of observed polarisation 38- 41 F4.2 % Pinst ? Interstellar polarization 43- 45 I3 deg PAinst ? Position angle of interstellar polarization 47 A1 --- l_Pintr Limit flag on Pintr 48- 51 F4.2 % Pintr Intrinsic polarization 52 A1 --- r_Pintr [+os] Notes on Pintr (1) 54- 56 I3 deg PAintr ? Position angle of intrinsic polarization
Note (1): Symbols used: *: no objects in 3°-vicinity, from Ghosh et al. (1999AJ....118.1061G) +: observed polarization o: Pintr from Ghosh et al. (1999AJ....118.1061G) s: Pintr from McLean & Brown (1978A&A....69..291M) reduced to V band
Global notes: Note (G1): References to the sources of optical and IR photometry: Dougherty et al., 1991AJ....102.1753D SIMBAD, Gezari, D.Y. et al., 1999, Cat. II/225 Hoffleit & Jaschek, 1982, Cat. V/50 Sterken, 1990, in Proc.: ``The infrared spectral region of stars", Eds.: Jaschek, C. and Andrillat, Y. Cambridge Univ. Press, p.319 Grillo et al., 1992ApJS...81..795G Hillenbrand et al., 1992ApJ...397..613H References to the sources of optical polarimetry: Poeckert et al., 1979AJ.....84..812P McLean & Brown, 1978A&A....69..291M Hall & Mikesell, 1953, Publ. US Naval Obs., XVII, Pt.I Ghosh et al., 1999AJ....118.1061G WUPPOL, 1999, ( Leroy, 1993A&AS..101..551L McDavid, 1999PASP..111..494M Serkowski et al., 1975ApJ...196..261S Quirrenbach, 1997ApJ...479..477Q Clarke & Bjorkman, 1998A&A...331.1059C Huang et al., 1989A&AS...78..431H Bjorkman et al., 1997, AAS Meeting 191, 43.03 Coyne et al., 1967AJ.....72..887C Jian & Bhatt, 1995A&AS..111..399J Yudin & Evans, 1998A&AS..131..401Y Vosnchinnikov & Marchenko, 1982SvA....26..673V Bjorkman & Schulte-Ladbeck, 1994, ASP Conf. Ser. 62, 74 McDavid, 2000AJ....119..352M Heiles, 2000AJ....119..923H, Cat. II/226 References to the sources of vsini data: Ballereau et al., 1995A&AS..111..423B Balona, 1995MNRAS.277.1547B Balona et al., 1992A&AS...92..533B Balona, 1990MNRAS.245...92B Bernacca & Perinotto, 1971CoAsi.250....1B Bjorkman et al., 1997, AAS Meeting 191, 43.03 Briot, 1986A&A...163...67B Brown & Verschueren, 1997A&A...319..811B Carpenter et al., 1984ApJ...286..741C Clark & Steele, 2000A&AS..141...65C Conti & Ebberts, 1977ApJ...213..438C Corporon & Lagrange, 1999A&AS..136..429C Cote & Waters, 1987A&A...176...93C Dachs et al., 1981A&AS...43..427D Doazan et al., 1981, In Proc. IAU Symp. No.98, Be stars, eds.: M.Jaschek, H.-G. Groth, Dordrecht, p. 319 Elias et al., 1997ApJ...484..394E Finkenzeller, 1985A&A...151..340F Ghosh, 1988A&AS...75..261G Ghosh et al., 1999AJ....118.1061G Halbedel, 1996PASP..108..833H Henrichs, 1999, In Proc. IAU Coll. N 169, Eds.: B. Wolf, O. Stahl, A.W. Fullerton. Springer, Lecture Notes in Physics, 523, 305 Herrero, , 1994, Space Sci. Rev. 66, 137 Hirata, 1993, in Proc. IAU Symp. No 162, Eds.: Balona, L.A., Henrich, H.F. and Le Contel, J.M., p.448 Hoffleit & Jaschek, 1982, Cat. V/50 Howarth et al., 1997MNRAS.284..265H Jaschek & Jaschek, 1993, Cat. < VI/57> Kaper, 1999, In Proc. IAU Coll. N 169, Eds.: B. Wolf, O. Stahl, A.W. Fullerton. Springer, Lecture Notes in Physics, 523, 193 Levato & Maloroda, 1970PASP...82..741L Lyubimkov et al., 1997MNRAS.286..549L Mennickent et al., 1994A&AS..106..427M Penny, 1996ApJ...463..737P Prinja, 1993, in Proc. IAU Symp. No 162, Eds.: Balona, L.A., Henrich, H.F. and Le Contel, J.M., p.507 Prosser, 1992AJ....103..488P Quirrenbach, 1993, in Proc. IAU Symp. No 162, Eds.: Balona, L.A., Henrich, H.F. and Le Contel, J.M., p.450 Rivinius et al., 1999A&A...348..831R SIMBAD, 1999, ( Short & Bolton, 1994, in Proc. IAU Symp. No.162, Pulsation, Rotation and Mass Loss in Early-Type Stars, Eds.: L.A.Balona, H.F., Henrichs and J.M. Le Contel, Kluwer, p.171 Slettebak, 1966ApJ...145..121S Slettebak et al., 1997PASP..109....1S Slettebak, 1982ApJS...50...55S Snow, 1981ApJ...251..139S Snow, 1982ApJ...253L..39S Steele et al., 1999A&AS..137..147S Turner et al., 1978PASP...90..285T Uesugi & Fukuda, 1982, Cat. III/63 WUPPOL, 1999, ( Wolff et al., 1978ApJS...37..371W Wolff et al., 1982ApJ...252..322W van den Ancker et al., 1998A&A...330..145V
Acknowledgements: Ruslan Yudin
(End) Patricia Bauer [CDS] 26-Feb-2001
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