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J/A+A/361/1143   Proper motions of PMS stars                    (Teixeira+ 2000)

Proper motions of pre-main sequence stars in southern star-forming regions. Teixeira R., Ducourant C., Sartori M.J., Camargo J.I.B., Perie J.P., Lepine J.R.D., Benevides-Soares P. <Astron. Astrophys. 361, 1143 (2000)> =2000A&A...361.1143T
ADC_Keywords: Associations, stellar ; Stars, pre-main sequence ; Proper motions Keywords: astrometry - stars: kinematics - stars: pre-main sequence - Galaxy: open clusters and associations: general Abstract: We present proper motion measurements of pre-main sequence (PMS) stars associated with major star-forming regions of the southern hemisphere (Chamaeleon, Lupus, Upper Scorpius - Ophiuchus, Corona Australis), situated in the galactic longitude range l=290° to l=360°. A list of PMS stars as complete as possible was established based on the Herbig and Bell (1988LicOB1111....1H) catalogue and many new catalogues like the PDS survey, the catalogue of Herbig Ae/Be stars by The et al. (1994A&AS..104..315T), X-rays surveys, etc. The measurements made use of public material (mainly AC2000 and USNO-A2.0 catalogues) as well as scans of SERC-J Schmidt plates with the MAMA measuring machine (Paris) and Valinhos CCD meridian circle observations (Brazil). We derived proper motions for 213 stars, with an accuracy of 5 to 10mas/yr depending mainly on the difference of epochs between the position sources. The main characteristics of the sample are discussed. We show that systematic motions of groups of stars exist, which are not explained by the reflex solar motion. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table4.dat 116 185 Positions and proper motions for the T Tauri stars table5.dat 116 28 Positions and proper motions for HaeBe stars table6.dat 116 29 Non-PMS ROSAT stars in Chamaeleon (Covino et al., 1997A&A...328..187C) and Lupus (Wichmann et al., 1999MNRAS.307..909W)
See also: I/146 : Positions and Proper Motions - North (Roeser+, 1988) I/193 : Positions and Proper Motions - South (Bastian+ 1993) I/239 : The Hipparcos and Tycho Catalogues (ESA 1997) I/246 : The ACT Reference Catalog (Urban+ 1997) I/259 : The Tycho-2 Catalogue (Hog+ 2000) Byte-by-byte Description of file: table?.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 18 A18 --- Name Designation 21- 24 F4.1 mag Vmag V or B magnitude (1) 28- 29 A2 --- r_Vmag References for the magnitudes (2) 33- 38 A6 --- r_Pos Sources for the positions (2) 42- 49 F8.3 yr Epoch Epoch of the position 53- 54 I2 h RAh Right ascension (ICRS, J2000) (hours) (3) 56- 57 I2 min RAm Right ascension (ICRS, J2000) (minutes) 59- 64 F6.3 s RAs Right ascension (ICRS, J2000) (seconds) 68 A1 --- DE- Declination sign (ICRS, J2000) 69- 70 I2 deg DEd Declination (ICRS, J2000) (degrees) 72- 73 I2 arcmin DEm Declination (ICRS, J2000) (minutes) 75- 79 F5.2 arcsec DEs Declination (ICRS, J2000) (seconds) 83- 86 I4 mas/yr pmRA Proper motion in right ascension (ICRS) (4) 90- 93 I4 mas/yr pmDE Proper motion in declination (ICRS) 97-100 I4 mas/yr pmGLON Proper motion in galactic longitude (5) 104-107 I4 mas/yr pmGLAT Proper motion in galactic latitude 111-116 I6 --- Spm ? Other proper motion sources (6)
Note (1): All magnitudes are in the V band, except for r_Vmag=10 and r_Vmag=A where there are in B band. Note (2): References: 1: Alcala et al. (1995A&AS..114..109A) 2: Appenzeller et al. (1980A&A...90...184A) 3: Bastian & Mundt (1979A&AS...36...57B) 4: Gauvin & Strom (1992ApJ...385..217G) 5: Herbig & Rao (1972ApJ...174..401H) 6: Hughes & Hartigan (1992AJ....104..680H) 7: Krautter et al. (1997A&AS..123..329K) 8: Lawson et al. (1996MNRAS.280.1071L) 9: Marraco & Rydgren (1981AJ.....86...62M) 10: Preibisch et al. (1998, Cat. J/A+A/333/619) (B magnitudes) 11: Rydgren (1980AJ....85...438R) 12: Rydgren (1980AJ....85...444R) 13: Schwartz & Noah (1978AJ....83...785S) 14: Torres (1998, Ph.D. Thesis, CNPq/Observatorio Nacional, Brazil) 15: Walter (1986ApJ...306..573W) 16: Walter et al. (1997AJ....114.1544W) 17: Wichmann et al. (1997A&A...326..211W) A: AC2000 (Cat. I/247) (B magnitudes) D: Digitized Sky Survey (DSS - Produced at the Space Telescope Science Institute under US Government grant NAG W-2166) E: SERC-J H: HIPPARCOS (Cat. I/239) T: Tycho (Cat. I/239) U: USNO-A2.0 (Cat. I/252) V: Valinhos CCD meridian circle Note (3): Right ascension values are increasing within the target region. For table 4: Records 1 to 29 -- Chamaeleon Records 30 to 138 -- Lupus Records 139 to 180 -- Upper Scorpius - Ophiuchus Records 181 to 183 -- Corona Australis Records 184 to 185 -- Other regions For table 5: Records 1 to 5 -- Chamaeleon Records 6 to 8 -- Lupus Records 9 to 15 -- Upper Scorpius - Ophiuchus Records 16 to 21 -- Corona Australis Records 22 to 28 -- Other regions For table 6: Records 1 to 20 -- Chamaeleon Records 21 to 29 -- Lupus Note (4): These quantities are multiplied by the cosine of the declination Note (5): These quantities are multiplied by the cosine of the galactic latitude Note (6): The values in digit location are: 1 = ACT (Cat. I/246) 2 = HIPPARCOS (Cat. I/239) 3 = PPM (Cat. I/193) 4 = Frink et al. (1998A&A...338..442F) 5 = Preibisch et al. (1998, Cat. J/A+A/333/619) 6 = Terranegra et al. (1999, Cat. J/A+A/341/L79)
Acknowledgements: Julio Camargo
(End) Patricia Bauer [CDS] 20-Oct-2000
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