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J/A+A/320/405       NGC 5548 continuum light curve (Sergeev+ 1997)

[O III] λ5007 wing variations and changes of Fe II optical multiplets in NGC 5548 Sergeev S.G., Pronik V.I., Malkov Yu.F., Chuvaev K.K. <Astron. Astrophys. 320, 405 (1997)> =1997A&A...320..405S (SIMBAD/NED BibCode)
ADC_Keywords: Galaxies, Seyfert ; Photometry Keywords: galaxies: active - galaxies: individual: NGC 5548 - galaxies: Seyfert - lines: profiles Description: The variations of the [OIII]λ5007 line profile in NGC 5548 are examine d from CCD spectra obtained at the Ohio State University and Crimean Astrophysic al Observatory in December 1988 - October 1994. Objects: ----------------------------------------- RA (2000) DE Designation(s) ----------------------------------------- 14 17 59.5 +25 08 13 NGC 5548 ----------------------------------------- File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table2 19 285 "Pre-AGN Watch" continuum light curve of NGC 5548
Byte-by-byte Description of file: table2
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 7 I7 d HJD Heliocentric Julian date 11- 15 F5.2 10-14mW/m2/nm Flux Continuum flux at 510 nm 19 I1 --- Code Code of data origin (see Table 1)
Table 1: Codes for "pre-AGN Watch" data origin -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Id. Reference Instrument Wavelength range -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Present work (Crimean data) 2.6-m+Image tube [OIII] 5007 equivalent width 2 Netzer et al. (1990) 1.0-m+CCD 4710-4760 A, 5375-5575 A 3 Peterson et al. (1990) 1.8-m+IDS ∼5000 A 4 Stirpe et al. (1988) 2.5-m+IPCS [OIII] 5007 equivalent width 5 Stirpe & de Bruyn (1991) 2.5-m+IPCS ∼5100 A 6 Present work (Crimean data) 2.6-m+CCD ∼6330 A 7 Lyutyi & Doroshenko (1993) 0.6-m U-band photoelectric photometry 8 Rakhimov (1989) 0.7-m V-band photoelectric photometry Acknowledgements: Sergey Sergeev References: Lyutyi V.M. and Doroshenko V.T. 1993PAZh...19..995L Netzer H. et al. 1990ApJ...353..108N Peterson B.M. et al. 1990ApJ...352...68P Rakhimov V.Yu. 1989BDus...77...50R Stirpe G.M. et al., 1988A&A...200....9S Stirpe G.M. and de Bruyn A.G. 1991A&A...245..355S
(End) Patricia Bauer [CDS] 26-Jul-1996
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