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J/A+A/303/420                       Radio galaxies and quasars (Chyzy+, 1995)

Cosmological evolution and large scale structures of radio galaxies and quasars Chyzy K.T., Zieba S. <Astron. Astrophys. 303, 420 (1995)> =1995A&A...303..420C (SIMBAD/NED BibCode)
ADC_Keywords: Active gal. nuclei ; QSOs ; Radio sources ; Redshifts Keywords: cosmology: observations - galaxies: active - quasars: general - radio continuum: galaxies Description: The simple unification scheme of powerful radio galaxies and quasars, based entirely on the orientation dependent effects, has been confronted with the observed radio structures for 152 radio galaxies and 173 steep spectrum quasars. Contrary to the scheme's prediction, the cosmological evolution of geometrical parameters describing the large scale structure of these two types of radio sources are different. File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file table1 58 152 The sample of 152 radio galaxies table2 56 173 The sample of 173 quasars
Byte-by-byte Description of file: table1, table2
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 8 A8 --- Name Source name 11- 14 F4.2 --- z Redshift 17- 21 F5.2 [W/Hz] logP 1.4 GHz spectral luminosity 24- 28 F5.3 --- Q Arms ratio (1) 31- 35 F5.3 --- M Misalignment (2) 38- 40 I3 kpc L Linear size 43- 56 A14 --- Notes References to radio data (3)
Note (1): Ratio of the distances of hot spots from the core Note (2): Ratio of the displacement of the core from the radio source axis to the source linear size Note (3): 3C - Spinrad et al. (1985); AL - Alexander and Leahy (1987); Ba - Barthel and Miley (1988); BB - Burnst et al. (1984); Be - Bedford et al. (1981); BM - Barthel et al. (1988); B2 - Ragora et al. (1986); Dja - Djorgovski et al. (1987); Djb - Djorgovski et al. (1988); Fe - Feigelson et al. (1984); GB2 - Machalski and Maslowski (1982); GB3 - Machalski and Condon (1983a); GB4 - Machalski and Condon (1983b); GB5 - Machalski and Condon (1985); GC - Garrington et al. (1991); GH - Gower and Hutchings (1984); Gu - Gunn et al. (1981); Hi - Hintzen et al. (1983); Hu - Hutchings et al. (1988); JB - Jagers et al. (1982); JP - Jenkins et al. (1977); La - Laing (1981); LB - Lonsdale and Barthel (1987); Lo - Longair (1975); Mc - Macklin (1981) and references therein; MH - Miley and Hartsuijker (1978); NB - Neff and Brown (1984); OP - Owen and Pushell (1984); Pe - Pedelty et al. (1989); PH - Pooley and Henbest (1974); PKS - Dunlop et al. (1989); RA - Rudnick and Adams (1979); RP - Riley and Pooley (1975); RW - Riley and Warner (1990); SB - Stocke et al. (1985).
References: Alexander P. and Leahy J.P., =1987MNRAS.225....1A Barthel P.D. and Miley G.K., 1988 =1988Natur.333..319B Barthel P.D., Miley G.K., Schilizzi R.T., Lonsdale C.J., =1988A&AS...73..515B Bedford N.H., Kerr A.J., Marthur S.H., Morison I., Spencer R.E., Stannard D., =1981MNRAS.195..245B Burns J.O., Basart J.P., de Young D.S., Ghiglia D.C., =1984ApJ...283..515B Djorgovski S., Spinrad H., McCarthy P., Dickinson M., van Breugel W., Strom R.G., =1988AJ.....96..836D Djorgovski S., Spinrad H., Pedelty H., Rudnick L., Stockton A., =1987AJ.....93.1307D Dunlop J.S., Peacock J.A., Savage A., Lilly S.J., Heasley J.N., Simon A.J.B., =1989MNRAS.238.1171D Feigelson E.D., Isobe T., Kembhavi A., =1984AJ.....89.1464F Garrington S.T., Conway R.G., Leahy J.P., =1991MNRAS.250..171G Gower A.C. and Hutchings J.B., =1984AJ.....89.1658G Gunn J.E., Hoessel J.G., Westphal J.A., Perryman M.A.C., Longair M.S., =1981MNRAS.194..111G Hintzen P., Ulvestad J., Owen F., =1983AJ.....88..709H Hutchings J.B., Price R., Gower A.C., 1988, =1988ApJ...329..122H Jagers W.J., van Breugel W.J.M., Miley G.K., Schilizzi R.T., Conway R.G., =1982A&A...105..278J Jenkins C.J., Pooley G.G., Riley J.M., =1977MmRAS..84...61J Laing R.A., =1981MNRAS.195..261L Longair M.S., =1975MNRAS.173..309L Lonsdale C.J. and Barthel P.D., =1987AJ.....94.1487L Machalski J., Maslowski J., =1982AJ.....87.1132M Machalski J. and Condon J.J., =1983AJ.....88..143M Machalski J. and Condon J.J., =1983AJ.....88.1591M Machalski J. and Condon J.J., =1985AJ.....90..973M Macklin J.T., =1981MNRAS.196..967M Miley G.K., Hartsuijker A.P., =1978A&AS...34..129M Neff S.G. and Brown N.L., =1984AJ.....89..195N Owen F.N. and Pushell J.J., =1984AJ.....89..932O Pedelty J.A., Rudnick L., McCarthy P.J., Spinrad H., =1989AJ.....97..647P Pooley G.G. and Henbest S.N., =1974MNRAS.169..477P Ragora A., Padrielli L., de Ruiter H.R., =1986A&AS...64..557R Riley J.M. and Pooley G.G., =1975MmRAS..80..105R Riley J.M. and Warner P.J., =1990MNRAS.246P...1R Rudnick L. and Adams M.T., =1979AJ.....84..437R Spinrad H. et al. =1985PASP...97..932S Stocke J.I., Burns J.O., Christiansen W.A., =1985ApJ...299..799S Courtesy: Krzysztof Chyzy
(End) Simona Mei [CDS] 15-May-1995
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