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II/242       Differential V photometry of V350 Peg    (Vidal-Sainz+, 2003)

Follow-up observations of the delta Sct star V350 Peg Vidal-Sainz J., Garcia-Melendo E., Lampens P., Van Cauteren P., Wils P. <Comm. in Asteroseismology, 143, 19 (2003)> =2003CoAst.143...19V
ADC_Keywords: Stars, variable ; Photometry, CCD Keywords: stars: variables: delta Sct - stars: individual: V350 Peg (HIP 115563) Abstract: We present all the CCD photometric observations of the δ Scuti star V350 Peg performed by us until now. The data have been acquired between July 1997 and October 2002. A large part of it has been analysed and presented previously (Vidal, 2002A&A...394..585V). The new data of 2002 confirm the former conclusion that two frequencies of very similar amplitudes are excited in this star. The entire data set consists of 16191 measurements collected during 48 nights, and may be very helpful to investigate the detailed behaviour of this basically double-mode δ Scuti variable if future campaigns are held at a later stage. Description: Photometric ΔV data for the DSCT variable V350 Peg are presented. Objects: ---------------------------------------------------------- RA (2000) DE Designation(s) ---------------------------------------------------------- 23 24 30.9 +30 42 44 V350 Peg 23 24 17.8 +30 45 05 HD 220538 23 24 36.3 +30 50 10 SAO 73234 ---------------------------------------------------------- File Summary:
FileName Lrecl Records Explanations
ReadMe 80 . This file v350peg.dat 30 16191 Photometric ΔV data for V350 Peg
Byte-by-byte Description of file: v350peg.dat
Bytes Format Units Label Explanations
1- 12 F12.4 d HJD Heliocentric Julian Date 14- 19 F6.3 mag dV1 Instrumental ΔV in the sense variable (V350 Peg) - comparison star (HD 220538) 21- 26 F6.3 mag dV2 ? Instrumental ΔV in the sense check star (SAO 73234) - comparison star (HD 220538) 28- 30 A3 --- OBS Observer code (1)
Note (1): Observer codes: BHO: Van Cauteren-Lampens, Beersel Hills, 40cm Newtonian, SBIG ST10 XME EG1: Garcia-Melendo, Esteve Duran, 60cm Cassegrain, SX Starlight EG2: Garcia-Melendo, Esteve Duran, 60cm Cassegrain, Audine EG3: Garcia-Melendo, Esteve Duran, C8 Schmidt-Cassegrain, Audine EG4: Garcia-Melendo, Esteve Duran, C8 Schmidt-Cassegrain, SX Starlight JVS: Vidal-Sainz, Monegrillo, 40cm Newtonian, SX Starlight
Acknowledgements: Patrick Wils
(End) Patricia Bauer [CDS] 30-May-2003
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